Smartsheet ENGAGE Customer Demo

Turn Review and Approvals Into a Smooth Operation

Session time: Wednesday, 2:45 p.m. - 3:45 p.m.

Smartsheet knowledge level: All Levels Foundational (100) Intermediate (200) Advanced (300)

ENGAGE 2022 Karen Pytel

Karen Pytel

Speaker Title
Design Operations Manager
Speaker Company

Karen Pytel brings passion and a can-do spirit to everything she does. Through her years of experience in EdTech, with a background in Media Design, she has helped guide countless images and experiences to engage and delight users. Recently, she has found her home in Design Operations; seeing inefficiencies as opportunities, and engaging colleagues to envision a brighter and more streamlined future. Her superpower is bringing fun, warmth and empathy to teams and organizations, and leading transformation with creativity and heart.

ENGAGE 2022 Tygre Morehart

Tygre Morehart

Speaker Title
Marketing Solutions Manager
Speaker Company

Before joining Smartsheet in January 2022, Tygre was known as the "Smartsheet Guru" building solutions first for her creative and design team, then for teams across the org. She strongly believes in "structured flexibility" meaning everyone has their own unique way of getting work done. When work is disparate and done differently, it can be even more challenging for creative teams. Tygre loves Smartsheet because of its flexibility to give projects the foundation and head-start to be successful while offering flexibility to unique work-style preferences and project variances. She is so excited to show other creative and marketing teams how Smartsheet can give them time back in their day so they can do the things that matter most.