House Remodel Punchlist

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House Remodel Punchlist

House Remodel Punchlist

Contractors and homeowners can share this sheet to track the last details of a home remodeling project. Customize, prioritize, and set deadlines on every detail to make sure every construction task gets completed.

Template design and key features


Customizable Columns

Show priority tasks with the symbol dropdown
Check off completed tasks
Task Name
Enter tasks in the Primary Column (used for Smartsheet automated emails)
Assign task owners from your Smartsheet contacts
Due Date
Set the task due dates using the date picker
Add a detailed description of each task
Log status details or other brief notes about each task

Collaborative Features

File Attachments
Store sketches, diagrams, & photos
Alerts & Reminders
Set alerts for due dates & sheet changes
Log task details, comments, & notes
Gantt Chart
Enable Gantt view to see a timeline
Calendar View
View & edit tasks in a calendar
Row Hierarchy
Organize tasks into collapsible sections
Collaborate in real-time with your team
Update Requests
Request updates on task status
Web Forms
Collect new rows & take action
Mobile App
View & update your punchlist on the go

Sharing with different access levels


Collaborating on the punchlist with your client


Getting task updates from your contractor


Learning resources