Smartsheet Release Notes

Below you will find the latest brief release notes outlining new features and known bug fixes. If you have questions about a new feature or enhancement, please contact your account representative or email

Smartsheet Product Update – February 13, 2018

New or updated features in this release include:

1. Charts in Smartsheet Dashboards

First things first, we have renamed Sights to dashboards! Smartsheet dashboards gives your team real-time visibility into work progress so you can make better decisions, faster. New charts widgets let you visualize your sheet data and track progress and trends quicker. You can create stacked line, bar, column, and pie charts.

2. UX Visual Styling Update

We’ve updated the visual styling of Smartsheet by removing color gradients, drop shadows, padding, and border lines. Other changes include:

  • The Sharing tab moved from the bottom of the sheet to the upper right corner.

  • The cell count, sum, and average information moved to a floating tooltip.

  • In reports, the report builder and refresh button moved from the toolbar to the top of the column headers.

  • Custom tab colors have been removed. Existing custom tab colors have been updated to a lighter shade of the background color.

  • Hue shift in the color palette.

  • Email of the user logged in has been removed from the bottom left.

3. Notification Enhancements

Sheet change notifications for Comments now include the face of the person who made the comment.

4. Alerts & Actions Enhancements

The sheet owner and recent Alerts & Actions rule editor will receive an email notification when the following happens:

  • A rule is triggered and the recipient is not allowed to receive the message.

  • A rule is disabled by the system.

5. Browser Notification Badge

A badge and notification count now appears in your browser tab when you have new notifications.

6. Other Enhancements

7. Bug Fixes



Cross-Sheet FormulasCross-sheet formulas will no longer show #ERROR in reports after editing and refreshing the report.
FormsRequired multi-line fields in forms will no longer accept whitespace as submissions.
FormsCloning an existing form that includes a deleted column will now remove the field associated to the deleted column.
FormulasConcatenating large numbers in formulas will successfully concatenate with no unexpected changes to the number in the formula result.
Google IntegrationRows published to Google Calendar can now only be edited in Google Calendar when you click the link in the event description to open the row in Smartsheet.
SearchWhen performing a search and opening the sheet in card view, the end result will select the corresponding card.

Archived Release Notes

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