Free Project Kickoff Templates and Checklists

By Kate Eby | August 23, 2021

We’ve collected the top project kickoff templates to help ensure a successful project launch. Download free kickoff checklists, meeting templates, and other planning and presentation tools in a variety of formats.

Included on this page, you’ll find a pre-project kickoff checklist, a kickoff meeting agenda template, a kickoff presentation template and an email announcement. You’ll also get access to our in-depth guide to project kickoffs.

Pre-Project Kickoff Checklist Template




Use this pre-project kickoff checklist to prep a project and support a successful kickoff meeting. The template includes example steps for project managers to follow, from reviewing the project charter and confirming project funding to preparing a communications plan and addressing meeting logistics. This simple checklist template helps you with organization and accountability, and it provides an easy way to track important details. Edit the sample text to create a customized kickoff checklist for your project.

Download Pre-Project Kickoff Checklist Template

Microsoft Word | Google Docs

Project Kickoff Meeting Checklist

Project Kickoff Meeting Checklist Template



This project kickoff meeting template provides a list of tasks that you need to complete during the meeting. Use the template as an example outline to create your own kickoff checklist. Include key topics, questions, and tasks, such as assigning meeting roles and defining ground rules. Some project managers also include checklist items related to building team morale as a reminder to encourage enthusiasm for the upcoming project.

Download Project Kickoff Meeting Checklist

Microsoft Word | Google Docs

Kickoff Meeting Minutes Template

Kickoff Meeting Minutes Template

Download Kickoff Meeting Minutes Template

Microsoft Word | Smartsheet

Record meeting minutes and document attendance with this project kickoff template. The template includes sections for a list of agenda items (and the time allotment for each), action items with due dates, and follow-up plans for additional meetings. Example agenda items include an introduction, meeting rules, project objectives, roles and responsibilities, and potential issues. List the team member responsible for meeting minutes at the top of the template along with the location, date, and time.

Project Kickoff Meeting Agenda Template

Project Kickoff Meeting Agenda Template

Use this project kickoff agenda template to create a detailed meeting plan. The agenda is separated into sections with rows for subtopics, and each agenda item shows the estimated time required to keep meetings on track. In addition, you can document meeting attendees along with their project roles and contact information. The agenda includes sections for questions and next steps, with lines to add action items, assigned owners, and follow-up dates. Modify the template to create a customized kickoff agenda for your project.

Download Project Kickoff Meeting Agenda Template

Microsoft Word | Google Docs | Smartsheet

Project Kickoff Presentation Template

Project Kickoff Presentation Template

Download Project Kickoff Presentation Template

Microsoft PowerPoint | Google Slides

Put together an effective presentation with this project kickoff deck template. The template includes slides for a project overview, approach and methodology, a RACI matrix for roles and responsibilities, communication requirements, risk management, and next steps. A roadmap timeline slide illustrates the project schedule with color-coded project phases and key milestones. The template provides a mix of visual and text elements to keep audience members engaged.

Project Kickoff Whiteboard Template

Project Kickoff Whiteboard Template

This template is formatted like a whiteboard that you can use during a project kickoff meeting. Add topics and questions to each section on the board, such as project background, objectives, scope, roles and responsibilities, timeline, communications, and action items. Edit and add notes to each area as the meeting progresses. In addition to facilitating kickoff meetings, use this template for brainstorming sessions, project planning, or organizing tasks.

Download Project Kickoff Whiteboard Template

Microsoft PowerPoint | Google Slides

Kickoff Announcement Email Template

Kickoff Announcement Email Template

Download Kickoff Announcement Email Template — Microsoft Word

Use this internal project kickoff meeting template as a basic guide for creating your own email invitation. Keep the message brief, and cover the primary meeting objectives, as well as the date, time, and location. Attach the meeting agenda so that all attendees can review the meeting plan and formulate questions in advance. This initial email serves as a formal project announcement and an opportunity to generate enthusiasm among team members. If you are planning a kickoff meeting with external clients, modify the message to include any items that the client needs to prepare or questions that they need to address before the meeting.

Kickoff Project Timeline Template

Kickoff Project Timeline Template

Create a high-level project timeline with milestones to use as part of a kickoff presentation or meeting. Highlight project phases and key milestones to help the project team understand the delivery time frame. The template offers a monthly timeline with a clean design, which makes it easy for you to view the project schedule without getting bogged down by details. This simple template assists with project planning, tracking, and communicating with stakeholders.

Download Kickoff Project Timeline Template

Microsoft Excel | Smartsheet

What Is a Project Kickoff?

A project kickoff occurs at the end of project planning, but before work begins. It is often the first opportunity for stakeholders and team members to establish shared expectations, ask questions, and discuss solutions related to project outcomes and milestones. 

You may hold a kickoff meeting for internal stakeholders and team members only, or you may include clients or consultants. In either case, the kickoff meeting provides a forum for the team to define project purpose and scope, confirm roles and responsibilities, finalize the project timeline, and establish communication methods. It is also an opportunity to set the tone for the project and start building team confidence and cohesion. 

Get expert tips and learn more about project kickoff meetings — including what are Agile kickoffs, which steps to include, and how to plan and carry out a successful kickoff — in our essential project kickoff guide.

What Is a Project Kickoff Template?

A project kickoff template helps ensure that you cover all the information people need to work effectively and understand what constitutes project success. A kickoff template can be a preparation checklist, a meeting agenda outline, a presentation template, or an email announcement. 

Kickoff templates are designed to save project managers time and avoid overlooked details.

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