Free Call Tracking Templates

Smartsheet Contributor Diana Ramos

Feb 11, 2021

Keep track of sales and service calls with the most useful free templates in PDF and Microsoft Excel and Word formats. All of the templates on this page are ready to use, free to download, and fully customizable to support your business needs.

Included on this page, you’ll find a sales call tracking template, a cold call tracking sheet, a customer service call spreadsheet, and links to client call logs, sales report templates, and sales lead trackers.

Sales Call Tracking Sheet Template

Sales Call Tracking Sheet Template

This sales call tracking sheet template provides two spreadsheets: one for tracking phone calls to individual customers and one for comparing your total monthly calls and sales to your target goals. Keep track of sales you’ve completed, contact information, follow-up actions, and sale values, and set daily, weekly, or monthly goals and see how your actual calls and sales measure up. Use the template with current customers or with new leads when building your pipeline.

Download Sales Call Tracking Sheet Template

Microsoft Excel | Smartsheet

Daily Call Tracking Sheet Template

Daily Call Tracking Sheet Template

Designed for documenting all communication that occurs on a single day, this call tracking form template includes columns for the time, duration, description, and necessary actions regarding each call. Customize the template by adding, removing, or renaming columns to suit your needs — for example, add columns to keep track of sales data, client status, or additional contact information. Use this sheet for tracking inbound or outbound phone calls.

Download Daily Call Tracking Sheet Template

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Cold Call Tracking Sheet Template

Cold Case Tracking Sheet Template

This template offers an outbound call tracking spreadsheet, along with a chart to help you visualize call data. Enter weekly goals for completing calls, making contacts, and setting appointments, and keep track of daily and weekly numbers to see if you are meeting or exceeding your goals. The template will automatically calculate the percentage of calls you convert to contacts and appointments — use this information to determine whether you need to increase your calls or simply adjust your cold calling strategy or script.

Download Cold Call Tracking Sheet Template

Microsoft Excel | PDF

Customer Service Call Tracking Template with Dashboard

Customer Service Call Tracking Template with Dashboard

Keep track of customer service calls and call center performance with this dashboard template, which shows important KPIs for each customer service representative, including the number of calls answered and the average length of each call. The template also calculates total calls and the overall abandon rate over a one-week period. You’ll find two tabs in this template -— one with example stats to illustrate how the dashboard works and one with a blank version to enter your data.

Download Customer Service Call Tracking Template with Dashboard —  Microsoft Excel

Customer Service Phone Call Tracking Spreadsheet Template

Customer Service Spreadsheet Template

Use this phone call tracking sheet template to document customer service cases. For each call, enter the case ID number, the duration of the call, details about the customer, a description of the call, and the actions to take. Quickly find previous calls by searching for a specific case number or customer name. Customize the spreadsheet for your business by adding your company logo and any additional information you want to track. 

Download Customer Service Phone Call Tracking Spreadsheet Template

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More Resources for Sales Planning and Tracking

Find templates for tracking sales leads, managing your sales pipeline, developing a sales funnel, and creating monthly and annual sales reports in our article that covers sales planning tips and templates. You’ll also find information on the benefits of sales planning, as well as challenges and best practices. In addition, check out a variety of free call log templates, with PDF and Microsoft Excel and Word options available.

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