Jira and Smartsheet

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Unlock visibility and access to Jira data for all stakeholder functions.

The Smartsheet for Jira Connector provides visibility into IT and software development projects being tracked in Jira. Issues are automatically synchronized whether edited in Smartsheet or Jira, ensuring every record is up to date. The Connector is a premium capability available for additional fees to customers with Team, Business, and Enterprise plans.

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“Jira is a valuable tool for our team, but we want to be able to use it in the best possible way throughout our organization. With Smartsheet, we have the ability to organize projects from start to finish while still having the benefits of Jira.”

Natalie Pohorski, Director of Production, Creative Kingdoms

View Work Your Way

Easily customize Smartsheet to view only the fields from Jira you care most about. Visualize work your way using status symbols, Gantt View, Calendar View, or Card View in Smartsheet.

Collaboration Made Easy

Eliminate the manual process of exporting data to spreadsheets. Users can view, share, and edit a set of issues linked between Jira and Smartsheet. All data is updated in real-time.

Better Business Visibility

Give business users instant visibility into IT and software development projects. Synchronize your Jira data to Smartsheet to make bulk changes and manage work easily.

How to get the Connector

The Smartsheet for Jira Connector lives outside of both the Smartsheet and Jira products. Please contact our team for more information.

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How Jira and Smartsheet Work Together

  • Set up a workflow directly from the Smartsheet for Jira connector.

  • Specify whether you want your data to flow bi-directionally or one way in a specific direction.

  • Select an existing sheet in Smartsheet or create a new sheet.

  • Choose a project in Jira for synchronization.

  • Map fields in Jira to Smartsheet columns.

  • Decide whether to set up a filter for what information will flow to Smartsheet.

  • Optionally, set up a filter for what information will flow back to Jira.

  • Give your workflow a name and you are done!

  • In Smartsheet you can visualize work your way with conditional formatting and status symbols.

  • Whether users are working in Jira or Smartsheet, changes made in either location are updated in real-time.