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55 Free Invoice Templates for an Easier Billing Process

by Andy Marker on Feb 08, 2018

An invoice is a document that shows the amount owed for goods sold or services provided. Items and unit costs are typically itemized along with taxes, shipping charges, or other fees to show customers the total amount owed. Invoices may also include payment terms, shipping instructions, customer information, and tracking numbers for reference. Some companies may use an electronic invoicing system, but templates are an easy option for small businesses and individuals who need a simple yet professional solution. Using invoice templates can save time while providing clients with clear communication and giving you a professional image.

Below is a list of over 50 free invoice templates in a wide variety of designs for both specific jobs and generic use. You’ll find basic and more advanced templates, all of which are customizable and intuitive to use. A range of formats are available, including templates for Microsoft Excel and Word, PDF, and Google Docs. This article provides many options to choose from depending on the type of items you are billing for, your personal preferences, industry standards, and whether you require a template that provides automatic calculations. Sales quotes, payment receipts, past due notices, and printable invoice templates are all available to download for free.


Business Invoice Templates

Business Invoice Template - Excel

Business Invoice Template

Create a company invoice template for any type of business. List the type and quantity of items sold, unit prices, subtotals, and additional charges for tax or shipping. Add your own fine print for customers if you need to include payment terms or other instructions. You can customize the business invoice by adding a company logo or adjusting the color scheme.

Download Business Invoice Template - Excel



Commercial Invoice Template - Excel

Commercial Invoice Template

Businesses that export goods to locations outside of the U.S. can use a commercial invoice to indicate the value of the items. Record the number of packages being shipped, describe the goods enclosed, and include a Harmonized System (HS) code to classify the goods if needed. Sections are also included for listing weights, unit values, and insurance costs.

Download Commercial Invoice Template - Excel



Basic Invoice Template - Excel

Basic Invoice Template

This basic invoice template includes columns for listing goods or services provided as well as costs. The layout is streamlined for easy use by both businesses and customers. An invoice number is included to help you keep track of transactions, billing, and payments.

Download Basic Invoice Template - Excel



Service Invoice Template

If you need a generic invoice to bill for services provided, this hourly invoice template allows you to describe the type of work completed, hourly rates, and the amount owed. Sections are provided for entering client contact info, a billing address, and your business details. In addition to an invoice number, you can assign each client a customer number for tracking purposes.

Download Service Invoice Template

Excel | Word | Smartsheet

Download Service Invoice Template with Hourly Rate - Excel



Invoice Tracking Template - Google Sheets

Invoice Tracking Template

Keep track of invoices with this basic spreadsheet template. Once you enter your invoice details, you can organize and search the template by invoice number, date, or client name. You can quickly identify which invoices have been paid and for what amount. To track additional information, you can easily modify by the template by creating new columns.

Download Invoice Tracking Template - Google Sheets



Simple Invoice Template - Word

Simple Invoice Template

This simple invoice lives up to its name with a basic layout designed for any billing purpose. Save the template for reuse, and then send it to customers via email, or print a copy for snail mail. If your business requires multiple copies using carbonless copy paper, but you want more that a generic invoice pad, you can customize this template and have it professionally printed on whatever type of paper you choose.

Download Simple Invoice Template

Word | Smartsheet



Blank Invoice Template - PDF

Blank Invoice Template

This blank invoice is a simple template with sections for contact information, an invoice tracking number, the type of goods or services sold, and the amount due. Add your own payment instructions at the bottom of the invoice. Use the template as is, or add a company logo for a personalized design. This PDF invoice is ready to print or send via email.

Download Blank Invoice Template

PDF | Smartsheet



Billing Invoice Template - Google Sheets

Billing Invoice Template - Google Sheets

This template provides two billing invoices, one with tax included and one without. It provides flexibility and makes it easy to create a tax invoice template if needed. Save this Google Sheets invoice to your Google Drive account for reuse and easy sharing, or download and print a hard copy.

Download Billing Invoice Template

Google Sheets | Smartsheet



Creative Invoice Template

Creative Invoice Template

If you work in a creative field or simply want an invoice that stands out, this template offers a unique design and still looks professional. Create an illustrator, designer, or artist invoice template, and customize it by adding your logo or personalized details that match your style of work. Capture your client’s attention with a creative yet simple invoice.

Download Creative Invoice Template

Excel | PDF



Past Due Invoice Template

Past Due Invoice Template

This invoice letter template provides a basic outline for notifying customers of overdue payments. Edit the letter to create your own invoice reminder template that includes your payment policies, relevant account details, and the outstanding balance. Keep your past due invoice brief to help ensure that customers read the message and respond in a timely manner.

Download Past Due Invoice Template

Excel | Word



Canadian Invoice Template - Excel

Canadian Invoice Template

Designed for Canadian users, this invoice template includes fields for adding the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and the Provincial Sales Tax (PST). You can also enter a business number in the field provided for a GST registration number. If your business is located in a province that uses the Harmonized Sales Tax, simply edit the template to show the HST amount. Enter your goods or services, costs per item, and tax rates, and the template will calculate the total amount owed.

Download Canadian Invoice Template - Excel



Sales Invoice Template - Google Sheets

This invoice template can be used for billing or as a sales receipt to document a completed transaction. The invoice includes unit prices, item numbers, shipping details, and more. Keep track of the invoice using the customer or invoice numbers and the issue date. Fields are also included for sales tax and shipping charges.

Download Sales Invoice Template - Google Sheets



Purchase Order Template - Excel

Purchase order template


Buyers can use this purchase order template to request goods from a seller. Create an itemized order that shows quantities and prices for each item. A purchase order provides clear communication between businesses and suppliers to help ensure accuracy.

Download Purchase Order Template - Excel



Packing Slip Template - Excel

Packing Slip Template

A packing slip lists all of the items included in a shipment as well as any ordered items that are unavailable or not yet shipped, and often accompanies a sales invoice. Including a packing slip can help prevent shipping mistakes and assist customers in managing inventory. This template includes sections for vendor and customer information, a packing date, a salesperson’s name, and items shipped.

Download Packing Slip Template

Excel | Smartsheet



Sales Quote Template - Excel

Sales Quote Template

Provide potential customers with a sales quote for products that shows how much would be owed if they agree to the sale. This template can also be used to create a service quote by listing work services (rather than goods) to be provided. Include payment policies and other terms that clients need to know before accepting the sales quote.

Download Sales Quote Template

Excel | Smartsheet



Pro Forma Invoice Template - Excel

Pro Forma Invoice Template

Use this pro forma invoice to provide the details of a shipment or impending delivery of goods. The template includes sections for entering freight costs, package weight, item descriptions, and export information. Include item numbers for each product being sold in addition to quantities and unit values.

Download Pro Forma Invoice Template - Excel



Rental Invoice Template - Word

Rental Invoice Template

Provide tenants with a monthly rental invoice that shows the due date, terms and conditions, and amount owed. This is a simple reminder that can be emailed or printed and delivered by mail. The template can also be used as a past-due invoice to notify tenants that rent is overdue.

Download Rental Invoice Template

Word | PDF


Work Order Template - Excel

Work Order Template

Similar to an invoice, this work order outlines work to be completed, associated expenses, and total costs. This template also includes starting and ending dates, a work description, costs for labor and materials, and signature lines for client approval. This is a general work order that can easily be adapted for any type of business.

Download Work Order Template - Excel


Job Estimate Template - Excel

Job Estimate Template

Often used in the construction industry or by consultants, a job estimate shows clients an itemized projection of the costs involved in a job. This estimate template allows you to calculate expenses for labor and materials in addition to miscellaneous charges. Clients get a breakdown of estimated costs and the total amount. This template also serves as a job invoice to bill for completed work.

Download Job Estimate Template

Excel | Smartsheet


Expense Report Template - Google Sheets

Expense Order Template

Employees can use this expense report template to invoice employers for reimbursement. It provides detailed sections for several expense categories, including transportation, meals, lodging, conference fees, and more. The template calculates daily and weekly totals and the grand total owed, minus any cash advance that may have been issued prior to business travel or events.

Download Expense Report Template - Google Sheets


Manage supply chain processes with agility using these helpful templates

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Service Invoices by Job

Photography Invoice Template

Photography Invoice Template

This PDF invoice template is designed with photographers in mind. List photography services or products provided, associated costs, and the total amount due. Add a business logo and payment terms to the template for a simple and professional photography invoice.

Download Photography Invoice Template

Excel | PDF



Legal Invoice Template - Google Sheets

Legal Invoice Template

Bill clients for legal services with this attorney invoice template. Include your hourly rate, a description of legal services, relevant case information, and payment instructions. The template automatically calculates the total amount due.

Download Legal Invoice Template - Google Sheets


Notary Public Invoice - Google Sheets

Notary Invoice Template Google

This template provides an easy invoice for notary services, such as witnessing a document signing. Hours and rates are shown for the work completed, and a section is included for writing a brief overview of notary services provided. Include a payment due date and other terms to encourage timely remittance.

Download Notary Public Invoice - Google Sheets


Contractor Progress Payment Template - Excel

Contractor Progress Payment Template

Use this construction invoice template for periodic contractor payments on a job in progress. One sheet in the template shows a summary of previous payments, work changes, and the current amount due. The template also includes a detailed list of typical work items for a construction project, completion status for each, and costs. This can also be used as a subcontractor invoice template.

Download Contractor Progress Payment Template

Excel | Smartsheet

Download Subcontractor Progress Payment Template - Excel 


Plumber Invoice Template

Plumbing Invoice template

Designed with plumbers in mind, this invoice template provides sections for listing materials used, labor expenses, tax rates, and total costs. Include details such as model and serial numbers, or adjust the template to include relevant info for a particular plumbing job. You can also add payment terms or warranty information.

Download Plumber Invoice Template

Excel | PDF


Auto Invoice Template - Excel

Auto Invoice Template

List work completed for auto repair or maintenance, parts used, and itemized costs on this automotive invoice template. The invoice offers customers detailed information on services provided for billing purposes as well as accurate record keeping. Customize the template by adding a business logo and contact information.

Download Auto Invoice Template - Excel



Catering Invoice Template

Catering Invoice Template

Caterers can use this template to invoice customers for a wide range of events. The template provides sections for adding event details and listing catering services. Include item prices for a breakdown of costs along with a grand total and payment instructions to create a comprehensive catering invoice.

Download Catering Invoice Template

Excel | Word


Freelance Invoice Template - Google Sheets

Freelance Invoice Template Google

Create a personal invoice template for freelance jobs that shows a project overview, services provided, hourly rates, and fees owed. This is a Google Sheets invoice that calculates subtotals and total expenses, which saves freelancers time and provides clients with an easy-to-read bill. Include a payment due date and other instructions to help reduce processing time.

Download Freelance Invoice Template - Google Sheets


Independent Contractor Invoice Template - Excel

Independent Contractor Invoice Template

Businesses can provide independent contractors with whom they work with an employee invoice template that describes the work performed, tracks completed hours, and calculates fees due based on an hourly rate. If a contractor needs to bill per project rather than hourly, simply edit the invoice to show project costs rather than hourly rates. A signature section for authorization is provided at the bottom of the template.

Download Independent Contractor Invoice Template

Excel | PDF


Freelance Writer Invoice Template - Word

Freelance Writer Invoice Template

Create a polished invoice for freelance writing assignments. This template offers a simple and professional design that you can update with your own color scheme, business information, and work details. Provide clients with a summary of completed writing tasks, amounts owed, and payment terms.

Download Freelance Writer Invoice Template - Word


Consultant Invoice Template - Excel

Consultant Invoice Template

Consultants can bill for services provided and other expenses using this straightforward invoice template. Create an itemized list of consulting services, hourly rates, and other charges, and the template will calculate total costs. Room is included for adding terms and conditions or payment instructions.

Download Consultant Invoice Template

Excel | PDF


Landscaping Invoice Template - Excel

Landscaping Invoice Template

This landscaping invoice separates labor costs from materials so that customers can see a detailed compilation of work performed and costs accrued. You can also include a brief project description or overview of landscaping services. If needed, there are also fields for adding tax.

Download Landscaping Invoice Template - Excel


Painting Invoice Template - Excel

Painting Invoice Template

Depending on the size and type of painting job, you may have many products to charge for in addition to labor costs. This template allows you to list individual prices for paint and other materials as well as total costs based on quantities used. Subtract any previous down payment to provide customers with the remaining balance owed.

Download Painting Invoice Template - Excel


Pest Control Invoice

Pest Control Invoice Template

This pest control invoice has sections for describing the work completed, including the type of pest targeted, locations treated, and chemicals used. A notes section is included for adding recommendations for future treatments, inspection findings, or a work summary. This invoice can be used for residential or commercial pest control jobs.

Download Pest Control Invoice

Excel | PDF


Web Design Invoice Template

Web Design Invoice Template

Provide clients with a website invoice template that shows design services and related tasks. This is a Microsoft Word template with a simple layout that can be easily modified. List services, hours, rates, total costs, business information, and any additional notes for a complete invoice.

Download Web Design Invoice Template

Word | PDF


Graphic Design Invoice Template

Graphic Design Invoice Template

This invoice template provides an organized and clean format for listing graphic design work. Add your own design flare for a customized look. The template makes it easy for clients to see project hours and costs, as it provides itemized information and a quick overview of total work completed.

Download Graphic Design Invoice Template

Word | PDF


Medical Invoice Template - Word

Medical Invoice Template

This invoice template may be useful for a variety of healthcare practitioners, including medical providers, acupuncturists, and physical therapists. Provide patients with a description of services provided, insurance information, amount due, and payment options. This printable invoice is formatted for easy mailing.

Download Medical Invoice Template - Word


Handyman Invoice Template - Word

Handyman Invoice Template

This basic invoice for handyman services provides blank sections for entering materials used, work details, and labor costs. List each expense to give customers a thorough record of finished work. Add payment instructions and any other terms and conditions for clarity.

Download Handyman Invoice Template - Word


Trucking Invoice Template - Word

Trucking Invoice Template

This trucking invoice template shows mileage, shipment and delivery information, fees, and total costs. Signature lines are included for authorization, and you can also list the property value and damages. Create a shipping invoice template that can be reused for a variety of goods.

Download Trucking Invoice Template - Word


Freight Invoice Template - Excel

Freight Invoice Template

Use this freight invoice template for loads being transported by ship, aircraft, or train rather than by truck. Edit the template to provide appropriate details about the shipping method, destination, and type of freight. Describe the shipment contents along with the pricing, weight, and total costs.

Download Freight Invoice Template - Excel


Cleaning Invoice Template - Excel

Cleaning Invoice Template

Give customers a comprehensive list of cleaning services provided, with costs itemized for labor, supplies, taxes, and additional fees. You can add your own work or payment terms as well as notes and reminders for clients. Customize the invoice with a company logo and contact info.

Download Cleaning Invoice Template - Excel


Electrical Invoice Template - Word

Electrical Invoice Template

Designed for electrical jobs, this invoice provides sections for a site description, property owner details, a work summary, and parts used. List costs for materials and labor so clients can see expenses for each item. This template can be used by small businesses or independent electricians.

Download Electrical Invoice Template - Word


Child Care Invoice Template - Excel

Child Care Invoice Template

Daycare centers and other child care providers can use this invoice to track the dates and times of attendance and calculate the amount owed for a given period. Sections are provided for adding a billing address, child information, pricing, and payment terms. An invoice number is included for keeping organized records.

Download Child Care Invoice Template - Excel


Towing Invoice Template

Towing Invoice Template

Use this basic template to bill for tow truck services. Sections include vehicle description and registration information, pickup and delivery locations, and a description of towing fees. Include customer and towing contact information to help ensure clear communication.

Download Towing Invoice Template

Excel | PDF


Computer Repair Invoice Template

Computer Repair Invoice Template

This invoice shows a summary of computer repairs as well as pricing and total costs, and also includes space for adding terms and conditions or warranty information. In addition, you can add notes about the services provided or reminders for computer maintenance.

Download Computer Repair Invoice Template

Excel | PDF


Moving Invoice Template - Word

Moving Invoice Template

Moving jobs can include large shipments, travel time, and labor costs. Use this template to list hourly rates, mileage, and any other expenses. Movers can provide customers with a summary of rates, work completed, and the final amount owed.

Download Moving Invoice Template - Word


Hotel Invoice Template - Word

Hotel Invoice Template

This template can be used as an invoice or a receipt for hotel services. It includes sections for recording arrival and departure dates, the number and type of guests, services provided, and total charges. Hotels can provide guests with a detailed invoice and get documentation for their own record keeping.

Download Hotel Invoice Template - Word


Car Rental Invoice Template - Excel

CAr Rental Invoice Template

This car rental invoice shows business and customer information, details about the car being rented, and the distance and duration of travel. You can edit the template to calculate rates per hour or day and add any extra fees to the total. Attach the invoice to car rental terms and conditions to provide customers with a complete package.

Download Car Rental Invoice Template - Excel


Payment Invoices and Receipt Templates

Invoice with Partial Payment - Excel

Invoice with partial Payment Template

Use this invoice to bill customers who have an outstanding balance, or create a monthly invoice template for repeat billing. The template allows you to show previous payments and the current amount due. You can also record item numbers for products sold, shipping details, and salesperson information.

Download Invoice with Partial Payment - Excel


Billing Statement Template - Excel

Billing Statement Template

A billing statement shows customers a history of previous payments and the current balance due. This template provides sections for listing multiple invoices with corresponding dates and dollar amounts. You can use this template with clients who receive product shipments regularly, for customers who have an ongoing payment plan, and to provide clear documentation of the amounts paid and still owed.

Download Billing Statement Template - Excel


Payment Invoice Template - Excel

Payment Invoice Template

This paid invoice operates like a receipt: It shows that a transaction has been completed and that payment has been received. This template includes invoice and customer numbers as well as room for listing multiple services or products. You can also include a tax rate and shipping costs in the total amount paid.

Download Payment Invoice Template - Excel


Rent Receipt Template - Excel

Rent Receipt Template

Document monthly rental payments with this rent receipt template, which provides a record for both property owners and tenants. The receipt shows the payment date and method, property location, and rental period. Save time by printing multiple receipts at once.

Download Rent Receipt Template - Excel


Cash Receipt Template - Excel

Cash Receipt Template

This cash receipt template can be used for any type of sales transaction, including ongoing payments with a balance carried forward. You can document who received the payment, enter a receipt tracking number, and identify the type of payment used. Modify the template to include whatever information is relevant to your specific business.

Download Cash Receipt Template - Excel


Donation Receipt Template - Word

Donation Receipt Template

If you need a nonprofit invoice template for charitable gifts, this receipt lists the type and value of items or services donated and provides donors with documentation for their tax records. This template provides a simple outline to follow, but be sure to check with the IRS for guidelines regarding donation receipts and any required information that may need to be added.

Download Donation Request Template - Word


Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale - Word

Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Template

Whether you’re selling a used car, motorcycle, or recreational vehicle, this bill of sale can be used to document the agreement between a buyer and seller. Enter details about the type of vehicle being sold, payment terms, and any other conditions of the sale. This template can also be used for trade-in vehicles or gifts rather than for a cash sale.

Download Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale - Word


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