In this article, you’ll find the most useful free invoice templates in PDF format. You can easily download and share all of these fillable, printable PDF invoice templates, so you can bill — and get paid — in a timely manner. 

Included on this page, you'll find basic invoice template, auto repair invoice template, independent contractor template, commercial invoice template, service invoice template, as well as other templates available for download.

Basic Invoice Template PDF

Basic Invoice Template

Download Basic Invoice Template

PDF | Excel | Smartsheet

Use this free basic invoice template to simplify your billing process for any service rendered. This all-inclusive template allows you to enter client bill-to and ship-to information, the date, and invoice number details, as well as descriptions and totals for each invoiced item. The template automatically subtotals line-by-line item totals, and you can easily add in any discount, tax, shipping and handling, or other details that might affect the total for which you’re billing.

Auto Repair Invoice Template PDF

Download Auto Repair Invoice Template

PDF | Excel

Use this automotive repair-specific invoice to detail the costs of parts and labor. This easy-to-fill invoice allows you to specify the client name, order number, relevant service dates, and mechanical details. It also provides space for you to include the following vehicle-specific information: 

  • Vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • Odometer reading 
  • Make and model 
  • License number and state 
  • Motor number 

Additionally, you can calculate labor and parts-specific amounts, the total-with-tax-rate percentage, and any other relevant variables.

Independent Contractor Invoice Template PDF

Download Independent Contractor Invoice Template

Excel | PDF

This easy-to-use template is your perfect business partner, ensuring timely payment for services rendered as an independent contractor. Use this form to enter billable hours in meticulous detail, including a generous section for descriptions of work you have performed, start and end dates, hours, and your rate, which auto-calculates at the end of each row. Additionally, the template auto-calculates hours and monetary totals, giving you the ability to enter tax rates, miscellaneous costs, the grand total, and the actual total due. Show your clients your level of professionalism — and make sure you receive prompt payment for your services — with this reusable template, available in PDF and Excel formats.

Sales Invoice Template PDF

Sales Invoice Template

Download Sales Invoice Template

PDF | Excel | Smartsheet

Keep your business humming along with this easy-to-fill sales invoice template. Sales-specific fields allow you to enter the item number, quantity, unit price, subtotal, discount, tax, shipping and handling, and grand total. Save time by generating sales invoices with this reusable, fillable, and printable PDF and Excel template that you can easily save or send to invoice clients.

Rental Invoice Template PDF

Download Rental Invoice Template

Word | PDF

Make sure tenants pay their rent due in a timely fashion — and keep the property aspect of your books up to date — with this free, downloadable rental invoice template. It serves as a printable or electronic version of a rent invoice, and can also double as a past-due invoice to notify tenants of overdue rent. Customize tenant-specific details and ensure timely payment with the following sections: property address, rent, fees, total, and terms and conditions. This reusable template is available in Word and PDF formats.

Photography Invoice Template PDF

Download Photography Invoice Template

Excel | PDF

Spend less time invoicing and more time on what you do best: taking great photographs. Use this photography-specific, professional invoice to capture your time and effort, including photographer and company details as well as client contact information. This invoice template also includes a generous terms and remarks section, in which you can document and customize details and itemization for photoshoots, printing and production, row-by-row services, and individual photographic services. 

Additionally, this all-in-one photography invoice template features auto-tallying sections for the subtotal, tax, grand total, and less payment and total due. The template is available in PDF and Excel. 

To learn more about this process and to find additional resources, read the “Personal and Professional Photo Management Solution Guide.”

Service Invoice Template PDF

Services Invoice Template

Download Service Invoice Template

PDF | Excel | Word

This reusable template serves as an invoice for any service that requires you to itemize your own (or your organization’s) name, bill-to and ship-to information, description of services rendered, hours, rate, subtotals, tax, and final totals. This invoice template is simple to use and provides you with fields for unique invoice numbers, invoice dates, customer IDs, and any special terms related to the services you provide. 

This single-solution service invoice template is available in PDF, Excel, and Word formats.

Pro Forma Invoice Template PDF

Pro-Forma Invoice Template

Download Pro Forma Invoice Template

PDF | Excel

With this unique template, create planned, or pro forma, invoices to capture the details of impending shipments of goods. For your goods, enter the shipment information, customs info, item number, unit of measure, description, quantity, unit value, freight, insurance, and total value. This invoice can serve as an agreed-upon contract for a transaction or as a confirmed purchase order for a shipment. The template is unique and includes an optional (and potentially legally binding) certification of an invoice’s actual goods (i.e. how the exporter describes the goods in the invoice). 

To learn more about this process and to find additional resources, read “Mastering Pro Forma Financial Statements.”

Graphic Design Invoice Template PDF

Download Graphic Design Invoice Template

Word | PDF

Created specifically with design components in mind, this easy-to-fill graphic design invoice allows you to enter your contact information, client information, project name, and description of work. Customize your invoice with a terms and remarks section, and enter you information for clients to contact you with any questions concerning an invoice. 

This reusable template is available in PDF and Word formats as an individual graphic design invoice template. Once you have entered the relevant information you want to appear on successive invoices, you can save the template as your standard invoice.

Freelance Invoice Template PDF

Freelance Invoice Template

Download Freelance Invoice Template

Excel | PDF 

As a freelancer, you need a reliable way to bill your clients in order to ensure that they pay you correctly for the work you’ve done. Use this free, fillable, saveable, sendable, and freelance-specific PDF invoice template to fill in all relevant details, so you can invoice your  clients and get on to the next gig. The template auto-calculates each line item of work, including the tax rate. Moreover, with generous space for the description of work, the hours worked, and your rate, this invoice template is perfect for keeping job-specific records and getting paid on time.

HVAC Invoice Template PDF

HVAC Invoice Template

Download HVAC Invoice Template

Word | PDF

Use this heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) template to standardize your invoicing practice, so you can focus on delivering quality service to your clients. Avoid the unnecessary work of one-off invoicing or using templates or services that don’t apply to your HVAC specialty with this easy-to-use, HVAC-specific PDF template that takes the guesswork out of invoicing. Simply fill in auto-calculating individual and combined materials costs, labor totals, tax factors, and grand totals, so you can continue to focus on what you do best: providing exemplary service.

Commercial Invoice Template PDF

Commercial Invoice Template

Download Commercial Invoice Template

PDF | Excel

With this comprehensive commercial invoice template, reduce any delays or red tape by providing customs officers with a full description and history of goods. Use this template to document import, valuation, classification, and possible duty costs that international customs agents may levy. This all-inclusive commercial invoice template also offers space for the following details: 

  • Country and purpose of export 
  • Country of ultimate destination 
  • International air waybill number 
  • Shipper export reference 
  • Consignee 
  • Full description of goods 
  • Harmonized System (HS) code 
  • Freight, insurance, and total costs 

This reusable template is available in Excel and fillable PDF.

Plumbing Invoice Template PDF

Download Plumbing Invoice Template

Excel | PDF

This invoice template is the perfect match for plumbers who need to itemize their invoices. It includes sections for labor, materials, tax rates, and total due amounts. You can also specify which plumber worked a job and fill in client details, including all relevant contact information. Additionally, the template offers a confirmation section that gives you the option of requiring a client’s signature in order to confirm work prior to investing in labor and materials for a job.

Electrical Invoice Template PDF

Electrical Invoice Template

Download Electrical Invoice Template

PDF | Word

As an electrician, you need a detailed template for each job that includes not only electrician and client information, but also space for agreed-upon terms, including a job’s date and time, ID, location, completed by, and invoice number. This readymade template provides you with all those details and more — there’s also space for labor description, hours, rate, parts/materials, quantity, unit price, tax, and less payment and total due. 

This reusable template is available as a Word document and fillable PDF that you can easily save or send to clients.

Free Construction Invoice Template PDF


Free Construction Invoice Template

Download Free Construction Invoice Template

Excel | PDF

The beauty of this construction invoice template is that it’s really a four-in-one, construction-specific template. Use this free invoice template for any of the following: 

  • Job Estimation: Include the scope of a proposed project, and give potential clients a ballpark idea of projected costs. 
  • Contractor Progress Billing: Invoice for recurring contractor payments on a job in progress.
  • Subcontractor Invoicing: Invoice as a subcontractor on a job. 
  • Construction Invoicing: Invoice for an entire job or at significant stages or intervals. 

Regardless of the type of invoicing you’re doing for your construction work, this template allows you to fill in quantities, descriptions, rates, and totals for materials. You can also enter labor details, hours, rates, and total amounts; in addition, you can automatically subtotal the total materials, total labor, tax rate, total tax, and grand total. 

Keep all of your construction-related details organized in this seamless construction invoice, so you can bill and get paid in a timely manner. 

To learn more about this process and to find additional resources, read “A Complete Guide to Construction Project Management.”

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