Free Project Portfolio Management Templates

By Kate Eby | July 27, 2021 (updated September 28, 2023)

We’ve compiled the top templates for strategic project portfolio management (PPM). Download free, customizable PPM templates in Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Google Sheets formats. 

Included on this page, you’ll find a project portfolio summary template, a project portfolio management dashboard, and a project portfolio status report template, as well as a link to in-depth information on project portfolio management benefits and processes.

Project Portfolio Summary Template

Download Project Portfolio Summary Template

Microsoft Excel | Smartsheet

This project portfolio template provides spreadsheet and dashboard views, as well as space to summarize details about specific projects and the overall health of your portfolio or project program. The spreadsheet includes columns for a project’s health ratings, priority, status, summary description, budget, progress, and risks. 

Record the outcomes of any cost benefit analysis, and note any links or attachments associated with a given project. The dashboard display offers a snapshot of budgeted costs versus actual spending, as well as the distribution of projects across the health, status, and priority categories.

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Project Portfolio Scorecard Template

Download Project Portfolio Scorecard Template

Microsoft Excel | Smartsheet

Evaluate projects in your portfolio with this simple spreadsheet template. The project management office (PMO) section at the top of the template provides a summary review of your portfolio’s progress and costs, as well as room for notes on the risks and cost benefit analysis. 

The template also includes a section for details about each project in the portfolio, with  categories for the priority, status, planned versus actual costs, hours, and quality index rating. This template includes example commentary that illustrates how portfolio managers can use the template to expand on the numerical data.

Project Portfolio Dashboard Template

Customer Facing Project Portfolio Dashboard

Download Project Portfolio Dashboard Template — Microsoft Excel

Get a visual overview of portfolio KPIs with this Excel dashboard template, which includes a Gantt chart that shows the delivery timeline for each project, a pie chart that displays the portfolio’s resource allocation, and bar charts that analyze each project’s financials. 

The bar charts also include categories for risk analysis and open or pending actions. The project portfolio report section summarizes each project’s schedule, budget, issues, and other details in a spreadsheet format.

Project Portfolio Timeline Template

Project Portfolio Timeline Template

Download Project Portfolio Timeline Template

Microsoft Excel | Google Sheets | Smartsheet

This project portfolio planning template provides a visual timeline for multiple projects. The Gantt chart timeline allows you to easily differentiate between projects, and the template automatically generates each bar on the chart based on your start and end dates. 

The template also includes columns for notes on the schedule, budget, resources, risks, and issues for each project in your portfolio. Make strategic plans based on delivery timelines and ongoing performance.

PowerPoint Project Portfolio Template

Project Portfolio PowerPoint Template

Download PowerPoint Project Portfolio Template — Microsoft PPT

Create an in-depth project portfolio dashboard in PowerPoint. Template slides include the portfolio’s timeline, resource allocation, financial status, risk analysis, issues, and pending actions. There is also a slide that displays the duration of each project in days.

The template also includes a table for compiling notes on each project. This thorough presentation template provides a broad overview of your portfolio as well as specific details about individual projects, and also includes sample data to illustrate the charts and graphs in each slide.

Project Portfolio Tracker Template

Project Portfolio Tracker Template

Download Project Portfolio Tracker Template

Microsoft Excel | Smartsheet

Track multiple projects with this combined spreadsheet and timeline template. You’ll find two tabs: an example template with color-coded options to highlight a project’s status, priority, itemized costs and hours, duration, and timeline; and a blank template for easy data entry. 

This tracker template divides each project into activities or phases, with columns for assigned owners, deliverables, and percent complete. The timeline provides a weekly schedule based on the start date you enter at the top of the template. Add or remove columns to create a customized template based on the project information you want to track.

Project Portfolio Budget Tracking Template

Project Portfolio Budget Tracking Template

Download Project Portfolio Budget Tracking Template — Microsoft Excel

For each project in your portfolio, this budget tracking template provides a detailed breakdown of the costs, budgeted expenses, actual spending, and outstanding balance. Use the built-in  Gantt chart for visual tracking and to summarize each project’s budget versus actual costs. 

This template calculates subtotals and total costs as shown in the example template tab. The template also lists the status as well as planned and actual start dates for each project phase.

Project Portfolio Roadmap Template

Project Portfolio Roadmap Template

Download Project Portfolio Roadmap Template

Microsoft Excel | Google Sheets

Create a portfolio roadmap with milestone markers and color-coded bars that indicate a project’s status: finished, in progress, scheduled, or proposed. The roadmap format makes it easy to manage a large portfolio, and offers clear timelines and visual status levels.

The roadmap displays quarters and years and lists start and end dates next to each project name.

Project Portfolio Status Report Template

Project Portfolio Status Report Template

Download Project Portfolio Status Report Template

Microsoft Excel | Smartsheet

This status template simplifies reporting with a 12-month roadmap, status summaries, and details on each individual project. The portfolio status overview uses green, yellow, and red to indicate whether items are on track, show signs of potential issues, or are otherwise of concern. 

The financial summary calculates budgeted costs, actual costs, a financial forecast, and variance. This PMO project portfolio template also lists individual project status updates, including time frames, progress, and descriptions of risks or concerns.

What Is a Project Portfolio Management Template?

A project portfolio management template allows you to evaluate, choose, and prioritize projects in order to maximize performance and meet organizational goals. The template may include one or more portfolios. 

You can use a PPM template to efficiently evaluate the benefits and risks associated with multiple projects (and possibly multiple portfolios). These templates also enable you to ensure that you’ve aligned your projects with overall business objectives. PPM templates support the process of prioritizing, scheduling, and tracking multiple projects, so you can use an organized, metric-driven approach when making strategic decisions. 

For a comprehensive look at the project portfolio management process, including additional templates (such as a project risk analysis) and PPM for IT projects, check out “Project Portfolio Management 101: Processes, Tools, and Examples.”

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