Free Customer Success Templates: Plans, Reports, and Dashboards

By Diana Ramos | October 7, 2021

In this article, you'll find the most useful free customer success plan, report, and dashboard templates for customer service reps (CSRs), customer success managers (CSMs), sales teams, and other customer-facing roles. 

Included on this page, you'll find a customer success plan template, a customer success management template, a customer success satisfaction report template, and a customer success account project plan template.

Customer Success Plan Template

Customer Success Plan Template

Download Customer Success Plan Template 

Microsoft Excel | Microsoft PowerPoint | Google Sheets 

Ensure that your sales and customer success teams accurately record all customer-related details with this dashboard-style, presentation-friendly customer success plan template. The template includes sections to add details about the sales-to-post-sales handoff, customer onboarding, and customer implementation, and allows you to assign subtasks to individuals and teams, set due dates, and display task status (e.g., not started, waiting, in progress, done, etc.). You can download this template to track and share information regarding an individual customer, or save it to document your overall customer success practices.

Sales-to-Customer-Success-Handoff Template

Sales to Customer Success Handoff Template

Download Sales-to-Customer-Success-Handoff Template 

Microsoft Word | Google Docs

Designed to facilitate the transfer of a signed customer from the sales team to the customer success team, this sales-to-customer-success-handoff template provides a framework to relay the customer’s data and needs. Enter the customer account, customer team, and internal team information, including any additional points of contact. Then, document the customer’s high-level goals and definition of customer success (as well as your own organization’s definition of customer success), so you and your team can easily establish long-lasting partnerships with your customers.

Customer Success Management Template

Customer Success Management Template

Download Customer Success Management Template 

Microsoft Excel | Google Sheets

Keep your customer service team on track regarding customer success with this week-by-week or month-by-month customer success management template. The dashboard style allows you to easily track and evaluate the overall performance of your customer service department, as well as the individual stats for each CSR team member. Record the number of calls taken, the average time it takes to answer a call, the average duration of a call, and the percentage of abandoned calls. Then, use this information-rich tool to meet your departmental goals and achieve higher customer success rates.

Customer Success Satisfaction Report Template

Customer Success Satisfaction Report Template

Download Customer Success Satisfaction Report Template 

Microsoft Excel | Google Sheets 

Use this customer success satisfaction report template to measure customer experience metrics — both at a glance and on a granular level — with this dashboard-style template. Use this visually-rich scorecard to easily view customer satisfaction data, so you can make improvements and achieve customer success.

Customer Success Account Project Plan Template

Customer Success Account Project Plan Template

Download Customer Success Account Project Plan Template — Microsoft Excel

Improve your customer relationships with this visually dynamic customer success account project plan template. This dashboard template gives you a status overview of all your customer-related projects, and displays the projects that are on schedule, as well as any issues you need to address. Enter the project name, timeline, budget, risks, open issues, and pending actions to keep your customer’s projects on track for success.

For comprehensive details on successful customer onboarding, check out these customer onboarding expert tips and tools.

Customer Success QBR Meeting Preparation Checklist

Customer Success QBR Meeting Preparation Checklist Template

‌Download Customer Success QBR Meeting Preparation Checklist Template

Microsoft Excel | Adobe PDF

Use this customer success quarterly business review (QBR) template to gauge your customer success based on your service-level agreement (SLA). This template includes a checklist of all your customer success-related responsibilities, so you can make sure you account for everything at your QBR presentation. Leverage this tool to communicate a deep level of commitment to your clients and customers.

To help you further achieve quality customer success through onboarding, download these free onboarding checklists and templates.

Customer Success Retention Template

Customer Success Retention Template

Download Customer Success Retention Template 

Microsoft Excel | Google Sheets 

Use this comprehensive customer success retention template to keep all your stakeholders in the loop concerning customer satisfaction. This template measures the quality and quantity of your customer’s interactions with your website — in turn, this valuable data enables you to gauge customer loyalty and identify areas for improvement, so you can optimize your web-specific ROI and ensure a high percentage of customer satisfaction.

What Is Customer Success?

The term customer Success refers to a method wherein you anticipate customer challenges and proactively solve problems, so your customers can easily find solutions for their issues and answers to their questions.

When your customers experience this level of service, your company receives high customer-satisfaction ratings. As a result, your organization yields long-term customer lifetime value (CLTV), customer-generated growth opportunities, and increased revenue. 

Whereas customer support focuses on reactively addressing customer challenges and issues, customer success focuses on proactively partnering with customers and clients to ensure they get the best value from your products and services. 

In order to implement customer success effectively, you must begin with a clear understanding of your customer’s needs and expectations. Additionally, you must understand their main business goals and their reasons for choosing your solution. 

Most importantly, however, you must empathize with your client. Empathy requires that you understand your client’s challenges, pain points, and objectives; it also requires your full assurance that your solution will proactively address any potential roadblocks before they become issues. When you successfully implement customer success, you attain customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. In turn, your clients become your biggest advocates. 

Customer success reduces customer churn rates, leads to long-lasting partnerships, and results in mutually beneficial upsell opportunities.

What Is a Customer Success Plan Template?

A customer success plan template is a tool that helps you anticipate a client’s needs and ensure excellent customer support. Use a template to plan, document, and define a client’s goals, and to train CSRs and identify areas for improvement. 

Whether you are a customer service rep, customer success manager, member of sales, or in some other customer-facing role, customer success is crucial to client satisfaction, client retention, and client-upsell opportunities.

Customer success templates typically include the following sections: 

  • Sales-to-Customer-Success-Handoff: Enter the client’s account information (e.g., the company name, contract sign date, internal team information, etc.). 
  • Implementation Plan: Enter the details of the client implementation plan, schedule an onboarding kickoff call, provide a plan to share the implementation details, schedule demos and training, etc.  
  • Customer Team: Enter the names and roles of the client’s points of contact, including team members who will be monitoring the customer success that you provide. 
  • Internal Team: Enter the customer success manager responsible for providing the client with customer success services, along with all the other team members and stakeholders.  
  • Customer’s Definition of Success: Enter the customer’s definition of customer success, including their high-level goals and how they expect you to achieve them. 
  • Internal Definition of Success: Enter your team’s definition of customer success for this client and which key metrics you will use to gauge the quality of services you provide. 

Some customer success templates also include the following sections: 

  • Budget: Enter the budget details you require in order to provide the client with solid customer success services. 
  • Risks: List any potential risks that might jeopardize your ability to achieve quality customer success on behalf of the client. 
  • Open Issues: Enter any outstanding customer-related issues that you need to resolve. 
  • Follow-Up Action: List any follow-up actions that need to take place on the client’s behalf. 
  • Date of Next Contact: Enter the date at which your designated team member will follow up with the client. 
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Enter the metrics you will use to gauge the quality of customer success, such as the following:  
    • Net Promoter Score (NPS): Use this figure to express your client’s degree of customer loyalty and how willing they will be to promote your products and services. 
    • CSAT Score: A CSAT score expresses how satisfied your client is with your products and services. 
    • Churn Score: This refers to the proportion of clients who have opted out of your services within a certain time period. 
    • Health Score: This is a summary score of the overall customer success-related health of the customer. 
  • Growth Opportunities: Enter the details regarding customer success-related growth opportunities.

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