Why Construction Companies Turn to Digital Platforms

by Stephen Danos

As the construction industry powers through the early stages of digital transformation, software companies are building new platforms, applications, and other technology tools to help with the transition. These digital platforms and software solutions are used to manage work orders, design processes, material inventory, equipment, productivity tracking, contracts, documents, and much more.

Why is the industry shifting to digital solutions? While there are multiple answers to this question, McKinsey & Company estimates that large construction projects run up to 80 percent over budget and 20 percent over time. Everyone involved in construction projects feels these pain points, from investors to program managers, and some are stepping up to take action.

Invest in a Reliable Work Execution Platform

Innovative industry leaders build repeatable process and project workflows using work execution platforms, such as Smartsheet, that empower them to effectively report, analyze, and evolve through a combination of dashboards, automated actions and approvals, and real-time data collection through forms.

And there’s an increasing need for workers to access these capabilities for reliable project visibility and collaborate using their mobile devices. In a customer survey conducted by Smartsheet through TechValidate, 83 percent of respondents said that mobile technology was either very important or important to their construction business.

Construction project managers and contractors need improved access to centralized information, including project deadlines and hard budget targets, through the tablets and smartphones they use on site and back at the office.

Learn How Construction Companies Use Smartsheet

There are several other trends in the construction industry that propel companies forward through digital transformation. Click here to learn how the Smartsheet work execution platform helps construction companies boost profits and increase project efficiency, and other ways it’s used as a solution.