Accelerator for GDPR

By Smartsheet

The Smartsheet Accelerator for GDPR deploys the compliance process with confidence and enables privacy leaders to make better decisions.

Attain and maintain end-to-end compliance

The Smartsheet Accelerator for GDPR enables organizations to create an integrated operational process for ongoing compliance, monitoring and reporting.

    Operational and Integrated Framework for GDPR Compliance

  • Increase Cross-Departmental Collaboration

    Enable cross-departmental stakeholder collaboration within your organization to confidently attain, maintain, and demonstrate compliance with the GDPR.

  • Improved Visibility into GDPR Compliance Status

    Operational best practices empower privacy leaders to quickly make more informed decisions with greater visibility into areas of risk.

  • Automate Integrated GDPR Compliance Processes

    Reduce the number of disparate systems used to manage GDPR with automation that integrates compliance processes into one solution.

  • Deploy Your GDPR Compliance Process with Confidence

    Deliver a consistent process to help your organization inventory data systems, manage subject requests, and gather proof of compliance. 

  • Enable Privacy Leaders to Make Better Decisions

    Real-time dashboards allow privacy leaders to assess and track the requests and requirements crucial to their initial and ongoing compliance.

  • Maximize ROI With Platform Integrations

    Data Uploader and our flexible API ensure that the Smartsheet platform works for you and drives value.