How Tableau Quickly Meets Business Needs

As a company that makes breakthrough products that change the way people use data, Tableau’s business changes rapidly. Smartsheet allows the company to adjust and scale to meet business needs and drive innovation.


  • Technology

Organization Size

  • Large (2000 - 9999)


  • North America

"Personally, I have saved at least 10-20 hours a week having my processes on Smartsheet, it beats email and spreadsheets, hands down."

Lindbergh Matillano

Senior Business Manager, Technical Operations

Thinking outside of the box is one of Lindbergh Matillano’s many attributes. With more than 20 years of experience, the Tableau Software senior manager is known for leveraging technology to deliver innovative, reliable, and high-quality solutions to improve operational processes. He’s also a Smartsheet aficionado.

Instant Time Savings

“Personally, I have saved at least 10-20 hours a week having my processes on Smartsheet,” Matillano said. “It beats email and spreadsheets, hands down.” And the experienced technology professional is not the only one at Tableau seeing productivity gains from Smartsheet.

“Using Smartsheet has allowed us to quickly meet business needs and prototype forms and processes, saving countless hours and frustration,” he said. “If a process requires more robust systems, we move to a specialized application — but at least we have tested out the process in Smartsheet, making the transition to the new system easier.”

A Platform for Business Agility

For the company that “makes breakthrough products that change the way people use data,” the senior manager explained that Tableau’s workflow and ticketing systems often take time to develop and implement systems and processes. “Our business changes rapidly and we need a way to quickly adjust and scale,” Matillano said.

Smartsheet provides the answer. “Tableau continues to adopt Smartsheet across departments,” he said. “We have particularly strong advocacy growing within IT and on our services team.”

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