Free Marketing Project Plan Templates

By Joe Weller | July 10, 2020

We’ve compiled the most useful free marketing project plan templates for marketers, enterprises, small businesses, startups, and others, as well as tips for getting started.

Included on this page, you'll find many helpful marketing project plan templates, including a simple marketing project plan template, a marketing project plan checklist template, a marketing plan example, and tips for planning and managing marketing projects.

Marketing Project Plan Template

Marketing Project Plan Template

This marketing project plan template helps guide you through the steps needed for the successful planning, execution, and evaluation of a marketing project. The customizable template serves as an all-purpose marketing project plan that you can use for single marketing project plans or as a record of multiple marketing projects’ details. 

Rows for planning, milestones, creative deliverables, and results intersect with columns for assignee, due date, and priority. Use the selectable drop-down options to stay on track. Keep the members of your marketing team apprised of project details by leveraging the dashboard view and flexibility that this template offers. 

Download Marketing Project Plan Template - Excel

Gain valuable insight on how to keep your marketing project on time and budget by reading about the micro and macro marketing project manager skills to master now.

Marketing Project Plan Checklist Template

Marketing Project Plan Checklist

Keep your project moving with this marketing project plan checklist template. You’ll find all major and minor steps in the marketing project plan process, along with columns for task name, team member (assigned to), deadline, and completion status with related drop-down options for each step. Regardless of your industry, this marketing project plan checklist template is an excellent tool to accurately record your project’s progress.

Download Marketing Project Plan Checklist Template - Excel

Marketing Project Management Calendar (2024) Template

2024 Marketing Project Management Calendar Template

This simple marketing project management calendar template offers week-by-week and month-by-month dashboard views. Universal in its application (regardless of marketing project plan type), the calendar template can be customized to fit the particulars of your unique marketing plan. Stay informed on the progress of all project tasks with this printable calendar template.

Download 2024 Marketing Project Management Calendar Template

Excel | Google Sheets

Marketing Plan Template

Marketing Plan Template

Keep tabs on your marketing plan with this distinctive template that guides you through your strategic objectives, ensuring that your marketing plan aligns with your organization’s business objectives. This fully customizable marketing plan template allows you to enter or update info related to your plan’s core capabilities, goals, target information, marketing strategy, performance standards, measurement methods, financial summary, and other project-specific details. This marketing plan template is useful for determining the next course of action to ensure your project’s success.

Download Marketing Plan Template

Word | PDF | Smartsheet

One-Page Marketing Project Plan Template

One Page Marketing Project Plan Template

Designed with accessibility in mind, this one-page template provides you with a streamlined method to plan, implement, and track your marketing project plan. 

You’ll find ample space for a business summary, business objectives, the problem, solution, competitive advantage, target market, marketing strategy and objects, and financial requirements. You can include details about product, price, place, promotion, marketing channels, performance standards, results measurement methods, and review in the project plan section. There’s even room to add customized steps for your marketing plan. You’re never far from the big-picture vision of your marketing project plan with this efficient one-page marketing project plan template.

Download One-Page Marketing Project Plan Template

Excel | Word | PDF

Business Marketing Project Plan Template

Business Marketing Project Plan Template

This comprehensive business marketing project plan template provides everything you need for to run a successful marketing campaign. Business-specific marketing project plan components include sections for a business summary, situational analysis, marketing capabilities, buyer persona, and a financial summary. A section for performance standards and measurement methods assures team members and managers that benchmarks are being met and you’re providing quantifiable metrics to gauge the project’s success.

Download Business Marketing Project Plan Template

Word | PDF | Smartsheet

Small-Business Marketing Project Plan Template

Small Business Marketing Project Plan Template

This template provides the big picture on actionable items for your marketing project. This fully customizable, small-business-specific template guides you in documenting the specifics on marketing goals; strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis; target market; marketing strategy; and research results. You can save this small-business marketing project plan template as an individual file with customized entries or as a template for other marketing project plans.

For more on conducting a SWOT analysis, see “14 Free SWOT Analysis Templates.” 

Download Small-Business Marketing Project Plan Template

Word | PDF

Marketing Project Plan Template for Startups

Marketing Project Plan Template for Startup Business

Designed specifically for startup businesses, this template uses a pre-built, all-inclusive marketing plan to provide guidance for new ventures. This template is completely customizable, with space to enter an executive summary, your vision statement, details of your marketing project plan’s situational analysis, your goals, your target market, your marketing strategy, and a financial summary. Take the guesswork out of creating a plan from scratch, and leverage the advantages that this startup-specific marketing project plan can offer you and your team. 

Find more useful solutions and tools for startups by reading “Free Startup Plan, Budget & Cost Templates.” 

Download Marketing Project Plan Template for Startups

Word | PDF

Strategic Marketing Project Plan Template

Strategic Marketing Project Plan Template

Manage the entirety of your marketing project plan with this comprehensive strategic marketing project plan template. A column for campaign types provides section-by-section rows for national marketing, local marketing, public relations, content marketing, social media, advertising, web, market research, and sales campaigns. These rows intersect with columns for target audience, clicks/response, notes, weight, and projected and actual cost. This template also comes with a quarter-by-quarter calendar, so you can plan in advance for upcoming strategic action, as well as gauge the effectiveness of the marketing strategies you already have in place.

For more on strategic marketing, read “The Definitive Guide to Strategic Marketing Planning.”

‌Download Strategic Marketing Project Plan Template

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Marketing Project Plan Example

Marketing Project Management Plan Template

It’s crucial to have a marketing project plan that guides marketing teams through the entire process, from planning to implementation to retrospective assessment. Use this pre-filled template with step-by-step details as an example of a marketing project management plan.

By using an example for guidance, you can focus on delivering superb marketing project campaigns. This completed marketing project template includes the following detailed sections (we’ve provided instructions for reference): 

  • Marketing Project Plan Background Creative Brief: Who will benefit from your marketing project, and what does the project entail? 
  • Marketing Project Plan Performance Standards: What are your project’s timeline specifications? Are there opportunities for automation to eliminate redundancies? What are this project’s performance standards? 
  • Marketing Project Plan Scope: What is the scope of your marketing project? Can you break up the project into sprints, stories, and tasks? What is the project’s delivery date? What are its milestones? 
  • Marketing Project Plan Meetings: How will you keep apprised of your plan’s progress? Do you need daily meetings, sprint reviews, and a retrospective meeting once the project has been completed? 

With its built-in best practices, this marketing project management plan template is a useful tool for planning, strategizing, applying tactics, and gauging the project’s results. 

Download Marketing Project Management Plan Template Example - Word

Tips for Planning and Managing Marketing Projects

A marketing project plan provides an easy-to-follow design to guide you through the planning, execution, and evaluation stages for implementing a successful marketing campaign. 

It’s essential to keep tabs on your plan’s objectives by defining your offerings’ core capabilities, goals, strategy, performance standards, and measurement methods. 

Use a template to stay apprised of your marketing project’s status and follow these tips to help ensure success: 

  • Create a Marketing Project Plan Background Creative Brief
    A creative brief helps provide the foundation for all steps in your marketing project plan, including: 
    • Who will benefit from your marketing project plan? 
    • What does your marketing project entail? 
    • How does your marketing project benefit your defined audience? 
    • What resources do you need to complete this marketing project?
    • What challenges or anticipated roadblocks should you define prior to project initiation? 
  • Define Your Marketing Project’s Specifications 
    Consider the following questions when outlining the specifications for your marketing project plan: 
    • Are there ways to automate some of the project’s processes? 
    • Are there ways to eliminate redundancies (e.g., leverage efforts from another department or project)? 
    • How can you execute your project successfully and reduce the amount of maintenance it otherwise might require? 
  • Define Your Project’s Performance Specifications
    When determining how to measure success, keep in mind the KPIs you’ll track and ask these questions:
    • What are your marketing plan’s performance standards? 
    • What do you expect it to achieve? 
    • How can you quantify your project’s success? 
  • Specify Your Marketing Project’s Scope: Sprints, Stories, and Tasks
    Your marketing project most likely has many specifications and stories, so it’s helpful to break this project scope into phases: 
    • What is your marketing project’s delivery date? 
    • Do you need to meet with team members to stay in sync with your project plan’s deliverables? 
    • Are daily marketing project meetings needed? 
    • Are review meetings and itineraries required? 
    • Do you need a defined project retrospective meeting itinerary to gauge the success of your marketing project plan’s implementation? 

Regardless of your line of business, the templates offered in this article can help guide you through the steps of your marketing project’s planning, execution, and evaluation of project success. 

For more useful information about marketing plans, read our comprehensive guide on marketing project management.

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