5 keys to a successful no-code enterprise

by Gene Farrell

Editor’s note: In this article, Smartsheet Chief Strategy and Product Officer Gene Farrell shares details about Smartsheet Advance, and why it will help organizations succeed during the era of the no-code enterprise.

In our ENGAGE: ALL IN keynote today, we introduced the idea of the no-code enterprise, which empowers everyone to keep up with the pace of work today and have a true impact on their business. We also announced Smartsheet Advance, which completely reinvents how Smartsheet premium capabilities are packaged to make it easier to create and run a no-code enterprise.

Introducing Smartsheet Advance

Smartsheet Advance completely reinvents how Smartsheet premium capabilities are packaged to make it easier to create and run a no-code enterprise. So, how does it work? 

Today, most customers start by licensing our core work management platform with either a Business or Enterprise plan. These plans offer our core dynamic work functionality including project, program, and process management, project intake, collaboration, automation, content management, and executive visibility through dashboards and reports.

And customers on Enterprise plans will continue to have the ability to build easy-to-navigate web and mobile apps in a few minutes through WorkApps. They’ll also have access to single sign-on (SSO), a streamlined login authentication method, Directory Integration to simplify user and group management, and brand identity management and custom email domains to ensure consistency of look and feel.

When customers are ready to expand solutions with premium capabilities, that’s where Smartsheet Advance offers:

  • Process management at scale through Control Center
  • Management of secure requests with Dynamic View
  • Integration into systems of record like Jira and Salesforce with Data Connections
  • Intelligent workflows to automate business processes across platforms with Bridge
  • Multi-level security including around-the-clock monitoring, physical security, data encryption, and user authentication
  • Powerful governance and administration capabilities through Admin Center

Smartsheet Advance is also designed to work seamlessly with Smartsheet’s resource management and digital asset management offerings that empower customers to deploy skill-based Resource Management through 10,000ft by Smartsheet and manage the full lifecycle of their digital assets with Brandfolder.

Smartsheet Advance offers three levels of capabilities bundles, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, designed to meet our customer’s needs at each stage of the journey toward creating a no-code enterprise. 

  • Smartsheet Advance Silver includes a majority of our premium products allowing customers to unlock additional use cases including process and program management at scale, automating data import, request management, and targeted data access.
  • Smartsheet Advance Gold includes everything in Silver and adds intelligent workflows and connectors allowing customers to connect Smartsheet to other systems of record.
  • Smartsheet Advance Platinum includes everything in Silver and Gold and adds advanced compliance, security, and governance controls for Enterprises that need additional levels of control and protection while running their business on Smartsheet.

5 keys to your success

So why launch Smartsheet Advance? We’ve identified five key themes that have emerged from conversations with thousands of customers that I’d like to share with you today. As you and your organization start your journey toward building a no-code enterprise, consider the following essentials for success — and learn about what we’ve recently released to help you accomplish this:

1. Deliver modern and engaging experiences

No business process will be successful without active engagement from everyone involved. So we’re investing heavily to modernize the Smartsheet experience and make it more engaging than ever.

In April, we took the first step in our journey toward delivering a completely reimagined user experience, and shared the new Smartsheet experience with you, along with our thinking behind the changes

We’ve also been listening to solution builders, who have told us they needed an easy way to package solutions to get stakeholders to engage. And that’s why we built WorkApps, our no-code app builder that empowers anyone to build easy-to-navigate web and mobile apps in a few minutes, without writing a single line of code.

Our customers have built more than 30,000 WorkApps to streamline their businesses and simplify collaboration since this feature debuted earlier this year.

You can learn more about how customers use WorkApps in our article 4 ways Smartsheet customers make work easier with WorkApps.

2. Execute at scale

Next you need to be able to execute at scale. You have to make sure the tools and platforms you deploy support where your business is today, and where you need to be to build a no-code enterprise. This is an area that Smartsheet has been investing in for years, and continues to build on:

  • With Control Center, you can automatically set up new projects and processes using standard components, easily automate workflows and reporting, and make changes across your entire portfolio with Global Updates.
  • Dynamic View enables secure request management at scale by giving you an easy way to control what information gets shared without hindering the collaboration required to quickly execute work.
  • 10,000ft resource management capability gives customers real-time visibility and insights into their people to help them transform how they manage talent across teams and projects.
  • Brandfolder, the #1 rated digital asset management (DAM) system helps you manage and distribute creative assets. And with Brandfolder integrated directly into Smartsheet, it’s never been easier to store, share, and track all of your digital content.
  • Baselines allows you to track how teams are performing against project plans. With Baselines, project owners can easily map planned against actual dates and quickly identify deviations across an entire portfolio of projects.
  • Data Shuttle is our answer to customers requesting an easy way to pull data out of Smartsheet, so we launched the next generation of Data Uploader called Data Shuttle last month. Data Shuttle allows you to upload data into Smartsheet from other platforms, and then export the data back into those platforms so you can create a centralized source of truth and make confident, real-time decisions.
  • Available later this year, Smartsheet Work Insights will automatically analyze business data and provides a curated set of metrics that allow process and project owners to quickly and easily get a deep understanding of how long things are taking, which groups are doing better than others, and time-series, which shows how key metrics are changing over time. With Work Insights, you spend less time trying to find data and more time analyzing data to gain deeper insights and ultimately make faster, data-driven decisions. 
  • Modern workflow manager will be a completely reimagined experience for creating and managing automated workflows, and I’m excited to share more on that soon.

3. Require enterprise-class management and security

You also need enterprise-class management, security, compliance, and governance capabilities that are required to protect your company’s information. 

The Smartsheet platform was built from the ground up with strict security requirements and protocols to secure your data and give you control of user access to safely share information inside and outside of your organization. And today, we announced new security, governance, and compliance capabilities to do even more for our customers including: a partnership with McAfee, Data Retention Controls, Smartsheet Regions, and more

You can learn more about our announcements in our article: New security, governance, and compliance announcements from ENGAGE: ALL IN.

4. Connect with a broad ecosystem

You need a platform that provides a broad ecosystem of enterprise workflows and deep integrations needed to build solutions across your entire stack. We have integrations with industry-leading platforms including Adobe, Atlassian, McAfee, Salesforce, ServiceNow, and Workday, as well as integrations with popular productivity tools like Box, Dropbox, Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, and Slack.

And today we announced some new and expanded integrations we’ve been working on:

  • DocuSign: Available today in our document builder, our DocuSign integration allows you to create documents, send them for signatures, and track signing status all from within Smartsheet.
  • Lucidspark: Lucidspark is a cloud-based virtual whiteboard. The Lucidspark Cards for Smartsheet integration will enable users to brainstorm ideas, and then make those ideas actionable by automatically turning them into tasks, deliverables, and project plans in Smartsheet.
  • UIPath: Using UIPath, Smartsheet customers will be able to automate things like updating sheets and rows, accessing attachments, and updating comments, as well as automatically gathering updates and data from other productivity systems. 

We’ve also added some exciting new integrations with Bridge by Smartsheet. Bridge makes it easy to build intelligent workflows that automate business processes across platforms without requiring code.

  • Google Translate will allow you to build workflows that translate text from other systems. 
  • Accuweather will enable you to get weather forecasts and alerts automatically populated into your planning systems. 
  • FedEx will enable automated shipment status updates.
  • Coming soon, our ServiceNow integration will allow you to build workflows that trigger when ServiceNow incidents are created, updated, or deleted. 

5. Grow with a partner you can trust

Finally, you need a partner you can trust who is easy to work with, has the ability to support use cases across your organization, and is constantly innovating to help you achieve your business goals. We’re always listening and working to provide our customers with what they need to succeed, which is why I’m excited to share all of our new capabilities and Smartsheet Advance with you today.  

We’re really excited about what this new offering means for our current and future customers. To learn more about how Smartsheet and Smartsheet Advance can help you transform your company into a no-code enterprise, visit us at