Dashboard Gallery

dashboard gallery executive sight

Executive Dashboard

Provide executives an accurate, real-time overview of their entire business at a glance

  • Gain visibility on progress of strategic objectives
  • Track real-time status of planned spend vs. actuals
  • Get a true health check of the business and upcoming major milestones
dashboards gallery project management

Project Management Dashboard

Stay on top of overall program status or drill down to individual details

  • Gain visibility into all projects at a glance
  • Quickly access program related documents and links
  • Dive deep into underlying project details with just a few clicks
dashboards gallery project management

Team Resource Portal

Build a resource portal with configurable widgets and easily edit as needed

  • Post team announcements and updates using the rich text widget
  • Give access to team resources with quick shortcut links
  • Quickly edit and restructure as needed when business needs change
dashboards gallery customer implementation

Customer Implementation Dashboard

Prevent potential revenue loss and keep project within budget by maintaining visibility

  • Create cross-functional team transparency on progress
  • Manage and revise as business needs change without help from IT
  • Give access to the latest version of documents to all stakeholders
dashboards gallery sales pipeline

Sales Pipeline Dashboard

Give leadership both high-level and detailed visibility into activities and progress

  • Track sales pipeline activity, key metrics, and status
  • Analyze metrics by product, rep, or pipeline stage
  • Quickly identify potential risks and greater opportunities