ENGAGE 2021 Product Releases and Announcements

ENGAGE 2021 Product Releases and Announcements

Virtual event | October 19, 2021 | 9:00am - 10:30am PDT

Product Releases and Announcements

When we launched Smartsheet back in 2006, we had a clear vision to provide a better way to collaborate on projects. Something powerful and flexible that would allow people to work the way they want to work and make their lives easier. 

Today, our customer ingenuity takes our product in amazing new directions and compels us to innovate further for our customers. That’s our relationship. That’s how we engage. You inspire us. We push ourselves to serve you better, to listen and build for you. Your ideas are what motivate us. Your ambitions drive our goals. We’re building with you, together.

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Engaging experiences

Smartsheet form with image

Forms Custom Branding

Custom branding and styling empowers form builders to provide a more beautiful, compelling, and cohesive experience to respondents with the flexibility to choose branding elements at the form level.

Launched: October 2021
Plan Type: Business, Enterprise
Advance Tier: n/a


WorkApps empowers anyone to build easy-to-navigate web and mobile apps in a few minutes using sheets, forms, reports, dashboards, and external content like Tableau dashboards, Google Docs, or Microsoft 365 assets.

Launched: January 2021
Plan Type: Enterprise
Advance Tier: Silver, Gold, Platinum

Adobe XD with Smartsheet panel

Adobe XD Integration for Smartsheet

Work in Smartsheet without ever leaving Adobe Creative Cloud. The Smartsheet extension for Adobe Creative Cloud is an installed integration that allows Smartsheet users to find assignments and manage proofs directly from Adobe Creative Cloud desktop applications. The extension supports Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, XD, and InDesign; popular tools used by designers and other creatives around the world to create/edit graphic designs, photography, and print materials.

Estimated Availability: October 26, 2021
Plan Type: Enterprise
Advance Tier: Silver, Gold, Platinum

Work Insights

Work Insights will automatically analyze business data and provide a curated set of metrics that allow process and project owners to quickly and easily get a deep understanding of how long things are taking, which groups are doing better than others, and time-series, which shows how key metrics are changing over time.

With Work Insights, you will spend less time trying to find data and more time analyzing data to gain deeper insights and ultimately make faster, data-driven decisions.

  • Column snapshots
  • Trends
  • Time series

Estimated availability: November 2021
Plan type: Enterprise
Advance Tier: n/a


Brandfolder + Smartsheet Integration

Brandfolder, the #1 rated digital asset management app, uses machine learning to automatically tag and organize content making it easy to find, shares insights into how your content is performing, and provides recommendations on how to improve your content to make it perform even better.

And with Brandfolder integrated directly into Smartsheet, it’s never been easier to store, share, and track all of your digital content.

Launched: September 2020
Plan Type: Business, Enterprise
Advance Tier: n/a

Smartsheet integration for Microsoft Teams

Harnesses the creativity and spontaneity of conversations, with a dynamic workspace to transform conversations into action.

  • Send Notifications to a Teams Channel
  • Receive Reminders as Direct Messages
  • Add Smartsheet Items as Tabs
  • Search and reference Smartsheet items within Teams - coming soon!

Launched: 2018; new enhancements coming Q4 2021
Plan Type: Pro, Business, Enterprise
Advance Tier: n/a

Cisco Webex and Smartsheet integration

Smartsheet integration for Cisco Webex

Communicate and collaborate without switching context by using the Smartsheet integration for Webex. Webex allows you to securely converse with your team and Smartsheet enables you to collaborate on your work.

Estimated Availability: November 2021
Plan Type: Business, Enterprise
Advance Tier: n/a

Execute at scale


Seamlessly collaborate and leverage your information at scale. With DataTable, you can centrally store and access millions of rows of data directly in the Smartsheet platform, and empower knowledge workers to run their enterprise-scale processes with ease.

Estimated availability: Q4 2021
Plan type: Enterprise
Advance Tier: Gold, Platinum

Data Shuttle

Allows you to automatically upload data from any enterprise system that can export to CSV, Microsoft Excel, or Google Sheets, directly into Smartsheet. 

It can then be exported back into those platforms so you can create a centralized source of truth and make confident, real-time decisions.

Launched: May 2021
Plan Type: Business, Enterprise
Advance Tier: Silver, Gold, Platinum

Resource Management by Smartsheet

With the dramatic shift to remote workforces, resource management has quickly moved from critical business function to competitive advantage.

And our Resource Management by Smartsheet capability gives customers real-time visibility and insights into their people to help them transform how they manage talent across teams and projects.

Launched: 2019
Plan Type: Business, Enterprise*

*Resource Management by Smartsheet may be purchased standalone without a Smartsheet plan.

Control Center

Automatically set up new projects and processes using standard components, easily automate workflows and reporting, and make changes across your entire portfolio with Global Updates.

Launched: 2016
Plan Type: Business, Enterprise
Advance Tier: Silver, Gold, Platinum

Enterprise-class management, security, governance

Enterprise Plan Manager

Enterprise Plan Manager will give you the flexibility to manage Smartsheet the way you’re organized by letting IT centrally manage security controls while giving teams and business units the flexibility to manage separate plans.

  • Admins can validate all of their domains, discover all the plans that exist across the company and add them as a managed plan.
  • Centralized settings provides the ability to create a main plan configuration that propagates to all managed plans (like common login).
  • Automated user management makes it easy to provision users and move them from the main plan to the managed plans.

Launched: October 2021
Plan type: Enterprise
Advance Tier: n/a

Microsoft MCAS Integration with Smartsheet Event Reporting

Add Microsoft security to your Smartsheet to identify insider threats and compromised accounts. Protect your Smartsheet instance by getting visibility and alerts for suspicious user activities and potential threats. Adding protection to Smartsheet will give you the confidence to have sensitive data in your cloud platforms.

Launched: October 2021
Plan Type: Enterprise*
Advance Tier: Platinum*

*Event Reporting is required for this integration. It must be purchased separately by Enterprise plan customers, or through the purchase of Advance Platinum. 

McAfee MVISON integration with Smartsheet Event Reporting

This integration allows you to add controls created by McAfee to help protect your investment and use of the Smartsheet platform. 

This includes threat and anomaly detection along with data loss prevention (DLP) policies to help find and remediate sensitive data violations such as sharing a healthcare record, social security number, or credit card information.

Having a tool like McAfee enables IT to audit how their teams are using Smartsheet to ensure compliance with data security policies.

Launched: June 2021
Plan type: Enterprise* 
Advance Tier: Platinum*

*Event Reporting is required for this integration. It must be purchased separately by Enterprise plan customers, or through the purchase of Advance Platinum.

Smartsheet Regions

Smartsheet Regions are new instances of Smartsheet located in geographic regions around the world to enable our customers to comply with their requirements.  Smartsheet Regions gives organizations the flexibility to pick which Smartsheet Region they want their content to reside in.  

Users accessing their data can be anywhere in the world and all updates including file attachments will reside in the specified Smartsheet Region.

Launched: October 2021

*EU Region plans available for purchase.

Broad ecosystem

Generate documents to sign from Smartsheet, desktop and mobile view

DocuSign integration

The Smartsheet Docusign integration, available today in our document builder, allows you to seamlessly create documents, send them for signatures, and track signing status all from within Smartsheet.

Using our document builder’s step-by-step wizard and drag-and-drop interface, you simply select a template and map it to the fields in your sheet to determine signing roles and customize the content. That’s it.

Document builder automatically creates a custom envelope for each row and hands it off to DocuSign to send out for signatures.

Launched: April 2021
Plan type: Enterprise
Advance Tier: n/a

Hubspot integrations

Share data between Smartsheet and Hubspot by syncing rows containing customer information between Smartsheet and Hubspot without manual data entry or taking the time to export and import the data. 

Launched: July 2021
Plan type: Business, Enterprise
Advance Tier: n/a

Lucidspark integration

Lucidspark is a cloud-based virtual whiteboard that lets teams work together creatively in real time.

This integration will enable users to collaborate visually in brainstorming and ideation sessions and then make those ideas actionable by automatically turning them tasks, deliverables, and project plans in Smartsheet.

Bi-directional syncing between Lucidspark and Smartsheet also allows users to avoid project discrepancies, keeping teams aligned and moving forward.

Launched: June 2021
Plan Type: Business, Enterprise
Advance Tier: n/a

UiPath integration

UiPath is the leader in robotic process automation also known as RPA.

Using UiPath, Smartsheet customers will be able to automate things like updating sheets and rows, accessing attachments, and updating comments.

Or automatically gather updates and data from productivity systems such as email, Jira, and SharePoint and use that data to update deadline, task, or project status in Smartsheet, and even send updates and reminders via tools such as Slack.

Launched: December 2020
Plan Type: Business, Enterprise
Advance Tier: n/a

Build more with Smartsheet Advance

Smartsheet Advance completely reinvents how Smartsheet premium capabilities are packaged to make it easier to create a no-code enterprise. When you’re ready to expand solutions with premium capabilities, that’s where Smartsheet Advance greatly simplifies things.

Smartsheet Advance offers three levels of capabilities bundles, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, designed to meet our customer’s needs at each stage of the journey to creating a no-code enterprise.

To learn more about how Smartsheet and Smartsheet Advance can help you scale the empowerment of your organization and transform your company into a no-code enterprise, please contact your Smartsheet sales rep or visit our Smartsheet Advance page.

Advance Silver

Advance Silver includes a majority of our premium products allowing customers to unlock additional use cases including process and program management at scale, automating data import, request management, and targeted data access.

Advance Gold

Advance Gold includes everything in Silver and adds intelligent workflows and connectors allowing customers to connect Smartsheet to other systems of record.

Advance Platinum

Advance Platinum includes everything in Silver and Gold and adds advanced compliance, security, and governance controls for Enterprises that need additional levels of control and protection while running their business on Smartsheet.

See what our customers are building and get inspired.

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Engaging Experiences

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