Free Construction Change Order Forms

By Diana Ramos | March 2, 2020

Choose from a selection of the most useful free construction change order forms to add amendments to project agreements. These templates are customizable and available in Excel, Word, PDF, and Google Sheets formats.

Included on this page, you'll find a Construction change order log template, an Engineering change order template, as well as a Contract change order template and other free downloadable construction change order templates.

Construction Change Order Log Template

Construction Change Order Log Template

This construction change order tracking template allows you to create a list of change orders along with associated costs and timelines. You can easily customize this simple spreadsheet template to include additional information as necessary. For each change order, keep track of cumulative costs, schedule changes, and other details.

Download Construction Change Order Log Template - Excel  

Construction Change Order Example

Construction Change Order Template

This template provides an example of a change order for a construction project. The template includes an example summary of project details, including specification changes, the justification for the changes you’ve requested, and pricing and scheduling information. Edit the template in Word or fillable PDF to create your own printable change order form.

Download Construction Change Order Example

Word | PDF

Engineering Change Order Template

Engineering Change Order Template

Many issues can call for an engineering change order, from environmental and geotechnical problems to errors and omissions in the original contract. This template includes sections for a project name and location as well as the names of the owner, contractor, and engineer. You can add detailed descriptions of the changes you’ve requested and attach any necessary supporting documents. The change order also includes an itemized list of work and cost adjustments.

Download Engineering Change Order Template

Word | PDF

Simple Construction Change Order Form

Simple Construction Change Order Template

This simple, comprehensive change order form starts with the name of the party requesting changes along with the names of other stakeholders in the construction project. It provides sections for describing the work you’ve requested, justifications for the changes, detailed specifications, and changes to the original contract regarding price and completion date. Create an itemized breakdown of costs for materials, labor, and equipment to calculate total costs. 

Download Simple Construction Change Order Form

Word | PDF

Contract Change Order Template

Contract Change Order Template

Refer back to your original contract to create an accurate change order showing all of the updates you require. There may have been communication errors in the original contract, or perhaps issues arose regarding changes in the cost of materials, unexpected weather conditions, or equipment failures. Whatever your reasons for altering the contract agreement, this change order form includes sections for approval signatures from the owner, contractor, and project manager.

Download Contract Change Order Template

Word | PDF

Sample Project Change Order Request Form

Sample Project Change Order Request Form Template

This template provides a sample change order for a construction project. Whether you’re working on a building or residential project, edit the template to include your own information on the necessary changes, impacts and risks involved, schedule adjustments, and more. Attach required documents to justify the changes you’ve requested, and include signatures from all relevant parties.

Download Blank Project Change Order Request Form

Word | PDF

Download Sample Project Change Order Request Form

Word | PDF | Smartsheet

Subcontractor Change Order Request Form

Subcontractor Change Order Template

It’s important to get clear information from subcontractors at the outset to avoid complications later on. But, when changes are necessary, this template provides a breakdown of work changes and associated overhead costs, including materials, labor, and equipment. The form includes regular and overtime pay rates for subcontractors, and also offers a simple layout that you can download as a Word or fillable PDF form.

Download Subcontractor Change Order Request Form

Word | PDF

Scope of Work Change Order Template

Scope of Work Change Order Template

This brief template focuses on changes to the original scope of work for a construction project. Use the form to add or remove work from the original contract. Describe how you will be modifying the original scope of work, and create an itemized list of work and cost changes. Include a revised timeline to show how these changes will impact the schedule and deadline of your project.

Download Scope of Work Change Order Template

Word | PDF

Learn More about Construction Change Orders

Change orders are important documents that require careful consideration from contractors. Find out more about the construction change order process from our in-depth posts covering best practices for change orders, the difference between fixed sum and time and materials change orders, pricing considerations, and other topics.

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