Free Product Launch Checklist Templates

By Joe Weller | October 6, 2021

We’ve rounded up the top product launch checklist templates, all free to download, as well as tips on launching a successful product.

Included on this page, you’ll find a launch plan checklist with Gantt chart, a new product checklist template, and a marketing product launch checklist. You’ll also learn what to include in a launch checklist and find tips for a successful product launch.

Product Launch Plan Checklist

Product Launch Plan Checklist

Download Product Launch Plan Checklist

Microsoft Excel  | Smartsheet

This template combines a spreadsheet checklist with a Gantt chart, which you can use to create a detailed launch plan with a visual timeline. The template includes example product launch categories and tasks, which are differentiated by color on the weekly timeline. Enter start and end dates for each task on the Gantt chart to populate the calendar, and use the included drop-down menus to track the priority and status of each activity. Mark items as in progress, on hold, overdue, or completed.

New Product Launch Checklist Template

New Product Launch Checklist Template

Download New Product Launch Checklist Template

Microsoft Excel | Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF

Edit this new product launch list to include all activities required for your specific product launch. Include descriptions of each task, and assign owners and due dates. Use the check boxes to mark an item as in progress or completed, and stay organized with the pre-divided sections for launch phase and activity type. Break down each category into subtasks for a detailed launch checklist.

Software Product Launch Checklist

Software Product Launch Checklist

Download Software Product Launch Checklist — Microsoft Excel

Whether you’re creating a SaaS or another type of software product, this spreadsheet-style checklist provides an example list of items to complete before the official launch. Items range from market analysis and a soft launch to product testing and customer surveys. Modify the template to create a customized version tailored to your product launch. The template includes space to list tasks, assigned owners, deadlines, and task status. Use the check boxes to clearly mark completed items.

Marketing Product Launch Checklist Template

Marketing Product Launch Checklist Template

Download Marketing Product Launch Checklist Template

Microsoft Excel | Google Sheets 

Use this checklist template to break down your marketing plan in preparation for a product launch. This template includes example marketing categories, such as positioning and messaging, website, social media, and PR. Keep track of progress and completion status for all tasks, as well as the person responsible, the time frame, and the marketing channel. Add or remove template columns depending on the information you want to track.

Product Launch To-Do List Template

Product Launch To Do List Template

Download Product Launch To-Do List Template

Microsoft Excel | Adobe PDF

Use this simple to-do list template to organize and track product launch tasks. Prioritize each activity and keep track of planned and actual completion dates. Use the task-specific check boxes to quickly view completion status, easily identify the team member(s) responsible for each item, and add comments when the checklist is updated or needs clarification.

Product Launch PowerPoint Checklist Template

Product Launch PowerPoint Checklist Template

Download Product Launch PowerPoint Checklist Template — Microsoft PowerPoint

Use this PowerPoint checklist to illustrate the current status of product launch activities. List task names, add brief descriptions, and choose a color-coded status for each task. Combine this checklist with a product launch roadmap and timeline to demonstrate how your pre-launch, launch, and post-launch strategies fit together.

Product Launch Event Planning Checklist

Product Launch Event Planning Checklist Template

Download Product Launch Event Planning Checklist

Microsoft Word | Adobe PDF  | Smartsheet

Plan a successful product launch event with this thorough checklist template, which contains a rough timeline that shows how many weeks in advance you need to schedule each task. Example activities cover the planning process from start to finish, from establishing event goals to collecting and analyzing attendee data. This template is designed for virtual or hybrid launch events and can easily be modified for in-person events, including trade shows.

Product Launch FAQ

Why Use a Product Launch Plan Checklist?

You gain some obvious benefits from compiling tasks in a to-do list, such as prioritizing steps in a process, tracking progress, and the satisfaction of marking things off your list. For events as complex as a product launch, breaking down your plan into manageable pieces can mean the difference between a successful launch and a disorganized disaster. 

As such, a product launch checklist provides multiple functions: planning, tracking, and communication. Creating the checklist helps you think through and prepare for all of the elements required for your launch, including processes, activities, assets, and potential errors or setbacks. The list provides clarity for teams and stakeholders and also helps product managers coordinate the many moving parts involved in a product launch.

What Should I Include in a Product Launch Checklist?

A product launch is a lengthy process that includes market research and product development, positioning and go-to-market strategy, and marketing materials and sales enablement. Your checklist should include all tasks and content required to bring your product to market and execute a successful launch. Here are some examples of to-do items you can include on the list:

  • Conduct market research and develop buyer personas.
  • Analyze competition and define your unique selling proposition.
  • Write a positioning statement.
  • Determine your pricing structure and package design.
  • Create an order-fulfillment plan.
  • Create a go-to-market strategy plan.
  • Create an internal communications plan.
  • Define goals for your product launch and how you will measure performance.
  • Produce promotional content for social media and other online marketing.
  • Create all product support documentation.
  • Prepare sales and customer service teams.
  • Implement a method for collecting feedback from customers.
  • Post-launch, evaluate the results and make adjustments for future launches.

The list above is a brief example of the types of tasks that you might further divide into action steps on your checklist. Also include any pertinent information you want to track, such as due dates, priority, responsible parties, and task status.

What Is a Product Launch Checklist Template?

A product launch checklist template saves time by providing you with a preformatted, customizable list of items to complete. A template provides a consistent foundation to work from, based on what has worked well with previous launches; from there, you can edit the checklist as needed for each new product. Whether you use a simple to-do list or a more functional spreadsheet, a checklist template complements other planning tools, such as roadmap software and Gantt chart timelines.

Product Launch Tips

Use these tips to help you successfully navigate the product launch process:

  • Communicate Regularly with Stakeholders and Your Product Team: Schedule regular meetings to keep stakeholders updated, boost team morale, and get input from team members to inform your marketing choices.
  • Make Your Checklist Template Easily Accessible: Once you have developed a checklist template with tasks — and successfully launched your product — save the template and share it so that others in your organization can follow the same standards.
  • Create High-Quality, Measureable, Relevant Content: The assets you include in your product launch need to impact customers and provide useful data, whether you’re measuring performance by traffic, engagement, sales and conversions, or other metrics. Plan the content materials for your launch carefully and use them strategically. You want to draw customers in with hints and teasers, and then blow them away on launch day.
  • Focus Your Messaging on Why the Product Is Essential and Valuable to Customers Right Now: What makes your product stand out, and how will it help your target customers? Positioning your product means more than just naming features. Customers need clear reasons for why they should invest in your product and how it will benefit them.
  • Plan Ahead for Contingencies: Creating a plan well in advance is necessary for any product launch. Include contingencies so that you are as prepared as possible for any issues that might arise. Advance planning will help you stay on course and navigate any bumps that come up as you move toward the launch date.
  • Know When to Delay a Product Launch: Sometimes, you simply have to delay a launch. For example, when major events occur — whether on a local or broader scale — customer priorities may change, which pulls their attention away from your product. In this scenario, you might delay the launch until your target audience is more available for and interested in your offering.

    Additionally, you might also delay product launch if your product needs more work to be ready for market and provide the best user experience. Finally, if an issue comes up with a current product that affects a large number of customers, resolve that situation and restore customer satisfaction before introducing a new product.

Learn more in our comprehensive guide to product marketing and our article on new product development.

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