Free Printable Daily Calendar Templates

By Kate Eby | January 2, 2018

If you’re juggling classes and school assignments, managing a busy work schedule, or trying to balance family and business responsibilities, a daily calendar can help you get organized and use your time effectively. Many calendar and planner options exist in both electronic and traditional print formats.

Each type of calendar will have its benefits and drawbacks, and some may be better suited for certain uses than others. So you may have to try a few options before determining the best choice for your needs. To help you get started, there are a variety of free daily calendars available for download below. Choose from Microsoft Excel or Word, PDF, or Google Docs templates. All are customizable, and feature a professional appearance and intuitive layout.


Daily Calendar Templates

Blank Daily Calendar Template - Excel

Daily Calendar Template

This daily calendar displays only the days of the week, starting with Sunday. Use the blank slate to fill in whichever month and dates you wish along with events, holidays, and any other planning items. You can also use the calendar without dates and simply have a daily and weekly schedule for any month. A blank daily calendar gives you the freedom to customize the template to match your needs.

Download Blank Daily Calendar Template

Excel | Smartsheet

Printable Daily Calendar Template


Printable Daily Calendar Template

This daily printable calendar provides a simple layout for tracking appointments and tasks. Create a simple daily calendar and to-do list that you can print on letter-size paper and add to a binder to make your own planner. To save paper, print the pages double-sided.

Download Printable Daily Calendar Template

Word    |    PDF


Planner Templates

Daily Planner Template - Excel

Daily Planner Template

A daily planner combines a calendar with additional sections for planning and organizing your time. This template includes a task list to help you prioritize activities for each day, and a notes section for important reminders. The calendar breaks down each hour into 15-minute segments so that you can follow a detailed plan throughout the day.

Download Daily Planner Template

Excel  | Smartsheet

Personal Planner Template


Personal Planner Template

A personal planner is a useful tool for organizing the tasks of daily life — such as meal planning, errands, and chores — along with setting and working toward personal goals. This daily printable calendar can be used for any date or day of the week. Print multiple pages to create a handy planner with your routines and reminders compiled in one spot.

Download Personal Planner Template

Word    |    PDF

Weekly Planner Template for 2024 - Google Sheets


If you want a Google Docs version of a weekly planner, quickly save this template to your Google Drive account and then print it, use it on a device, or share it online. This planner shows an entire week on one page so that you can manage daily affairs and get a weekly overview. This template features five weeks displayed on separate sheets.

2024 Weekly Planner Template

Download Weekly Planner Template - 2024

Excel | Google Sheets

Monthly Planner Template for 2024 - Google Sheets

2024 Monthly Planner Template Google Sheets

This monthly planner shows each month in a spreadsheet format with weeks and dates listed on the left side of the template. The horizontal format makes it easy to view multiple weeks at a glance. Listed on a separate sheet is each month of the year, so you can create comprehensive weekly, monthly, and annual plans.


Download Monthly Planner Template - 2024

Excel | Google Sheets

Day Planner with Task List


Daily Planner with Task list template

This printable PDF day planner includes a task list and hourly schedule. The template is designed for simplicity and ease of use, and you can use it for a wide range of tasks, from office management to household chores. If you want to adjust the format or add new sections for a personalized day planner, you can customize the layout.

Download Day Planner with Task List

Excel  |  PDF


Daily Schedule Templates

Daily Work Schedule Template - Excel

Daily Work Schedule Template

This daily schedule template allows you to set the beginning date, starting hour for each day, and time interval. You get a daily schedule, a section for notes, and a weekly overview. Create a comprehensive plan for your workday, set goals for the week, and improve your work performance by prioritizing important tasks.

Download Daily Work Schedule Template

Excel | Smartsheet

Daily Shift Calendar Template - Excel

Daily Shift Calendar Template

Plan a daily shift schedule for multiple employees with start and end times for each shift, the workstation or department for each employee, and total hours worked. This template provides a daily and weekly view, so you can quickly get a snapshot of the schedule over the course of a week. An employer can also use this calendar to track attendance or plan vacation time.

‌ Download Daily Shift Calendar Template - Excel

Daily Hourly Schedule Template - Excel

Daily Hourly Schedule Template

Create a simple daily calendar with hourly segments that can be broken down into shorter increments. This makes it easy to organize longer projects into manageable pieces, or to schedule short tasks such as setting an appointment or making a phone call. An hourly schedule can be used for planning work, home, or school activities.

Download Daily Hourly Schedule Template

Excel | Word | PDF | Smartsheet

Simple Daily Agenda Template - Word

Daily Meeting Agenda Template

Manage daily meetings with this agenda template for Microsoft Word. Track attendees, schedule and assign agenda items, and use the comments section to provide instructions or take meeting notes. You can also document the date, time, and location of the meeting for future reference.

‌ Download Simple Daily Agenda Template - Word

Daily Log Template - Excel


Daily Log Template

Use this daily log template for planning or for creating a record of completed tasks, which may be useful for tracking project issues, preparing for an event, or documenting activities at a training or seminar. It can also serve as a simple schedule for meetings, appointments, errands, and work duties. There is also room for additional daily notes.

Download Daily Log Template

Excel | Smartsheet


Daily Task List Templates

Daily To-Do List Template - Excel

Daily To Do List Template

Prioritize tasks and create a timeline with this detailed to-do list template. You can categorize tasks, track the status of each one, and set due dates. This daily to-do list is ideal for personal planning or shared work projects. Plan, organize, and implement project actions while communicating effectively with team members.

Download Daily To-Do List Template

Excel | PDFSmartsheet

Daily Checklist Template - Excel


Daily Checklist Template

This daily checklist template includes both portrait and landscape options, each showing an entire week on one sheet. Create daily and weekly to-do lists, and use the checkboxes to mark off completed items. You can also print this Excel template as a PDF file for a paper version of a daily checklist.

‌ Download Daily Checklist Template - Excel


Using a Day Planner Effectively

Knowing what you need to accomplish on a particular day and the alloted time for each task can provide a sense of control, both reducing stress and making it more likely that everything gets done. A daily planner is a simple tool, but if used consistently it can help you stay on top of your schedule, be more productive throughout the day, and have a better sense of how much time is available for taking on additional responsibilities or managing unexpected events.

The best type of planner is one that works well for you. Whether you use an online service, time-management software, or a paper planner, be sure to check it regularly, stick to your daily plan as much as possible, and move unfinished items forward. Prioritizing tasks will help ensure that your backlog consists of low-priority tasks.

Set aside time in your daily planning to address these items without having them interfere with more urgent responsibilities. This system holds true for planning your personal or professional life, which you can combine in a single planner or keep separate depending on your inclination.

Some people prefer to keep work duties separate from personal tasks and goals, while others prefer not to juggle two separate planners. Follow your own preferences based on workload and personal habits to find an effective approach to daily planning.


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