Free PDF Expense Report Templates and Forms

By Andy Marker | January 3, 2023

We’ve compiled a collection of the most helpful free PDF expense report templates and forms for recording business expenses and ensuring that employers reimburse team members in a timely fashion. 

Included on this page, you’ll find a simple printable expense report form, a business expense sheet, an employee expense report with mileage template, and a monthly expense report template. Plus, find helpful tips on using these templates.

Simple Printable Expense Report Form 

Simple Printable Expense Report Form

Download the Simple Printable Expense Report Form for Adobe PDF  

This basic printable expense report template simplifies the expense reporting process for employees and ensures that managers can issue reimbursement quickly. For each expense, enter the date, description, and type (e.g., lodging, travel, fuel or mileage). Enter the cost for each item, along with any advances, to calculate the total reimbursement amount, or print out the template to perform the calculations by hand. Whether you fill out this PDF template online or print a hard copy to submit to your manager, this easy-to-use template will help you streamline your expense reporting procedure. 

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Business Expense Sheet 

Business Expense Sheet

Download the Business Expense Sheet for Adobe PDF

Proactively track all of your business expenses with this business expense sheet for Adobe PDF. For each expense, enter its date, description, category, and amount. The template’s Total column keeps a running tally of your total reimbursement amount. The template will calculate the subtotal of your expenses and subtract any advances you enter to provide your total reimbursement amount. Be sure to attach receipts to your expense report to ensure timely reimbursement. 

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Employee Expense Report with Mileage Template

Employee Expense Report with Mileage Template

Download the Employee Expense Report with Mileage Template for Adobe PDF

Designed to track costs for business-related mileage or travel, this employee expense report with mileage template is the perfect tool for recording every mile or kilometer you travel. Under the template’s Mileage column, track each day’s traveled distance. Tally the total mileage of your trip, as well as any other transportation expenses you’ve listed, in the Transport/Mileage field at the top-right corner of the form.

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Monthly Expense Report Template 

Monthly Expense Report Template

Download the Monthly Expense Report Template for Adobe PDF

Use this template’s unique month-by-month tabs to provide a comprehensive, multi-month account of all your reimbursable business expenses. While monthly tabs help you provide greater detail of each month’s accrued expenditures, this template’s main Monthly Expense Report tab allows you to keep a running tally of your monthly and total expenditures. You can adjust this completely customizable template to create different expense categories and get reimbursements for every business-related expense quickly.  

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