Free Google Calendar Templates

In this article, you will find customizable calendar templates for Google Docs and Google Sheets, including a monthly calendar template in portrait and landscape formats, budget calendar template, weekly planner template, and more. 

To see more calendar templates you can download in additional formats, like Excel, Word and PDF, visit 15 Free Monthly Calendar Templates.

Google Sheets Monthly Calendar (2023) - Portrait

2023 Monthly Calendar Portrait

Open 2023 Google Sheets Monthly Calendar - Portrait

If you need a template with a traditional calendar format, this is a basic option in a portrait layout. Easily view an entire month and create notes for each date. You can print this monthly calendar template or use it online, depending on your needs.

Monthly Calendar Portrait

Google Sheets Monthly Calendar (2023) - Landscape

2023 Google Sheets Monthly Calendar Landscape

Open 2023 Google Sheets Monthly Calendar - Landscape

This monthly calendar option is formatted in a landscape view. Days of the week run from Sunday through Saturday, and there is room for notes at the bottom of the template. This is a simple monthly calendar that you can use for any type of schedule planning. 

Monthly Calendar - Landscape

Budget Calendar Template - Google Sheets


Budget Calendar Template

Open Budget Calendar Template - Google Sheets

Monthly and annual budget planning is important for both small and large businesses. With this budget calendar, you can plan income and expenses on a monthly basis and compare your actual amounts for each month, and also view yearly totals. This template offers a summary of financial data and includes rows for listing multiple sources of income and operating expenses. You can edit the template to reflect your business type and budget needs.

Budget Calendar Template

Weekly Planner Template (2023) - Google Sheets

2023 Weekly Planner Template

Open 2023 Weekly Planner Template - Google Sheets

This weekly planner lets you create a comprehensive schedule for a single week, as well as for multiple weeks in advance. The layout makes it easy to view a full week at a glance, and includes extra room for creating a task list and adding important notes. The template displays each day of the week, from Monday through Sunday.

Weekly Planner Template

Marketing Calendar Template - Google Sheets


Marketing Calendar Template

Open Marketing Calendar Template - Google Sheets

This annual marketing calendar template is broken down into days, months, and quarters, so you can create a comprehensive schedule for your marketing plan. List your sales goals and marketing campaigns, and then create a timeline for completing each task. Use this spreadsheet template for strategic planning, creating an event calendar, setting deadlines, and noting quarterly marketing milestones.

Marketing Calendar Template

Social Media Content Calendar - Google Sheets


Social Media Content Calendar

Open Social Media Content Calendar - Google Sheets

This calendar template is designed to help you manage content on multiple social media platforms. Combining all your networks into one calendar allows you to create a detailed publishing plan throughout the day. Additionally, tracking all your social media efforts in one template ensures that you’re posting content strategically and balancing your platforms. You can also measure audience engagement to get an idea of which social media content is most successful.

Social Media Content Calendar

Editorial Calendar Template - Google Sheets


Editorial Calendar Template

Open Editorial Calendar Template - Google Sheets

Plan your editorial calendar with this Google spreadsheet calendar template. It includes an annual overview for a broad look at long-term goals and important dates, as well as a detailed, monthly view. For each month, you can organize projects by date and include important info such as goals, target audience, ownership, deadlines, metrics for success, and more. Creating the editorial calendar can be a team effort to help boost creativity and guarantee accountability for reaching project deadlines.

Editorial Calendar Template

Project Timeline Template - Google Sheets


Project Timeline Template

Open Project Timeline Template

Google Sheets | Smartsheet

This template allows you to plan a project management schedule with a Gantt chart for a visual timeline of tasks. You can use the spreadsheet to track progress and to list details about each task, including owners and deadlines. The Gantt chart makes it easy to see the duration of each task and how phases of a project overlap. Create a weekly schedule for a comprehensive project timeline.

Project Timeline Template

Employee Calendar Template (2023) - Google Sheets

2023 Employee Calendar Template

Open 2023 Employee Calendar Template - Google Sheets

Create an employee schedule for each day of the week, listing employee names, hours worked, pay rates, and shift types. Use this calendar for planning shifts, managing payroll, and tracking employee attendance. An employee calendar template is a useful tool for HR managers or small business owners who need to coordinate multiple shifts and pay rates without using complex software.


Employee Calendar Template

Weekly Calendar Template (2023) - Google Sheets

2023 Weekly Calendar Template

Open 2023 Weekly Calendar Template - Google Sheets

This Google Sheets calendar template includes columns for each day of the week, listed from Sunday to Saturday. Select the starting date for the week, the starting hour for each day, and the time interval, and the template will automatically update to create a weekly calendar tailored to your needs. The time interval can be set for as little as 10 minutes to give you a detailed breakdown of each day.

Weekly Calendar Template

Yearly Calendar (2023) - Portrait

2023 Google Sheets Yearly Calendar Portrait

Open 2023 Yearly Calendar Template - Google Sheets

With this template, you can view an entire year on one sheet in a portrait layout - this is handy when you need to quickly view future dates. The calendar also provides ample room for important notes. This is a printable template that gives you a snapshot of the year without taking up too much space.

Yearly Calendar - Portrait

Google Docs Yearly Calendar (2023) - Landscape

2023 Yearly Calendar Template

Open 2023 Google Docs Yearly Calendar - Landscape

This Google Docs calendar template offers a basic calendar view, in landscape format, for each month of the year. Since this is a Google Docs template, you simply scroll down to view future months rather than switching between spreadsheets. When printing this template, you can choose a single month or the entire year.

Yearly Calendar - Landscape

Calendar with Holidays (2023) - Google Sheets

2023 Monthly Calendar with Holidays

Open 2023 Calendar with Holidays - Google Sheets

If you need an annual calendar with holidays, this template includes an annual view, along with  separate calendars for each month. It offers a quick overview of the year and plenty of space for daily and monthly planning. In addition to holidays, there are sections for notes where you can highlight important events.

Calendar with Holidays Template

Mid-Year Planner Template - Google Sheets


Mid-Year Planner Template

Open Mid-Year Planner Template - Google Sheets

If you want a condensed planner that allows you to view several months on a single spreadsheet, this mid-year calendar provides columns for each month and lists dates and days of the week vertically. This design lets you fit a lot of information into a small space for easy planning. You can edit the template to include any months, whether you’re working with an academic year, a six-month period, or another time frame.

Mid-Year Planner Template

Monthly Planner Template (2023) - Google Sheets

2023 Monthly Planner Template Google Sheet

Open 2023 Monthly Planner Template - Google Sheets

This monthly planner template offers a separate sheet for each month to support detailed scheduling. You can label columns on each monthly spreadsheet with hours, class names, business projects, or family names, depending on what categories you want to organize each day by. The template allows you to make detailed plans for each day within a compact layout.

Monthly Planner Template

Daily Planner Template - Google Sheets


Daily Planner Template

Open Daily Planner Template

Google Sheets | Smartsheet

If you need more room for daily planning and organization, this planner breaks each day down into 15-minute intervals and includes additional space for notes. You can keep track of important appointments, meetings, events, and more. A daily planner is indispensable for organizing both home and work tasks, setting goals, planning projects, and recording important dates.

Daily Planner Template

90-Day Plan Template - Google Docs


90-Day Plan Template

Open 90-Day Plan Template - Google Docs

This template is designed to help you plan objectives and action steps over a 90-day period. Use a 90-day plan when first starting a job or during an assessment period to evaluate productivity and set a clear plan of action with measurable goals. Modify this template to cover a different time frame or to include additional information.

90-Day Plan Template

To-Do List Template - Google Docs


To-Do List Template

Open To-Do List Template - Google Docs

This Google Docs calendar template includes basic to-do lists. The checklist shows due dates for each task, so you can schedule and prioritize items and mark them when completed. This is a simple, printable tool for creating any type of task list.

To-Do List Template

School Calendar Template (2022, 2023, 2024) - Google Sheets

2023-2024 Monthly School Calendar Template

Open 2022-2023 School Calendar Template - Google Sheets

Open 2023-2024 School Calendar Template - Google Sheets

This school calendar template provides monthly calendars from August through June to cover an academic year. The traditional calendar layout makes it easy to view an entire month quickly. Months are separated onto separate sheets for ample space. Students, teachers, and families can use this calendar template to keep track of classes, homework due dates, school events, and vacations.

School Calendar Template

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