Data Uploader

Connect your critical enterprise systems with the Smartsheet Data Uploader so that your team’s key data sources live in the same place you get work done. Almost all enterprise systems can export to a CSV file, Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, or Google Sheet. Smartsheet can automate the data upload process to centralize the disparate data, drive collaboration, provide real-time visibility into multiple business systems, and empower your team to be more efficient through effective work execution.

Key Features:

  • Unite your platforms: Import data from your enterprise systems into Smartsheet: ERP, CRM, database, and more
  • Centralize information: Any system that can download to a CSV file, Excel spreadsheet or Google Sheet can be brought into Smartsheet
  • Save time and reduce errors: Eliminate hours spent sorting, filtering, and copying data from other systems into Smartsheet
  • Trigger automated workflows: Combine with Smartsheet Control Center to configure powerful solutions that automate intake and the creation of Smartsheet projects based on events in external systems

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