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Announcing our Contest Winners

Project & Process Management: Aaron Manley

Quantity-based Earned Value Template

Created by Aaron Manley and Tanner Owens, Engineer III at Williams

“Now, using our new Smartsheet template, we have a much more accurate view of what was actually accomplished in a day or week for a given construction project because we’re tracking based on quantity. We get accurate reporting on our physical progress instead of having to go through and update a bunch of lines on a spreadsheet to update a schedule.” - Tanner Owens, Construction Engineer III

Download TemplateRead William's Story

Request Management: Sparkle Grueso

Team Travel Management Template

Created by Sparkle Grueso, Director, Program and Project Management, Sodexo

“With our Smartsheet Team Travel Management solution, we have removed the manual, administrative work required to manage the travel request process throughout the team. Each person using this solution probably saves at least 30 minutes each week because there’s no more need to draft emails and wait for approval responses.”

Download TemplateRead Sodexo's Story

Team & Resource Management: Melanie Corbin

Team PTO & Absence Management Template

Created by Melanie Corbin, Senior Supervisor of Business Operations at MedPOINT Management

“We have gained a complete picture of what’s going on internally—it has become very easy to spot team shortages for a particular project.”

Download TemplateRead MedPOINT Management's Story

List Management: Julie Silverio

Individual Task Management Template

Created by Julie Silverio, Senior Manager of Program Leadership at Xencor

“I can easily filter at-risk tasks, prioritize and visualize my progress which has saved around 10% of my day.”

Download Template Read Xencor's Story

Bonus Winner: Tomasz Kowalski

Pop Quiz Template

Created by Tomasz Kowalski, Senior Project Manager at Delivery Hero

“It was such a success in our department that it has been replicated in others and used to entertain & integrate employees.”

Download TemplateRead Delivery Hero's Story

We’re looking for one stand-out solution within each of these patterns of work

Projects & Processes


Team & Resources


Project & Process Management

Smartsheet’s bread and butter, and likely what you use us most for, Project & Process Management describes any solution that helps you and your team evaluate, prioritize, implement, and monitor projects. 

Whether it's a simple or complex project, bespoke or repeated, the solution helps you and your team adopt a data-driven process to optimize efficiency and gain consistency. The solution is championed by teams who know that, without a defined process, projects can become chaotic and unsuccessful. The solution centralizes the management of all components of a project. 

Features might include a way to identify, categorize, evaluate, prioritize, balance, and approve projects. It might have ways to visualize KPIs, and alert stakeholders when fine-tuning is needed. It certainly helps project managers execute on tasks to achieve desired outcomes. 

Benefits of using the solution may include minimized risk, better aligned budgets, optimized resources, collaborative decision making, increased visibility, and a higher project success rate. 

Read our project management guide


sales product request form dashboard

Request Management

So much more than an intake form! Request Management describes any solution that enables you and your team to handle internal or external requests systematically while maintaining a high quality of service. 

The solution aims to be an all-in-one system for tracking, managing, and resolving a wide variety of submissions. From user-friendly intake to completion, it helps requestors gain better visibility into status and equips request owners with the work management tools they need to keep requests on track and updated. It also helps teams follow processes by incorporating approvals and alerts. 

Features might include a way to visualize the pipeline of submissions, their status, and owners, a way to prioritize or note at risk submissions, and automations to help repetitive tasks move faster--like notifications, updates, or additional inputs. 

Benefits of using the solution may include faster through-put times, better communication with stakeholders, greater visibility in pipeline and KPIs, centralized information, and elimination of repetitive tasks. 

lodestar website management

Team & Resource Management

Knowing where, when, and how to invest resources, while being able to visualize downstream impact and share information with stakeholders, is what any Team & Resource Management solution aspires to help teams with.

The solution is enjoyed by those who rely on having the appropriate resources and information to manage work.

 A clear line of sight into people, budgets, inventory, and information can optimize workloads, improves the accuracy of project planning, and build stronger teams. Executives champion it for its data-driven visualizations. Managers find it easier to build the best team for the job, keep project schedules and budgets on track, and forecast hiring needs. Internal and external stakeholders find the information they need accessible at their fingertips.

Solutions more focused on resource management may include a metric sheet with formulas, automations conditioned to flag potential bottlenecks, reports summarizing team member allocation, status, or performance, and dashboards that centralize shortcuts, need-to-know information, and KPIs. Solutions more focused on team management may feature ways for teams to submit updates, surface good news, blockers, or action items, and achieve greater transparency.

List Management

From simple to-do-lists, to managing unstructured data or processes, List Management describes any solution that helps you or your team aggregate, track, and improve visibility into information. 

The solution is easy to use, and with simple modifications, can be used as a framework for managing a variety of data types--like contact lists, tasks, team resources, budgets, metrics, and more. It’s quick to spin up, has ways to filter or visualize what you’re looking for, and uses things like checkboxes or symbols to capture the status of items. 

Features might include views tailored to support any collaborator’s preferences, accessible reports that filter, summarize, and sort groups of information, or rich, single source of truth dashboards that help internal and external stakeholders are well informed.


What’s Required in Your Solution?

We want Templates to improve how work is planned, managed, and visualized, while being easy to build from. We also believe the best solution's use Smartsheet’s core capabilities. Make sure to include these capabilities, keep your solution simple (but powerful!), and build with a general audience in mind. It may be published to the Template Gallery for all to use! We’re excited to see what you come up with!

icon engage popular

Your Solution

  • Should resemble a Project & Process, Request, Team & Resource, or List Management use case 
  • Be free of personal or company data
  • Include a few rows of sample data
  • Not rely on advanced capabilities to work (like control center, calendar app, dynamic view, etc) 
  • Contain at least one of each core capability listed (excluding forms)

Submit your solution


grid view product screen sheet

The beating heart of every solution, a well-designed sheet plays a critical role in helping you plan and manage work. 

Your solution should have at least one sheet. Consider integrating some awesome sheet functionality, like conditional formatting, hierarchy, formulas, and more!

Learn more



report sheets visibility

A super-tool for saving time, reports are great for helping you look across your work to quickly identify need-to-know information – like tasks at risk. 

Your solution should have at least one report. Consider using grouping and summary to enhance how work is filtered, or even as a way to power the charts on your dashboard! 

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icon engage dashboard


The best part of any solution and a favorite of teams and management, dashboards help you visualize KPIs and share information with stakeholders. The possibilities are infinite! 

Your solution should have at least one dashboard. Consider using data from your sheets or reports to power charts, and remember colors can help you create a delightful experience. 

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icon engage automation


Always showing off for the other features, our wide-array of automations enable you to replace manual tasks and get back precious time. Basically doing your job for you. 

Your solution should have at least one automation. Consider what's important to the pattern of work, like kicking off a chain of budget approvals within a project intake solution!

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icon engage forms


customized form smartsheet

The hoarder of the bunch, forms make it easy to intake tons of consistent, error-free data directly to your sheet. Ideal for request-based workflows! 

Your Request Management solution should have at least one form. Consider using conditional logic to ensure fields are relevant for each person filling it out, or enable validation to collect the right data in your text/number fields!

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Different sheet views, like Card, help your data stay in the right lane and are useful when work requires a different perspective. 

Your solution’s default view should be Grid, Gantt, or Card. Consider how most stakeholders want to visualize information in your use case! Project Managers do love a good Gantt view.

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Judges Panel

Ronit Bohrer Hillel VP, Engineering

Ronit Bohrer Hillel


I lead our Portfolio Management, Reporting, Mobile, Workapps and Core Navigation engineering teams.


I am fond of my team’s “Friday Happy Hour” Workapp! During COVID, it’s helped us adjust to remote work and stay better connected. Running these happy hours has become a bi-weekly tradition our org looks forward to, and I’ve even created a workapp to help us run those meetings. It has a form to submit kudos, a presentation dashboard summarizing the year, and a report that calculates how many deliverables each team has completed. It’s really fun to track and celebrate success.

Tanya Lingle Manager, CE Product Readiness

Tanya Lingle


Our team ensures the Customer Excellence (CE) teams are enabled and have the information, processes and resources they need to use new products and tools to deliver a world-class experience for our customers.


While I've built lots of solutions at Smartsheet, I love getting everyone I know outside of work to use Smartsheet. I've built solutions for my book club, friends Olympics, and fundraisers/events for the non-profit I work with. These solutions are a sure way to impress! I also had the pleasure of working with our government customers for years and got to partner with them on really impactful solutions for emergency responses, such as hurricanes and COVID. While the circumstances for these necessary solutions weren't ideal, I have always been amazed by the fact that anyone can organize response efforts quickly, with flexibility, and with transparency in a matter of hours if not minutes using Smartsheet.

Chaz Casazza, Sr. Commercial Sales Engineer

Chaz Casazza


Every day I work with our clients to help define their business & technical needs, demonstrate an improved future state in Smartsheet, and help scope the best way to bring that vision to life.


I like combining our Advance capabilities for maximum horsepower without sacrificing usability, so I built a Portfolio WorkApp powered by Control Center, with intake fed by our Salesforce Connector, and integrated Resource Management by Smartsheet

Pilar Rueda Sr. Journey Strategist

Pilar Rueda


I lead how Smartsheet approaches customer adoption, working across the company to drive higher levels of customer success and revenue growth. Everyday I work with sales, sales engineers, and customer success teams to evolve our go-to-market capabilities. I'm an active evangelist of the Customer Outcomes Journey for both Smartsheet employees and customers!


When I was a consultant, I enjoyed building a project management solution for Roche that onboards and tracks medical instruments. This solution was first deployed to Poland and subsequently rolled out to South Africa, Denmark, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Central America, Netherlands, and Australia.

Joshua Lewis Demo Support Engineer

Joshua Lewis


I maintain and contribute to our internal catalog of in-app demo content for our Sales Engineering org, as well as provide design and troubleshooting support for our sales engineers.


I designed a "dynamic dashboard" for a university's faculty admin. The user could use an embedded form to select an instructor, refresh the page, and instantly surface that faculty's relevant info, including recent publications, course load, etc.

Christian Austin Sr. Director, Brand & Advertising

Christian Austin


I manage a team of marketers focused on delivering remarkable brand experiences through global integrated campaigns and programs.


Our team has built a solution in Smartsheet to plan, track, deploy and measure advertising campaigns across three agencies and extended internal teams. We used Dashboards, Reports, Data Shuttle, Proofing, and Brandfolder to drive amazing results. Our Smartsheet solution is absolutely critical to our team scaling campaigns globally.

Megan Haggerty, Lead Designer

Megan Haggerty


As a lead designer on the Brand Studio team, I help produce the visual strategy and design system for our brand and website, as well as providing support for a team of visual, UI and UX designers.


My all-time favorite Smartsheet solution that I've helped build was for tracking, designing, and deploying a scalable way to produce many images and animations, which needed to be translated across 7 languages for localization on our website. I built out a sheet to audit, plan, and assign the asset creation, then used Brandfolder to create templates that anyone could populate with the translated text, so that designers were not a bottleneck in the process. The templates now live in our Brandfolder and can be used by any employee to populate different use cases, in addition to translating the text for improved localization. Talk about scaling!

Tips for Winning

Keep it Simple

Complex solutions using dozens of automations, sheets, or expansive dashboards are great, but we aim to provide users with out-of-the-box solutions that are easy to get started with. 

As your solution may be published to the Template Gallery, please create with a general audience in mind, and where possible, keep functionality streamlined and simple! 

Stick to Core Capabilities

Our capabilities empower thousands of organizations worldwide to create velocity and scale with confidence. Sheets, reports, dashboards, and their accompanying features each play a role in powering amazing solutions. Every user has access to these! 

We’re eager to see what you can create using these fundamental capabilities. 

Avoid Advanced Capabilities

Smartsheet Templates are built using core capabilities and are available to all users with a license. Because some users do not have access to advanced capabilities, like Dynamic View, Control Center, Calendar App, and more, please avoid using these. A list of advanced capabilities can be found here.

Participation Requirements

Contest Rules

Your participation in this contest is subject to these Smartsheet ENGAGE'22 Template Contest Official Rules (the "Contest Rules"). You acknowledge that you have read and understand the Contest Rules and agree to be bound by them.

Do Not Include Personal or Company Data

As much as we want to see real data powering real workflows, we can’t publish your solution to our gallery using that information. 

Before submitting, please replace sensitive data with example data.

Be a Licensed User

You’ll need a Pro, Business, or Enterprise license to create a solution in Smartsheet. 

If you’re new to Smartsheet and want to evaluate becoming a licensed user, reach out to our sales team. If you’re a collaborator on an existing account and wish to participate, reach out to your account admin or contact sales to inquire about a license! 

Do I have to attend ENGAGE’22 to participate?

Attending ENGAGE'22 is not a deal-breaker or requirement, we just want to encourage you to stop by to say hi! The contest is open to any licensed user who wants to participate. If you are attending, stop by the Template Gallery booth and talk to the team to learn what’s coming with the new Template Gallery!

Looking for other ways to get involved?

Check out our Early Adopter, Mobilizer, and Overachiever programs. Be sure to join our community, too!