Free Project Control Templates

By Kate Eby | July 30, 2021

We’ve compiled the top project control templates for general project management and construction projects. Choose templates in Microsoft Excel and Word, Adobe PDF, Google Docs, and Google Sheets, all customizable and free to download.

Included on this page, you’ll find a project cost control template, a project monitoring and control template, a project management quality control template, and construction project control templates.

Project Control Templates

Project Cost Control Template

Project Cost Control Template

Download Project Cost Control Template — Microsoft Excel

Control project costs with this simple spreadsheet template. List activities or items for each project phase to track budgeted quantities, actual amounts, and cost variations. The template calculates subtotals and total project costs, and summarizes budgeted versus actual expenses at the top. Add descriptions and notes for a detailed project cost control template.

Project Budget Control Template

Project Budget Control Template

Download Project Budget Control Template — Microsoft Excel

Use this template to create a budget for multiple projects or project phases. For each project activity, keep track of status, planned versus actual starting dates, costs for labor and materials, and other expenses. Compare project spending with your original budget to monitor available resources. Manage budget variances for single or multiple projects.

Earned Value Management Template

Download Earned Value Management Template — Microsoft Excel

Track project progress and costs using the earned value method. The template calculates planned value, actual cost, and earned value to help you determine the total estimated cost at project completion. Project phases are broken down into time periods to track and forecast costs as the project progresses. List project tasks on the Earned Value Management tab on the template, and the template will automatically populate the other tabs with the work breakdown structure (WBS) IDs and task titles.

Project Monitoring and Control Template

Project Monitoring and Control Templates

Download Project Monitoring and Control Template

Microsoft Excel | Google Sheets

Monitor and control project work in hours and days with this template, which shows hourly work required for each project item and day of the week. The template also calculates estimated total work based on previous work completed, plus the estimated work remaining. Track any variance in the work days required as compared to the number you initially planned for, and note differences in planned versus estimated completion dates for each activity to help control project resources. The template provides separate sections for tracking issues and deliverables.

Project Control Report Template

Project Control Report Template

Download Project Control Report Template

Microsoft Excel | Microsoft Word

Create a brief yet thorough control report that highlights project status. Assign a status to each project component and to the project as a whole for a given time period. A drop-down menu provides color-coded options (red, yellow, and green) to indicate which project elements face roadblocks or potential risks, or are on track. Edit the template to include any elements specific to your project, such as deliverables, change requests, or important milestones.

Project Management Quality Control Template

Project Management Quality Control Template

Download Project Management Quality Control Template

Microsoft Excel | Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF | Google Sheets | Google Docs

Manage quality control with this succinct report template, which provides an easy-to-read checklist. Describe the problem area, then use the checklist to mark defects, highlight priority and severity, and indicate detection methods. Check problem status as open, closed, under review, or deferred. The template also includes sections for you to provide a lengthier status description, assign owners to tasks, and list fixes.

Visit our guide to quality improvement processes for in-depth information on quality improvement planning, methods, benefits, and challenges.

Project Change Control Template

Project Change Control Template

Download Project Change Control Template — Microsoft Word

This change control template includes details on the who, what, and why of a change request, as well as brief summaries of evaluation, approval, and implementation. Describe the impact and work required, and add approval status and signatures. The template also includes a log for tracking changes. Create an itemized list of change requests with assigned ID numbers and dates for authorization and execution. 

Get more project change templates, including plan and process forms, from our compilation of top change management templates.

Construction Project Control Templates

Construction Project Cost Control Sheet

Construction Project Cost Control Sheet Template

Download Construction Project Cost Control Sheet — Microsoft Excel

This project control sheet template allows you to monitor cost variances, track progress, and manage outstanding payments. The template provides example categories for a construction project and an itemized list of tasks. Enter the projected and actual costs for each item, and the template will automatically calculate subtotals for each project category and variances for each item. Get a summary of total project costs, total variance, and amounts due at the top of the template.

Construction Project Change Order Form

Construction Project Change Order Form

Download Construction Project Change Order Form

Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF | Smartsheet

Control project changes with this order request form template, which includes sections for outlining the change needed, reasons for the change, supporting documents, specifications, impact, and risk considerations. The form also provides tables for describing changes in contract price and timeline. Assign a priority to the change request, identify the parties who will evaluate it, and complete the form with approval signatures.

Construction Project Risk Register Template

Construction Project Risk Register Template

Download Construction Project Risk Register Template

Microsoft Excel | Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF

This tracking template is designed for monitoring and controlling risk in construction projects. Create a list of risks, along with their potential consequences, risk rating, proposed response, and other details. The template distinguishes between original risk and residual risk after the proposed resolution, which allows you to compare the likelihood, impact, and risk rating before and after. Edit the template keys to create customized drop-down menus for these ratings.

Contractor Quality Control Report Template

Download Contractor Quality Control Report Template — Microsoft Excel

Produce daily quality control reports with notes on work progress, equipment usage, inspection details, test results, and visitor information. List contractor or subcontractor information, including the number of workers involved and total hours. The template includes a signature line for the preparer, as well as the date and time the report was created. Add or remove sections to create a quality control template tailored to your specific construction project.

What Is a Project Monitoring and Control Plan Template?

A project monitoring and control plan template focuses on key performance indicators (KPIs) to track estimated versus actual project performance in order to identify and initiate required changes. The monitoring and control process includes controlling project scope, costs, quality, and risk, which might involve tracking, evaluating, and reporting on all of these project elements. Monitoring progress allows project managers to make informed decisions and effective changes based on clear data.

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