Free Project Milestone Templates

By Kate Eby | January 6, 2020

This article sources the best, most useful templates to help you identify, manage, and track your next project. You’ll find templates in a wide variety of formats, including Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and PDF.

Included on this page, you'll find a project milestone template, a project timeline with milestones template, a milestone list template, and many more helpful templates.

Project Milestone Template

Project Milestone Template

Track each project milestone, both on a visual timeline and on a static chart, with this detailed project milestone template. Identify who is assigned to each task, the status of each task, and any comments that accompany those tasks. Use the status key to see which tasks have yet to be started, which are on hold, and which are in progress. 

Download Project Milestone Template - Excel

Project Timeline with Milestones Template

Project Timeline with Milestone Template

Map out your project and each individual task across a predetermined timeline with this project timeline with milestones template. Show each task across a certain timeline, such as by month, quarter, or year, so you can get an accurate portrayal of the work left to be completed. Point out specific milestones that your team needs to hit in order to maintain the project timeline.

Download Project Timeline with Milestones Template - Excel 

Acquisition Milestone Schedule Template

Acquisition Milestone Schedule Template

Plan out every important milestone associated with your business acquisition. This template offers columns to identify and document milestones, start and end dates, and additional comments, so you can be confident that your acquisition — and all of its necessary actions — will be taken seriously.

Download Acquisition Milestone Schedule Template - Excel 

Milestone Roadmap Template

Milestone Roadmap Template

Create a visual roadmap to better manage and track all project milestones with this milestone roadmap template. Break down each milestone by quarter, and use the status key to view the status of each milestone (e.g., planning, approved, developed, or launched). Stay on top of your project by knowing which milestones you’ve reached (and which ones you have yet to hit) with this helpful template.

Download Milestone Roadmap Template

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Project Milestone Tracker Template

Project Milestone Tracker Template

With this project milestone tracker template, you can track all of the milestones associated with your project, campaign, or launch to ensure a timely delivery. Document each milestone in a linear format, identify its priority level and deadline, and assign a team member to each task required to hit each milestone. You can even document how much time and money each deliverable will cost.

Download Project Milestone Tracker Template - Excel 

Company Milestone Template

Company Milestone Template

Keep your entire company on track and give everyone visibility into in-progress milestones with this company milestone template. Deliver a high-level overview of the key milestones in each project, so both internal and external stakeholders can see how projects are progressing.

Download Company Milestone Template

Excel | Word | PDF

Milestone Trend Analysis Template

Milestone Trend Analysis Template

With this milestone trend analysis template, you can compare planned-versus-actual milestone dates to see how you’re tracking overall and to improve future planning efforts. Plot your milestones, planned deliverable dates, and the actual deliverable dates to determine which milestones you hit, which you didn’t, and whether or not you need to adjust the way you identify deadlines.

Download Milestone Trend Analysis Template - Excel

Milestone List Template

Milestone List Template

Use this milestone list template to document all of your milestones, determine whether or not they need to be hit, track their completion dates, and indicate who approved each milestone. Track the number of milestones in your project and assign resources appropriately using this simple template.

Download Milestone List Template

Excel | PDF

Plan of Action with Milestones Template

Plan of Action with Milestones Template

With this plan of action with milestones template, you can plan your project by identifying actions and goals, and then listing and tracking your milestones simultaneously. Determine who is responsible for each task that leads up to each milestone, track status, and update start and end dates with this comprehensive template.

Download Plan of Action with Milestones Template - Excel

Multi-Stage Timeline Template

Multi Stage Timeline with Milestones Template

When your project, campaign, or launch is comprised of multiple stages, use this template to break down your assignment into smaller parts, so you can better identify milestones — and all the tasks associated with each one. Give high-level insight into how milestones define your project, and use this information as the basis for tracking how your project progresses and mitigating any issues that might arise. 

Download Multi-Stage Timeline Template

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