Free RACI Templates for Google Sheets

We’ve collected RACI templates in Google Sheets to track who is responsible, accountable, consulted, and informed of project tasks. Plus, find RACI project templates for software, information tech, and small-project teams. 

On this page, you’ll find six essential RACI templates, including a simple RACI matrix template, a sample RACI chart template, a RACI model template, a RACI for change management template, a RACI roles and responsibilities template, and an ITIL RACI template with Gantt chart, as well as tips for filling in these templates.

Simple RACI Matrix Template

Simple RACI Matrix Template

Download Simple RACI Matrix Template — Google Sheets 

Use this comprehensive simple RACI matrix template to keep everyone apprised of your project’s roles and responsibilities. For each project task you create, use the RACI acronym to designate who is responsible, accountable, consulted, and informed, so that everyone is clear on your project’s division of labor. This template is completely customizable and enables you to tailor project phases and individual tasks to suit your project’s needs. 

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RACI Model Template

RACI Model Template

Download RACI Model Template — Google Sheets

Ensure timely project delivery with this easy-to-use RACI model template. Designate task-specific roles and responsibilities using the RACI matrix to clearly define each team member’s project duties. This visually rich template comes pre-filled with sample RACI assignments to guide you through the RACI assignment process, but you can customize it to reflect your project’s needs. 

Find additional resources for presenting your RACI model and matrices to team members, project sponsors, and other stakeholders in this article on Microsoft PowerPoint RACI templates.

Sample RACI Chart Template

Sample RACI Chart Template with Example Data

Download Sample RACI Chart Template with Example Data — Google Sheets

Download Blank RACI Chart Template — Google Sheets

Account for all project roles and responsibilities with this dynamic sample RACI chart template, which is available in two versions: one with example data, and one that’s blank. Both versions include built-in project phases (Initiate Phase Activities, Plan Phase Activities, Execute Phase Activities, Control Phase Activities, and Close Phase Activities), under which you can create and assign individual project tasks. This template helps ensure visibility across project progress, due dates, and RACI roles to ensure project success. 

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RACI for Change Management Template

Change Management RACI Template

Download RACI for Change Management Template — Google Sheets

Use this RACI for change management template to manage organizational change and assign RACI roles and responsibilities. Enter tasks under the appropriate project phase, and assign who is responsible and accountable, who should be consulted, and who should be kept informed. For employees who have more than one role on an individual task, assign more than one letter from the RACI acronym (e.g., AR, CI, RCI, AC). Color-coded column headers include change management-specific groups (e.g., Change Manager, Change Owner, Technical Representative), so that each person’s role within the change management process is clear. 

To learn more about optimizing RACI for your projects, read this comprehensive project management guide for everything RACI.

RACI Roles and Responsibilities Template

Roles and Responsibilities RACI Template

Download RACI Roles and Responsibilities Template — Google Sheets 

Provide project team members and stakeholders with insight into your project’s task and deliverable assignments with this RACI roles and responsibilities template with editable example text. This easy-to-use template provides individual employee columns that correspond with project phases and tasks. For each task, assign who is responsible, accountable, consulted, and informed, so that roles are clear to everyone. Upload team member photos for a more visually dynamic RACI roles and responsibilities matrix. 

To learn more about working with a RACI matrix by assignment template, see this RACI matrix by assignment template, available in Smartsheet.

ITIL RACI Template with Gantt Chart

ITIL RACI Template with Gantt Chart

Download ITIL RACI Template with Gantt Chart — Google Sheets 

Jump-start your IT project with this ITIL RACI template with Gantt chart. This template is the perfect solution for information technology (IT) teams looking to standardize roles and responsibilities for IT service management (ITSM), change management (ITCM), incident management, and data loss prevention (DLP) efforts. In addition to assigning who is responsible, accountable, consulted, and informed for each IT project task or deliverable, the Gantt chart portion of this unique template provides a dynamic, color-coded timeline showing each task’s progress. 

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