Free Marketing Project Management Templates

Deliver successful projects, from concept to completion, with the help of free marketing project management templates. The selection of customizable templates below includes Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, PDF, and Smartsheet options.

You’ll find a marketing project management plan template, a project management checklist, a marketing dashboard template, as well as expert tips on marketing management practices and tools.

By Joe Weller Updated February 8, 2021

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Marketing Project Management Checklist

Edit this checklist template to aid with project planning. Break down steps for a single campaign, use it as a starting point for brainstorming content, or create a list of questions to hone your marketing strategy. The template includes sample questions for initiating a new marketing project. Assign owners, specify deadlines, and track progress for each item on the list. 

Marketing Project Management Spreadsheet Template

Manage project tasks, timeline, and budget with this spreadsheet template. Break down a project plan into a list of prioritized tasks and keep track of owners, deadlines, and costs for each item. Use the template to compare projected and actual dates for starting and completing tasks, as well as estimated versus final expenses. Total costs appear at the top of the template. Customize the template by adding or removing spreadsheet columns to suit your specific marketing project.

Marketing Project Management Dashboard

Get a dashboard view of your marketing campaign, including individual tasks, project schedule, and overall progress. The project timeline appears as a Gantt chart, while other bar charts track budget resources and pending items. A pie chart summarizes how your project is proceeding based on the total number of tasks that are in progress, complete, or overdue. Project status appears at the top of the template. The dashboard allows you to manage important details while getting a quick snapshot of project performance.

Marketing ROI Calculator Template

Determine the return on investment (ROI) for marketing initiatives by calculating the revenue generated from your marketing content minus the amount spent creating the content. Enter the total initiative cost, total circulation, response rate, and other inputs shown in the top portion of the template. Outputs are shown below, including the number of leads generated, number of sales, ROI, and break-even profit per sale. Compare multiple initiatives to inform marketing strategy and budget decisions.

Sample Marketing Project Report Template

This sample project report provides separate tabs for analyzing reach, visits, leads, customers, and conversion rates. Create a comprehensive online marketing report, compiling data for your website, social media, email marketing, and other digital content. The sample data illustrates how charts will appear on each tab, providing a visual summary of data over the course of a year. Use the report to communicate with stakeholders and guide your digital marketing management.

Content Marketing Workflow Template

Designed for content marketing project management, this workflow template includes process steps, workflow tasks, responsible parties for executing and approving each task, and due dates. Create a workflow for each content area you are managing to standardize the process, promote accountability, and identify issues that need to be resolved. Combine this template with a content marketing workflow checklist to ensure you cover all the necessary steps.

Marketing Project Timeline Template

Choose from a Microsoft Excel or PowerPoint version of this timeline template. Both formats display a list of activities in a spreadsheet where you can document task status, owner, and duration. The timeline appears on a Gantt chart, and the PowerPoint template includes symbols for highlighting milestones, risks, and items that are ahead of schedule. Create a visual timeline to keep your marketing project on track.

Social Media Marketing Schedule with Dashboard

This template features a social media marketing schedule and a dashboard for tracking posts per week and per social platform, along with content types. Plan your social media posts across multiple channels for each day of the week. Create the schedule based on your social strategy plan. See the other templates in our collection for strategic planning and social media marketing management.

Marketing Campaign Management Template Set

Establish a well defined process to manage, track and visualize your marketing campaigns - all in one place.

  • Manage and provide visibility to all campaigns, their development status, and key performance metrics
  • Provide leadership, managers and individual contributors with access to key insights via real-time dashboard
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Expert Tips on Marketing Project Management

You can reap many benefits from having a structured process for marketing project management. Learn more about best practices and common challenges, as well as how to improve performance, by reading our comprehensive marketing project management guide. We also offer an instructional guide on how to pick marketing project management tools and software, along with key project manager skills to master in order to successfully direct complex marketing projects. For more free template options, see this compilation of marketing project plan templates.

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