Free Asset Inventory Templates

By Andy Marker | December 27, 2022

We’ve collected the best asset inventory templates for your home or business needs. The templates are free to download, fully customizable, and available in multiple formats. Each template has a description to help you decide which is right for you.

On this page you’ll find an asset inventory template and an asset inventory list template.

Asset Inventory Template

Asset Inventory Template

Download an Asset Inventory Template for 
Excel | Google Sheets

Use this robust and detailed asset inventory template to maintain a comprehensive record of your company’s major assets. Use the customizable columns to enter key details, such as date purchased, cost, manufacturer, serial number, value, condition, and warranty information. This data helps you make decisions about purchasing, repair, replacement, and general use of each asset while also providing a comprehensive overview of assets on hand. 

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Basic Asset Inventory List Template

Simple Asset Inventory List Template

Download a Basic Asset Inventory List Template for 
Excel | Google Sheets

This clear and simple asset inventory list template is perfect for small businesses, farms, and households to track equipment, goods, and other valuable assets. You can easily customize the template to fit your specific needs, and is a perfect tool that offers a clear look at your assets on hand. Use this template to help inform purchasing, storage, replacement, or repair decisions or to track your inventory for insurance or appraisal needs. 

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What Is an Asset Inventory Template?

Asset inventory templates are tools used to inventory and track an organization’s assets, such as computer equipment, vehicles, tools, and materials. These templates allow users to sort or view assets by category, purchase date, warranty information, location, condition, and more. 

Asset inventory templates such as those featured in this article can save you time and money by presenting the most important information you need to make proper decisions about the assets your business owns.

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