Free Sprint Planning Templates

By Kate Eby | September 29, 2022

We’ve collected the best free, downloadable sprint planning templates in a variety of formats. Each template includes a brief description to help you decide which one is right for you.

Included on this page, you’ll find a sprint planning template, a sprint planning document template, a sprint planning board template, and a sprint planning slide template.

Sprint Planning Template

Sprint Planning Template

Download a Sprint Planning Template for
Excel | Google Sheets

Use this full-featured spreadsheet template to plan, organize, and visualize your sprints. Add tasks, responsible parties, start and end dates, and the completion status of each task and feature. The template automatically calculates the duration of each task. The Gantt chart included with this spreadsheet template adjusts as you add data to the table, which provides a real-time visualization of task progress and overall engagement. 

For more information on sprint planning, including best practices, checklists, and more planning templates, see this guide to successful sprint planning.

Sprint Planning Document Template

Sprint Planning Document Template

Download a Sprint Planning Document Template for 
Microsoft Word | Google Docs

Use this simple planning template to capture all of the pertinent information about your project sprints. Enter your project details, including project manager, overall start and end dates, and your project deliverable. Track project progress by sprint and feature, sprint start and end dates, duration, and status. You also have space to enter notes on each sprint or feature. This template is easily editable and printable, and it’s ideal for small projects or teams. 

To learn more about sprint planning and how to plan, manage, and monitor tasks in your project, check out this sprint planning board template.

Sprint Planning Board Template

Sprint Planning Board Template

Download the Sprint Planning Board Template for Smartsheet

Use this sprint planning board template to plan, manage, and visualize tasks for your next Agile project. This template gives you a complete overview of task ownership and completion status. Track project delays and quickly recover from setbacks with this easy-to-use template.

Sprint Planning Slide Template

Sprint Planning Slide Template

Download a Sprint Planning Slide Template for
PowerPoint | Google Slides

Use this fully editable PowerPoint sprint planning template to visualize or present your project’s tasks, sprints, and timelines. Enter your sprint information, start and end dates, and overall schedule. Enter more details about each sprint on individual slides to capture all of the relevant information for your presentation. 

For more information on sprint planning and a complete template set, see this Agile backlog and sprint planning page.

What Is a Sprint Planning Template?

A sprint is a period of time in which a team works to complete tasks or present deliverables related to a larger project. A sprint planning template is a form where you prioritize tasks and track each sprint’s progress. 

Sprint planning templates are one tool that organizations can use to make the most of their human resources as they strive to reach their development goals. 

Individual templates might vary, but they generally include the following elements:

  • Project Title: Include your project’s title.
  • Project Manager: Include the project manager assigned to lead this project.
  • Task Name: Enter every task required to successfully complete the project.
  • Sprint: Identify each sprint by name or number.
  • Feature: Enter the details of the features included in each sprint.
  • Start and End Dates: Select a start and end date for each sprint. 
  • Duration: Many templates automatically calculate the duration of each sprint or feature. For those that don’t, enter their duration manually.
  • Notes: Enter any other key information for your records.

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