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By Kate Eby | March 18, 2021

Choose from a selection of the top project description templates for Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, PDF, and Google Docs. Each template is fully customizable and free to download. 

Included on this page, you’ll find a one-page project description Microsoft Word template, an architectural project description template for Google Docs, an IT project description Microsoft Excel template, and more. You’ll also find tips on how to write a project description document.

One-Page Project Description Template

One Page Project Description Template

Download One-Page Project Description Template

Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF

Use this project description document template to create a detailed project overview on a single page. There are sections to list project objectives, scope, constraints and assumptions, schedule, and budget. The timeline portion also provides columns to note project phases, task descriptions, and start and end dates. Expand or edit the template to suit the needs of your specific project.

Architectural Project Description Template

Architectural Project Description Template

Download Architectural Project Description Template

Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF | Google Docs

This template offers an outline to create an architectural or construction project description template. Customize the template based on the type of project and the needs of your company or client. List supporting documents, such as environmental analysis or additional design plans. Follow the template format to create a thorough project description that includes goals, phases, design specifications, and financial requirements.

Interior Design Project Description Template

Interior Design Project Description Template

Download Interior Design Project Description Template

Microsoft Word | Google Docs

Combine project details with client preferences, floor plan sketches, and product images to create a comprehensive interior design project description. This template includes space to note client information, project overview and scope, design elements, space measurements, and scheduling and budget details. You’ll also find a list of style choices based on color, pattern, textiles, furnishings, lighting, and more. Use the template to provide a clear summary of project plans and requirements.

IT Project Description Template

IT Project Description Template

Download IT Project Description Template

Microsoft Excel | Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF

This IT project description starts with key stakeholders and includes sections to define project goals, assumptions, risks, and metrics for measuring success. Other detailed areas include scope of work, dependencies with other projects, milestones and deadlines, resource needs, and financial costs. The organized, easy-to-read layout offers a mix of itemized lists and room for thorough descriptions.

Software Project Description Template

Software Project Description Template

Download Software Project Description Template

Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF

Create a software project description that outlines the project overview, timeline, and cost structure. The template has multiple segments, including project goals, obstacles, risk factors, technical requirements, testing, training needs, project schedule with milestones, and estimated expenses. At the top of the template, list the project name along with the date and name of the person who prepared the document.

Grant Project Description Template

Grant Project Description Template

Download Grant Project Description Template 

Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF

Use this template to plan a grant-funded project or to develop a grant proposal. The template breaks down the project description into key parts, including the problem to address, objectives, target population, and project activities. Add your success criteria, organizational background, project dates, budget details, and funding strategies, and use the appendix to list attached files or linked citations.

Project Description PowerPoint Template

Project Description Presentation Template

Download Project Description Template

Microsoft PowerPoint | Google Slides

Turn your project description into a presentation with this PowerPoint template. Each slide features project elements including objectives, the problem or opportunity presented, assumptions and dependencies, alternative solutions with a cost benefit analysis, scheduling and financial needs, and project benefits and recommendations. Add or edit slides to create a customized template for any type of project.

What Is a Project Description Template?

A project description is a formal document that provides key information about strategic planning and development. Project managers create this document to depict that a project meets business objectives, is financially viable, and is worth investing in. 

The project description document typically includes project goals, the problem to address, potential challenges, resources needed, and other information to explain the project scope and requirements. You can create a project description for any type of project, from marketing plans to training overhauls. Get tips on what to include in a project description from our guide to writing an effective project description. For related project management templates, see our articles on project report templates and project proposal templates.

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