Free Bar and Liquor Inventory Templates

By Kate Eby | December 5, 2022

We’ve collected the top bar and liquor inventory templates in Excel and Google Sheets, all of which are free to download and customize. Each template includes a brief description to help you decide which one is right for you.

On this page you will find a bar inventory template with sample data, a liquor inventory template, a beer and wine inventory template, and information on how to create a bar inventory spreadsheet.

Bar Inventory Template with Sample Data

Bar Inventory Template with Sample Data

Download a Blank Bar Inventory Template for 
Excel | Google Sheets

Download a Bar Inventory Template with Sample Data for 
Excel | Google Sheets

Use this template to capture all of the bar inventory data for your establishment. Enter brand information, unit size, cost, and inventory location for each beverage type to get a complete view of your inventory and ordering needs. This template is customizable to fit your specific requirements so that you can operate at peak efficiency and ensure your stock on hand is exactly what your business needs.

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Liquor Inventory Template

Liquor Inventory Template

Download a Liquor Inventory Template for 
Excel | Google Sheets 

Bartenders and bar managers can use this liquor inventory template to track stock on hand and maintain sound ordering practices. Sort content by brand, product name, cost per unit, or amount on hand to get a clear look at your liquor inventory needs. Use this robust template to ensure your bar is fully stocked and ready to meet your customers’ needs.

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Beer and Wine Inventory Template

Beer and Wine Inventory Template

Download a Beer and Wine Inventory Template for 
Excel | Google Sheets 

Tavern and bar owners and operators can use this customizable template to develop a comprehensive look at their beverage inventory. Focused solely on beer and wine products, this template is ideal for tracking and sorting your entire inventory to ensure your operation runs smoothly and efficiently. 

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How to Create a Bar Inventory Spreadsheet

Designing an effective bar inventory spreadsheet requires you to analyze your bar or restaurant’s physical storage, collect inventory data, and establish pricing and pour sizing. The more data you include without overwhelming the inventory process, the better your purchasing decisions. 

Organize your inventory system by location to simplify counts and to break the task of doing inventory into manageable workloads. Common locations include the front bar, back bar, beer cooler, wine room, and storage. Organize each location’s inventory by product type, size, style, and vendor.

Using a comprehensive inventory spreadsheet template makes it easier and cost-effective to manage your bar’s inventory. A clear inventory management strategy assures that you always have the right products on hand, and it makes ordering and planning simple.

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