Resource Management by Smartsheet

The resource management panel for Smartsheet

Connect your project plans to your resourcing plans through the Resource Management by Smartsheet integration

The Resource Management by Smartsheet integration provides a powerful connection to your staffing plans — directly from Smartsheet — to align strategic resource management with agile project execution.

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    Connect Smartsheet project sheets to Resource Management by Smartsheet to see who's been assigned to the project and their total planned workload.

  • Understand each person’s total availability across all projects for more informed planning throughout the project lifecycle.

  • Resource management

    Create placeholder assignments or request the people you need to complete each deliverable, including detailed notes about the work.

  • staff confidently

    Get a real-time preview of how new assignments or project changes will impact your team's overall capacity.

Resource Management by Smartsheet reduced the workload for resourcing by about 90%.

Amy Burns, Director of Customer Experience, Cornerstone Information Systems