Excel Construction Management Templates

Construction projects by nature can be difficult to manage. They involve many stakeholders, hundreds of details, and lots of documentation. If a detail is missed it could delay the project and end up costing the owner and contractor in time and money or even result in legal action. That’s why staying organized throughout the process is essential to the success of the project.

An easy way to organize the details of your construction project is with an Excel template. We’ve researched the top construction Excel templates and compiled them here for you, along with a description of when to use each.

We’ve also included links to similar templates in Smartsheet, an easy-to-use, real-time work management tool that makes construction project management more efficient than Excel. With pre-built construction templates in Smartsheet, you can create timelines, track progress, manage documentation, and keep details organized all in one location.

Automate manual processes with built-in formulas, alerts, and reminders, and use dynamic Gantt charts to automatically see the impact of changes to the schedule. Create one source of truth for projects with attachments and comments, and empower your team to access and update project plans right from the job site through the Smartsheet mobile app.


Construction Timeline

Construction projects can have multiple phases and numerous tasks that are dependent on each other. If a task is not completed on time, it could delay dependent tasks and result in delayed completion of the entire project. Using a construction project timeline template tracks the progress of your project, allows you to identify risk early and ensures that the project is completed within the time specified in the contract. In this template, you can list all of the tasks necessary to complete the project, as well as track the beginning and completion dates, and estimated duration.

With interactive Gantt chart capabilities in Smartsheet, you can easily visualize your construction project timeline from start to finish. Schedule work, set milestones, and add dependencies to keep your project on track. Identify risks and make adjustments to quickly mitigate potential issues. Share your timeline with key stakeholders to provide visibility into status and project details. Empower your team to make updates while on-site with the Smartsheet mobile app. Set automatic alerts for when items change, and schedule reminders for you and your team for upcoming deadlines.

Construction Budget

The construction budget template is helpful for both building and remodeling projects. This template enables you to create a comprehensive construction project budget and ensure that you account for all important items on the list. Additionally, while the construction project is underway, use this spreadsheet as a baseline to track whether you are over or under your budgeted amounts.

Plan and manage project budget performance in one location with Smartsheet. Track expenses for each line item and see actual versus budgeted variance in real time. Totals for variance and all-up project budget are automatically calculated based on pre-built formulas to save you time. Share with your team and other stakeholders to keep everyone on the same page. Attach supporting documents and include comments and correspondence to keep details in context.

Construction Estimator

Depending on the type of construction project, a contractor may need to provide their own estimate for work. This simple construction estimator template will help to provide an initial assessment of the labor and costs associated with a project. Use this template to list the work items needed, along with associated costs, and a total estimate at the bottom.

Create a detailed construction cost estimate for any type of project. List general requirement items to be included or select from a list of items organized by work category. Add estimate descriptions, quantity needed, price per unit, hourly rate, and more. Share with your team to collaborate on estimates in real time. Add supporting documents and correspondence to your estimate or individual items to create one location to find key details. Once complete, email your estimator as an attachment directly to the owner to review and approve.

Bid Tabulation

Depending on the type of construction project, there could be hundreds of bid items that combined make up the final bid amount. Because of this, and the quick turnaround often associated with submitting bids, it is easy to make totaling errors that could significantly alter the final bid amount and affect the decision of who the bid is awarded to. A bid tabulation template is a great tool to verify that the final bid amount is accurately calculated. Additionally, this template includes a column for the owner or engineer’s estimate to compare the initial budgeted amount to each bidder's proposal. 

Use this real-time bid tabulation template to quickly verify that submitted bid amounts and totals are accurate. Share with other stakeholders to review amounts and ensure you select the best contractor, subcontractor, or vendor for your construction project. Pre-built formulas help save time as bid dollar amounts automatically calculate based on the unit dollar amounts added. Include your engineer’s estimate, attach bid packages, and add bidder correspondence to create a single source of truth for bidding details.

Abstract of Bids

It is often helpful and sometimes even necessary to request bids from multiple contractors or subcontractors for the work you would like completed. Receiving multiple bids will help to ensure you are getting the best price for the work. This abstract of bids template will help you compare all the bids received to make a decision on which contractor to select. By listing each contractor along with their bid amounts and qualifications, you can quickly assess and rank the bids received.

With an abstract of bids template in Smartsheet, not only can you compare bids from multiple contractors but also share the abstract with your team to view, update, and collaborate on in real-time. This template was set up so you can create and track your abstract of bids for multiple projects, in one location. Add bidder information details, including base bid and add-on alternative dollar amounts, and check off receipt of required documentation like contractor bid bonds.

Subcontractor Documentation Tracker

For construction projects that include subcontractors, keeping track of documentation like contracts, licenses, and contact information is important to staying organized. Also, depending on the type of project, collecting and submitting subcontractor documentation may be a requirement and could result in project delays if not submitted in a timely manner. That’s why a subcontractor documentation tracker template is helpful to ensure that you collect all the necessary documentation and keep important details organized. Use this template to track subcontractor information, scope of work and contract details.

Track subcontractor documentation across multiple projects in one, real-time location. Attach documents and correspondence to individual subcontractor records to keep details in context. Include due dates and check off items when they’re received to provide a quick view of outstanding documentation that could impact the project schedule. Set up notifications for you and other key stakeholders triggered when an item is received, to ensure next steps are taken immediately. Send automatic update requests for subcontractors to attach documentation ahead of required deadlines.

Construction Documentation Tracker

Construction projects often require a significant amount of documentation be tracked throughout the project duration. From plans and specifications to inspection reports and weekly progress schedules, keeping these details organized could help expedite the project closeout process. Using a construction documentation tracker template will ensure that you request and receive all required documentation, and enable you to quickly locate items when needed.

With all the documentation required for construction projects, it’s essential that you have one location to find key details, accessible from anywhere, at any time. Organize documentation by submittal deadlines, like pre-construction meeting, beginning of work, weekly basis, etc. Assign owners and set automatic reminders for you and your team to stay ahead of deadlines. Share with your prime and subcontractors to keep everyone on the same page for what is needed and by when. Enable your on-site crew to upload documentation received in the field right to the tracker via the Smartsheet mobile app.

Daily/Weekly Inspection Report

It’s important to regularly check in on the progress of your construction project. Scheduling a weekly project status meeting is helpful, but visiting the job site on a daily or weekly basis is key to visually inspect progress, keep a documented history of the work and identify risk. When making site visits, use this inspection report template to record the number of hours worked, materials and equipment used and progress made.

Use this real-time daily inspection report template to track the work that occurs on each day. Your field inspector or foreman can access and update the report directly from the field through the Smartsheet mobile app, reducing time spent on uploading physical reports or duplicate data entry. Quickly identify risk and mitigate issues with a real-time view of the work as it’s getting done. Set an automatic alert to notify you or the prime contractor when a new report is ready for review and approval.

Contractor Progress Payment Template

On projects that extend over a period of time, you will likely pay contractors and subcontractors on a regular schedule, based on the amount of work that is completed during the payment period. This contractor progress payment template helps to determine the payment amount based on the percentage of work completed to date with adjustments made for change orders, previous payments, and retainage (if required) for each payment period. Additionally, it includes a second sheet to track the amount of work completed on each task to easily calculate the total completed to date.

Track and manage regular contractor payments throughout the duration of your project in one location. Document percentages complete, change order additions or deletions, and approvals made. Share with your team and your prime contractor to keep everyone on the same page. Add supporting details and documentation and include comments and correspondence to create one source of truth for contractor payments.

Project Punchlist

As construction projects near their completion date, it is important to inspect all the work that was constructed to ensure that it was done per the plans and specifications, and to your standards. This project punchlist template lists and tracks any corrections or updates you would like made, and keeps the contractor and subcontractors on the same page by providing them the complete list. With Smartsheet, the changes are made in real-time so the punchlist is always up to date and can be shared online with multiple subcontractors.

Use this real-time project punchlist to track punchlist items throughout the duration of your project. Organized by phase, you can easily add items as they come up to ensure nothing is missed. Capture new items from employees in the field with a simple form accessible on desktop and mobile. Upload images to relevant items to keep details in context. Share the punchlist with stakeholders to increase transparency, and set alerts to notify you and your team of new items or upcoming deadlines.

Change Order Request Summary

During a construction project, it may be necessary to make changes to the original contracted dollar amount or time-to-completion depending on certain changes like site conditions, scope, or unforeseen circumstances. This contractor change order request summary template will allow the contractor to provide a description and breakdown of the requested change, and enable you to make an informed decision on whether the change is necessary and who should be responsible for the impact to the overall project budget and timeline.

Provide this template to your prime and subcontractors to submit change order requests throughout the duration of the project. Document additive and deductive costs, calculate markup, and provide a description of the requested changes to help determine who is responsible for additional costs. Check off when a summary is complete and ready for review and set alerts to notify you and other stakeholders of new requests.

Change Order Log

Depending on the length and complexity of the project, it may be necessary to keep track of multiple change order requests over the duration of the project. This change order log template will help to keep track of the change order descriptions, time extensions associated with the changes, and the cumulative contract dollar amount.

Use this change order log to track and manage all change orders across multiple projects. With an all-up view of approved change order details, you have one source of truth when it comes to current project timelines, budget, additional work, and more. Include supporting documents and comments to keep details in context, and share with key stakeholders to keep everyone in the loop.

Request for Information Log

Throughout the project, the contractor or subcontractors may have questions regarding the plans or specifications. It is important to have a process in place to collect, review and answer these questions in a timely manner to prevent any delays in work. However, you decide to collect the requests for information (RFI), using this template will help to keep the questions and responses organized.

Track and manage requests for information (RFIs) across multiple projects in one, real-time location. Capture new requests with a simple form accessible on desktop and mobile. Share your log with key stakeholders and assign requests to individuals for timely, accurate response. Gain a quick visual into priority, status, and requested response dates, to ensure nothing is missed. Set up alerts for you and your team for when a request is submitted or addressed.

Residential Remodel Project Timeline

Work with your team, subcontractors, and clients on your next residential remodel with this project organized in phases. Use the Gantt chart to plan, track status, stay on schedule, and communicate with everyone involved.

Plan, track, and manage your next residential remodel project with a real-time project schedule in Smartsheet. Share your plan with key stakeholders to provide visibility into upcoming tasks and status. Visualize your timeline with a Gantt chart and easily update the schedule as changes occur. Assign items to relevant stakeholders and set reminders for you and your team of upcoming due dates. Teams on-site can access and update the project plan right from the field, via the Smartsheet mobile app.

Certified Wage & Hour Payroll Form

Depending on the type of construction project, prime and subcontractors may be required to submit their payroll reports. Although these reports aren’t required on all construction projects, this certified wage and hour payroll template keeps your payroll organized no matter what type of project.

Keep track of hourly payroll across your teams and projects in one location. Add employee details, work classification, and standard and overtime hours. Pre-built formulas automatically calculate total hours, gross amount earned, deductions, and net wages. Share with your finance department and other key stakeholders to manage approvals and ensure timely payment.

Time & Materials Invoice

A time and materials invoice is beneficial when emergency or extra work is needed during a project. It enables the contractor and subcontractors to provide quick turnaround on urgent work while tracking and invoicing for their time and materials. With this time and materials invoice template you can add in the hours spent, materials used and a specific markup amount to calculate the total.

Create and submit time and materials invoices from anywhere with this simple template. Accessible on desktop or mobile, fill in requested labor and materials details, estimated totals, and notes right from the field. Attach supporting documents and correspondence, and then submit for approval. Set up automated alerts to notify the approving construction manager when a new invoice is ready for review.

Project Closeout Checklist

Construction project closeout can be a long process due to the many steps that are often required including completion of punchlists, final inspections, contract closeout, submission of as-builts and more. To ensure that each of these steps are completed on time, a project closeout checklist is essential. With this project closeout checklist template, you can list all tasks needing to be completed along with details of each task, specific requirements and the date completed.

Speed up the project closeout process and ensure no detail is missed with this real-time checklist. Organize and track closeout items throughout the duration of the project. Share with your team and key stakeholders to keep everyone on the same page. Assign items to team members and set up alerts to remind them of upcoming due dates. Attach required closeout documents and add comments and correspondence to keep details in context. Check off items once complete to gain a quick visual into what is still outstanding.

Improve Construction Management with Smartsheet

Managing construction projects is more than the templates you use. It’s about having the right tools and processes in place to gain real-time visibility into progress and ensure you complete projects on time and on budget.

One such tool is Smartsheet, a work management and automation platform that enables enterprises and teams to get from idea to impact - fast. Many of the world’s leading construction companies rely on Smartsheet to stay productive, communicate among far-flung teams, and document every step of the project.

Use Smartsheet to improve work and project documentation, increase collaboration with proactive communication among project teams, vendors, and clients, and save time with accurate resource management. Reduce duplicate work and accelerate close-out time by empowering teams to update project plans right from the field through the Smartsheet mobile app.

Discover how Smartsheet can help maximize your construction efforts today.


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