Free Project Plan Timeline Templates

By Kate Eby | August 15, 2022

We’ve collected the most useful free project plan timeline templates for your project management needs. These templates help you visualize key phases of your project, track progress, flag overdue milestones, and more. 

On this page, you will find a simple project plan timeline template, a project planning timeline template, a project timeline template, and a project planning calendar template.

Simple Project Plan Timeline Template for Excel

Simple Project Timeline Template Excel

Download the Simple Project Plan Timeline Template for Excel

Use this simple project planning timeline template to organize your project and its related tasks into manageable phases. Visualize your project by week, month, or phase using this color-coded template that includes project phase swimlanes. This dynamic template also includes a Gantt chart to make tracking your project’s progress simple and clear.

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Project Planning Timeline Template

Project Planning Timeline Template

Download a Project Planning Timeline Template for
Excel | Google Sheets

This project planning timeline template provides you with a comprehensive and dynamic overview of your project. Enter and track important project information, such as key tasks, start and end dates, and task duration. You can customize taskbar colors to help you differentiate between categories, roles, and teams.

Check out this page of free Gantt project plan templates for more ways to plan and organize your project.

Project Timeline Template for PowerPoint

Project Timeline Template PowerPoint

Download the Project Timeline Template for PowerPoint

This project timeline template is perfect for overseeing and tracking the progress of your project’s phases and tasks. Customize this timeline template to fit your project’s needs and keep tabs on multiple tasks and stakeholders. Enter start and end dates, the duration of tasks, milestones, and overdue items to stay on top of your project at every step. 

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Project Planning Calendar Template

Project Calendar Template

Download a Project Planning Calendar Template for
Excel | Microsoft Word

Use this project planning calendar template to visualize delegated tasks, project milestones, and important dates and deadlines at a glance. Use the color-coding feature to track stakeholders and their assigned activities. This template provides a clear visual representation of your entire project to help you facilitate decision making and communication among your team members.


What Is a Project Plan Timeline Template?

A project plan timeline template allows you to visualize your project’s phases, deliverables, and stakeholders in a clear, easy-to-understand format. Use this tool to display your project’s overall schedule, tasks, milestones, and due dates. 

Project plan timeline templates vary, but most include the following:

  • Phase: Enter the different phases of your project.
  • Tasks: Enter the tasks required for completion of the project.
  • Date: Enter the due dates for the project’s tasks and phases.
  • Stakeholders: Track the individuals or teams responsible for carrying out the project.

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