On this page, we’ve compiled the top sales lead tracking templates. They are free to download and fully customizable to save you time while boosting your sales process.

Below you’ll find a sales pipeline lead tracking template, a lead generation dashboard tracker, and a real estate leads tracking template in Excel and Google Sheets. You’ll also find tips and best practices for sales planning and management.

Sales Lead Tracker Excel Template

This template is an alternative to CRM software for tracking small-business sales leads. You’ll find three sections: lead details and projected sale value, a communication log, and contact information. Keep track of contact dates, lead status, and planned follow-up actions.

Download Sales Lead Tracker Template

Excel | Smartsheet

Leads and Opportunities Tracking Template

Leads and Opportunities Tracking Template

This dashboard template offers a snapshot of total leads and sales opportunities while tracking progress. View sales leads — including source and status — along with opportunities and projected revenue. Use sample data to see how the charts will display. The template also divides deals and forecasted revenue based on sales stage. 

Download Leads and Opportunities Tracking Template - Excel

Sales Pipeline Lead Tracking Spreadsheet

Sales Pipeline CRM Template

Develop your sales pipeline and track quarterly progress with this lead tracker. Record contact details, sales value and probability, projected closing date, and planned action steps. Edit the template to include additional tracking information. The template automatically calculates potential sales revenue for each quarter after you enter your data.

Download Sales Pipeline Lead Tracking Spreadsheet - Excel


Lead Generation Dashboard Tracker

Keep track of lead generation data to boost your marketing efforts. This example dashboard template shows the number of leads generated from various sources and the lead value for each source. 

Find out which channels bring the most value to your business. Customize the template to show the sources that you want to track and compare. At the top of the template, you can see how your total sales leads match up to your goal for a 30-day time period.

Download Lead Generation Dashboard Tracker - Excel

Real Estate Lead Tracking Template

Real Estate Lead Tracking Template

This tracking template provides separate spreadsheets for buyer and seller leads. Monitor your real estate leads to ensure that you are nurturing and prioritizing effective relationships. 

Each sheet includes details such as lead source, contact information, commission rate, recent communications, and necessary actions. The column for lead status includes a dropdown menu with these options: not yet contacted, waiting for reply, ready to meet, converted to client, and not interested. 

Download Read Estate Lead Tracking Template

Excel | Google Sheets | Smartsheet

Sales Planning and Pipeline Management

What is the difference between sales forecasting and planning? What is a sales pipeline versus a sales funnel? Find out this and more about the benefits and challenges of sales planning in our guide to sales plans

Our comprehensive article on sales pipeline management covers the reasons that pipelines are so important and management best practices, and it explains how to define your sales process.

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