Smartsheet Release Notes

Below you will find the latest brief release notes outlining new features and known bug fixes. If you have questions about a new feature or enhancement, please contact your account representative or visit the Learning Center.


Combine Single- and Multi-Contact Columns in Reports

Reports now combine data from contact columns that share the same name in a single column, regardless of whether they have “Allow multiple contacts per cell” turned on.

Column Descriptions


When sheet owners and admins need to provide column-specific context or instructions to other users, they frequently include this information in the first row of their sheets. But using the top row creates some challenges, such as descriptions showing up unexpectedly in reports or being hidden when a filter is applied.

Column descriptions allow sheet owners and admins to provide custom column descriptions in their sheets while freeing up their top rows.

To add a column description, right click on the column and select Add column description in the column menu. Descriptions can contain up to 250 characters and support url hyperlinks. You can then use the column menu to edit or delete the description.



Anyone with access to the sheet can view a column description, by hovering over the “i” icon in the column header.



To add a column description, right click on the column and pull up the column menu. You will see an option to “Add column description”.


Relative Date-Based Triggers

Building on the date-based workflows we released at ENGAGE’18 in October, which enable customers to trigger alerts and actions based on a user-specified date or the value in a date column, we have added relative date-based triggers. Many of our customers need to send alerts and requests in advance of or as a follow-up to deadlines, milestones, and other important dates, so we’ve added the ability to trigger alerts and actions up to 365 days before or after a specific date or the value in a date column. The options are 1 through 6 days, 1 through 4 weeks, and 30/60/90/180/365 days before or after the selected date.

Example use cases:

  • Send an alert 3 days before a task deadline if the status is not complete

  • Send an update request 2 weeks after a campaign launch to request preliminary results

  • Send an alert to an approver who has still not responded to an approval request 2 days later

  • Send an update request to the team lead 1 day after a ticket submission if no one has been assigned to the ticket

NOTE: The relative date options for sheet-level reminders will not change until reminders transition to the new visual workflow builder (forthcoming). In the meantime, you can create alerts with relative date-based triggers to alert recipients to important dates.


Smartsheet Product Update – October 1, 2018

This week, we hosted customers from around the world at our second-annual Smartsheet ENGAGE customer conference and introduced many new capabilities that empower everyone to transform their work and move their ideas to impact, fast.


Empower Everyone to Move Their Ideas to Impact, Fast

One of the keys to empowerment is enabling everyone to work the way they want, wherever they want, in order to accomplish their goals.


Customers now have the ability to assign or update many people around changes to a particular row by  assigning multiple people to a task, or continue to require the clear ownership of a single contact.


Quickly See and Respond to Comments with @mentions

Be notified when someone left a comment, so you can resolve questions and issues faster by using @mentions in row or sheet-level comments. Now when you @mention anyone who is shared to the sheet in row or sheet level comments, the mentioned user will be notified.

An Easier way to Automate Business Processes

Our new visual workflow builder makes automating alerts and actions even easier and saves you time by automating repetitive tasks.


The workflow builder breaks out the components of each automation rule in a visual and logical manner, so it’s easy for you and other process owners on your team to set up workflows.


Building Key Capabilities to Speed Execution

We’ve also added date-based workflows, which enable you to choose a specific date or select a date column in your sheet to trigger automated alerts and actions.

For example, when a task hits its deadline but the status isn’t marked as complete, you can have Smartsheet automatically ask the task owner to update the status or provide more information in a comment.

Get More Work Done From Anywhere

The barcode scanning capabilities using the Smartsheet mobile app are now incorporated into forms so your team can scan, search, and instantly find and input barcode data from anywhere.

Speed up Your Ability to Get Things Done

Dashboards and Portals now offer additional ways to surface and display relevant information. The new web content widget for dashboards and portals lets you embed, view, and interact with:

  • Tableau and Power BI reports

  • Videos from YouTube and Vimeo

  • Google Docs, Google Slides, and Google Sheets or Microsoft Office 365 Word, PowerPoint, and Excel

  • Google Maps or Bing Maps

  • A form, Smartsheet Calendar App, or a different views of sheet

New Integrations Empower Your Teams to Execute — Without Switching Apps

Often, enterprises must use one platform to plan, track, and execute on work and another to store and report the data required to get it done.

We’ve released Smartsheet for Tableau, which allows users to visualize their Smartsheet data in nearly any version of Tableau and gain deeper insight into the patterns and trends that drive their business.

Synchronize Data Across Business Platforms With New Smartsheet Connectors

Smartsheet Connectors enable non-technical users to automatically connect and sync data between Smartsheet and other business-critical platforms.

Our newest connector, Smartsheet for Microsoft Dynamics 365, helps maximize customer satisfaction by simplifying handoffs from sales to professional services and enabling sales teams to manage their pipelines more efficiently.

We also launched the Smartsheet Data Uploader, which enables you to import data from your enterprise systems in Smartsheet, including your ERP, CRM, or database. With the Data Uploader, you can easily import data from any system that can download to a CSV file, Excel spreadsheet, or Google Sheet, giving you access to previously siloed data.


Jump-Start New Projects and Processes

Smartsheet Accelerators are pre-built solutions that rely on best practices and rapid deployment to get scalable processes up and running quickly.

Our new Accelerator for Customer Engagements, joins our other accelerators for IT PMO, Professional Services, Mergers and Acquisitions.

Solve Work Execution at Scale

One challenge that many of our customers who manage large or complex projects face is the need to share data selectively with vendors, clients, internal and external teams, or across organizations, without collaborators seeing all the information in a sheet.

Dynamic View is a premium app that enables business process owners to provide selective viewing and editing access, so only specific information can be viewed or edited by specific people at specific stages.

Learn More About New Capabilities

Want to learn more ? Explore the new Learning Center, a free, self-service educational resource center for all levels of Smartsheet users.


Smartsheet Product Update – September 13, 2018

Custom Placeholders in Notifications

A new enhancement to our automation features is the ability to customize message and subject placeholders in notifications and requests by dynamically pulling in the appropriate cell data to make the notifications more informative.

Example: I create a sheet to manage a July launch and set up a rule to send an approval request when a task’s status is set to Ready for Approval. I insert a placeholder for the task into the subject line by referring to the column name:

When Phil sets his pricing strategy task status to Ready for Approval, the approval request rule is triggered for that row and replaces the placeholder in the subject line with the row’s actual Task Name: “Pricing Strategy” making the request easier to review and act upon.

Smartsheet Product Update – July 18, 2018

Dashboard Gridlines

New gridlines make it easier to align widgets in dashboards when you’re in edit mode.



Smartsheet Product Update – May 16, 2018

New or updated features in this release include:

1. Active faces in menu bar

Smartsheet will show who else is concurrently viewing a Sheet by displaying each user's profile picture (or icon, if no image is uploaded for a user). Up to four profile pictures/icons will be shown next to the share button along with (when appropriate) "+N", to communicate the number of additional concurrent viewers.


2. Forms menu

The forms button will include a shortcut to creating a new form, as well as a link to manage existing forms and a link to a help video.


3. Captcha option in forms

To prevent malicious activity from bad actors leveraging forms we've added the ability to include optional captcha verification. Any user creating a form can opt to include captcha and the submission of the form will fail if there is not a valid captcha value.



4. Active Refresh change highlights

When an active refresh occurs, the cell(s) that changed will be highlighted so users viewing the sheet notice what changed.


5. Activity Log Data Export

Owners and Admins of sheets, reporst, or dashboards can now request an export of the Activity Log. The user requesting the export will receive the Activity Log contents via email within 1 day.



6.  Bug fixes





Copying a folder with a Dashboard shows an error on charts using non-consecutive columns

Export - PDF/PNG

Printing single row from row actions menu adds extra blank page


Archived Release Notes

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