How Smartsheet Uses Smartsheet in Product Development and Sales

by Renee Coulombe

We're committed to helping businesses all around the world work better — including our own. Smartsheet uses Smartsheet every day to improve collaboration, manage work in real time, and make better decisions, faster.  


Smartsheet employees working on a sheet

With rapid company growth, the Smartsheet Sales and Product Development teams needed to rethink various workflows in order to scale efficiently and effectively.

See how they developed solutions using the Smartsheet work execution platform to plan, track, and manage complex processes.

Streamline Onboarding to Accelerate Sales Readiness

With hundreds of salespeople, the Smartsheet sales team needed to develop an onboarding environment that could be deployed quickly and provide new hires with a library of content that was easily accessible.

Smartsheet Control Center allowed them to create a scalable solution that is easily repeatable and free of manual data error, housing all training materials in one sheet. By adopting this solution, they cut sales rep onboarding time by 98 percent, transforming an hour-long, manual setup process into one that takes only a minute.

Watch the full ENGAGE’18 session video to learn more about how our Sales team builds, tracks, and manages each new hire onboarding experience:  

Innovate Project Processes to Scale

With company expansion and over 500 percent growth in project management requests, our Product Development team needed to adapt work processes so they could scale effectively.

Watch this ENGAGE’18 session video to see how they push the boundaries of the Smartsheet platform to accomplish amazing things, from managing their backlog, sprints, and releases, to planning our entire roadmap: