Free Scrum Meeting Templates

By Kate Eby | October 6, 2023

We’ve compiled the most useful Scrum meeting templates for Scrum masters, product owners, dev teams, and others. A Scrum meeting template provides a framework for the agenda and key topics, as a guide to effective and consistent Agile ceremonies.

On this page, you’ll find eight essential Agile Scrum meeting templates, including a daily scrum standup meeting template, a Scrum of Scrums meeting template, a Scrum meeting agenda template, an Agile Scrum retrospective meeting template, a weekly Scrum standup meeting template, and a daily Scrum meeting presentation template. This page also defines a Scrum meeting and why to use a  template.

Basic Scrum Meeting Template

Basic Scrum Meeting Template

Download a Basic Scrum Meeting Template for
Excel | Google Sheets

Use this basic Agile Scrum meeting template to structure and guide essential Scrum ceremonies, such as daily standups, sprint planning, sprint review, and the retrospective. Fill in individual tasks, time allocations, and participants' roles. Drag and drop individual Scrum items into the appropriate columns, such as Backlog, In Progress, and Complete. This template can help you streamline meeting preparation, ensure consistent discussions, and enhance team collaboration. 

For useful details and tools to help ensure that your Agile retrospective meetings are effective and on track, see this article on free Agile project retrospective templates.

Daily Scrum Standup Meeting Template

Daily Scrum Standup Meeting Template

Download a Daily Scrum Standup Meeting Template for 
Excel | Google Sheets

Clarify Agile tasks and responsibilities using this daily Scrum standup meeting template. Fill in the participants' information, the three key questions (what they did yesterday, what they plan to do today, and identify any obstacles they’re facing), and review the assigned (e.g., weighted) points for each of their tasks. Use this template to streamline your daily standup, ensure concise communication, and promote team synchronization.

Learn how to set up a daily Scrum meeting and see this article on team meeting templates for more resources.

Scrum of Scrums Meeting Template 

Scrum of Scrums Meeting Template

Download a Scrum of Scrums Meeting Template for 
Excel | Google Sheets

This Scrum of Scrums meeting template helps structure and guide cross-team coordination and communication in a scaled Agile environment. Fill in representatives from each Scrum team; agenda items such as updates, impediments, and dependencies; and time allocations. This template is the perfect solution for sharing information efficiently, identifying and addressing inter-team dependencies and challenges, and enhancing collaboration. 

For more details on creating effective Agile Scrum meetings where team members share progress, address challenges, and promote project advancement, see this article on how to create a Scrum of Scrums.

Scrum Meeting Agenda Template

Scrum Meeting Agenda Template

Download a Scrum Meeting Agenda Template for 
Excel | Microsoft Word | PowerPoint

Use this Scrum meeting agenda template to structure and guide various Scrum ceremonies, such as daily standups, sprint planning, sprint reviews, and retrospectives. Fill in meeting agenda items, task details, and other sprint-related notes, so that you can set participants’ expectations regarding the meeting’s purpose. By using this template, you can foster focused discussions and enhance team collaboration, ultimately leading to informed decision-making and successful Agile project outcomes. 

For more ideas on how to organize your cross-functional team, see this article on setting up effective Scrum meetings.

Daily Scrum Meeting Minutes Template

Daily Scrum Meeting Minutes Template

Download a Daily Scrum Meeting Minutes Template for 
Excel | Microsoft Word  

Use a daily Scrum meeting minutes template to capture key discussions, decisions, and action items during your daily standup meetings. Add details covered in the Scrum meeting and maintain a record of daily progress. You can also use the minutes to facilitate issue tracking and ensure accountability.

Agile Scrum Retrospective Meeting Template

Agile Scrum Retrospective Meeting Template

Download an Agile Scrum Retrospective Meeting Template for 
Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF

Enhance teamwork, optimize processes, and improve your Agile project outcomes with this dynamic Agile Scrum retrospective meeting template. The template provides a simple structure to guide reflective discussions on the sprint's successes, challenges, and improvements. Fill in sections for what went well and what could be improved, and list action items for future sprints. By using this template, you can facilitate open feedback, identify actionable changes, and foster a culture of continuous improvement. Learn more about how continuous improvement can help a company flourish.

See this article with free Agile and Scrum retrospective templates and this article on how to run an Agile retrospective for guidance on systematically reflecting on past sprints, identifying areas for improvement, and implementing actionable changes for more effective teamwork and project outcomes.

Weekly Scrum Standup Meeting Template for Excel

Weekly Scrum Standup Meeting Template

Download the Weekly Scrum Standup Meeting Template for Excel

Establish a regular rhythm of communication, promote team alignment, and ensure efficient coordination with this visually rich and easy-to-use weekly Scrum standup meeting template. The template provides a structure for your team's weekly updates on work progress, challenges, and plans. Fill in each team member’s key tasks, their statuses, and time allocations. 

Check out these free Agile project management templates to help you organize and streamline your team's weekly updates, progress tracking, and task coordination.

Daily Scrum Meeting Presentation Template

Daily Scrum Meeting Presentation Template

Download a Daily Scrum Meeting Presentation Template for 
PowerPoint | Google Slides 

Use this daily scrum meeting presentation template to organize sprint information, enhance communication, and present to stakeholders. Simply input relevant data about what’s in each team member’s backlog; active tasks; and tickets that are being worked on, in development, in testing, or completed. This presentation-ready, structured template helps your Agile Scrum team stay on track, as well as identify and address issues promptly.

What Is a Scrum Meeting?

A Scrum meeting is a short, focused gathering to keep everyone on track, address challenges, and ensure the project’s progress. Scrum meetings include the daily standup, Scrum of Scrums, and Agile Scrum retrospective.

Here are details on the most common types of Scrum meetings. 

  • The Daily Standup Scrum: Also known as a daily Scrum meeting, the daily standup Scrum is a brief meeting where team members provide updates on their work, share progress, and identify any obstacles (known as blockers). 
  • The Scrum of Scrums: A scaled Agile practice where representatives from different Scrum teams gather to exchange updates, identify dependencies, and address impediments that impact the overall project. This type of Scrum meeting enhances coordination and collaboration among multiple teams working on a larger project. 
  • Agile Scrum Retrospective: A dedicated session where the team reflects on their recent sprint, discussing what went well and what could be improved. They also identify actionable changes for future sprints to enhance their processes and performance. 
  • Sprint Planning Meeting: A collaborative session where the Scrum team selects user stories or tasks from the backlog and defines the work that will be accomplished during the upcoming sprint. The team estimates the effort required, sets priorities, and creates a clear plan for achieving the sprint goals. See this article on sprint planning to learn more about this practice.
  • Sprint Review Meeting: A session where the Scrum team presents the work they've completed during the sprint to stakeholders and gathers feedback. This type of Scrum meeting allows stakeholders to see the progress, provide input, and ensure alignment with project objectives. 
  • Sprint Retrospective Meeting: A team-focused session held at the end of each sprint to reflect on their recent work, discuss what went well and what could be improved, and define actionable steps to enhance their processes in future sprints. This type of Scrum meeting fosters a culture of continuous improvement and learning within the Agile framework. Read this article on how to run a sprint retrospective to learn more. 

Scrum meetings promote transparency, alignment, and responsiveness, allowing team members to synchronize their efforts, adapt to changes swiftly, and deliver valuable results iteratively. These meetings foster a culture of collaboration and accountability, enabling teams to address challenges and make informed decisions that contribute to the overall success of the Agile project.

What Is a Scrum Meeting Template?

A Scrum meeting template is a document that guides the organization and execution of discussions and ceremonies in Agile projects. Templates are available for daily standups, sprint planning, sprint reviews, sprint retrospectives, backlog refinement, Scrum of Scrums, and other meetings.

. Scrum meeting templates typically include sections for each agenda item, time allocations, and roles assigned to participants. They ensure that meetings follow a standardized format, making it easier for team members to focus on discussing work progress, addressing challenges, and strategizing for project success.

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