Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connector

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Deeper Visibility into Dynamics Drives Better Customer Relationships

The Smartsheet for Dynamics 365 Connector enables sales teams to seamlessly hand off customers to customer success teams, efficiently manage and forecast pipelines, and deliver deeper visibility into sales processes and performance for sales leaders.

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Never Drop Another Customer Onboarding

Deploy customers better and faster. Customer success teams know immediately when a deal closes, can assign the right resources, and onboard the customer successfully and on time.

Deeper Visibility into Pipeline and Performance

Bring Dynamics data for teams, territories, and more into Smartsheet and roll it up into executive dashboards for sales leaders. Data stays up to date, automatically, so decision makers always have the information they need.

Increase the Productivity of Your Sales Teams

No more copying and pasting data, manually. Synchronize your Dynamics data to Smartsheet to make bulk updates, set criteria for real-time alerts, and automate repetitive tasks and data entry.

How to Get the Integrations

The Smartsheet for Microsoft 365 Connector lives outside of both the Smartsheet and Dynamics products.

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