Tips from Support: How to Use Ranges in Smartsheet Formulas


Kelly Anthony

- Aug 26, 2014

Adding formulas into your sheets is one of the handiest ways to automate your work, save time, and eliminate unnecessary hassles. While you update details like financials or event attendees, having the right formulas in the right place on your sheets helps to keep the big picture in sight and communicate the most important details to others.

New Template Gallery, New Templates, Greater Possibilities


Alex Boit

- Aug 23, 2014

At Smartsheet, we’re always looking for ways to expand the possibilities of effective work collaboration. Now you can discover even more ways to get work done with our updated in-app Template Gallery. The improved gallery provides a streamlined look, intuitive functionality, and a host of new templates that you can customize to fit the unique ways you and your team work together.

Collaboration: Taking Mankind to the Depths of the Ocean


Diana Ramos

- Aug 22, 2014

Since 2009, Stockton Rush and his team at OceanGate have strived to develop the most powerful subsea manned submersibles in the market. With the goal of revolutionizing deep-sea exploration, his team of professionals bring expertise covering a wide range of disciplines. From marine engineering to scientific data collection and sampling, they have a handle on developing customizable, safe and quality submersibles.


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