Free Marketing Communications Plan Templates

By Joe Weller | March 4, 2021 (updated November 4, 2023)

Choose from a roundup of the ultimate free marketing communications plan templates in Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and PDF. Save time and support your communications strategy by using fully customizable templates.

On this page, you’ll find an integrated marketing communications plan template, an annual calendar for marketing communications, and links to sample marketing communications plan templates.

Marketing Communications Plan Grid Template

Marketing Communications Plan Grid Template

Download Marketing Communications Plan Grid Template

Microsoft Excel | PDF  | Smartsheet

Whether you’re focusing on digital marketing, a specific campaign, or messaging for multiple audiences, this template makes it easy to view your communications plan in a compact format. For each target audience, add details about the strategy, tactics, and timeline. Fill in the space so that assigned owners can keep track of who is responsible for each deliverable. You can easily edit the template to reflect your specific audience and marketing objectives.

Integrated Marketing Communications Plan Template

Integrated Marketing Communications Plan Template

Download Integrated Marketing Communications Plan Template

Microsoft Excel | Microsoft Word | PDF  | Smartsheet

Use this template to develop a comprehensive and strategic marketing communications plan template. There are sections for an executive summary, a situational analysis, a SWOT matrix, the target audience, the brand positioning, the unique selling proposition, and the creative strategy. In the last section of the template, identify metrics and evaluate performance. For an integrated B2B marketing communication plan template, complete the target audience section to create profiles of business prospects, and develop relevant messaging and strategic campaigns to target qualified leads.

Annual Marketing Communications Plan Template

Annual Marketing Communications Plan Template

Download Annual Marketing Communication Plan Template

Microsoft Excel | Smartsheet

This template offers a yearly calendar for planning marketing communications on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. Each month is divided into weeks for more detailed planning. Enter your goals, along with communications activities for various marketing channels, from public relations and events to social media and advertising. Build a detailed timeline for implementing your marketing communications strategy.

Marketing Communication Budget Plan Template

Marketing Communication Budget Plan Template

Download Marketing Communications Budget Plan Template - Microsoft Excel

Create a budget plan for your marketing communications campaigns. View projected costs in a spreadsheet format and a pie chart for a quick overview of the distribution of expenses. This template includes example data to show how the final budget will appear. The sheet automatically calculates subtotals and lists total projected costs at the top of the template.

Nonprofit Marketing Communications Plan Template

Nonprofit Marketing Communications Plan Template

Download Nonprofit Marketing Communications Plan Template

Microsoft PowerPoint  | Google Slides | Smartsheet

Designed for nonprofits, this marketing communications PowerPoint template includes two slides. The first one shows objectives, key messages, and a communications planning grid with target audiences and delivery methods. The second slide provides a task schedule with a monthly timeline, assigned owners, and deadlines. Develop a strategic plan targeting donors and partners, as well as a calendar for carrying out the plan. Customize the template by changing colors, symbols, or column headings.

Marketing and Communications Plan Examples

For more marketing communication plan templates, examples, and expert tips on strategy, crisis communication planning, and other topics, visit our ultimate communications toolkit. To see what an integrated marketing communications plan looks like, view this sample integrated plan from Kmart. Another marketing communication plan example comes from Toyota. This version shows the outcome of each planning stage, from market overview to analysis, strategy, and budget.

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