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Free Daily Schedule Templates

Stay organized, reduce stress, and accomplish personal and business goals with a daily schedule template. It’s a simple yet effective time-management tool for any daily activity, whether you’re managing a busy work schedule, academic assignments or family chores. Taking the time to create an effective schedule ultimately saves time. And in the case of employee shifts or a meeting agenda, a schedule template can be a powerful communication tool or guide for others to follow. Clarifying and working toward goals, enhancing work performance, and keeping projects on task are just few of the potential benefits of using a daily planner, calendar or schedule.

Why use a template? They’re easy, free and customizable. You could create your own schedule in Excel or even jot down a to-do list on a scrap of paper, but templates provide efficiency, clean design, professional appearance, and an organized layout. And they’re easy to print and share. Below you’ll find multiple daily schedule templates for Microsoft Excel and Word, all of which are free to download. We’ve included a variety of free templates related to business organization, household management and general daily planning.

We’ve also included daily schedule templates in Smartsheet, a work execution platform that empowers you to better manage daily schedules with real-time collaboration and process automation.

How to Make a Daily Schedule

Once you’ve chosen the template that suits your needs, you can adjust the design by changing colors and fonts or adding a logo, alter the format by removing unwanted sections or adding new ones, and save a blank copy for future use. If you’re creating an employee schedule, sales report or other detailed report, you’ll need any relevant data on hand to fill in the template. You can also choose a simple checklist or calendar template to print and fill out by hand. For more information on how to customize an Excel template, see our post on creating a schedule in Excel.

Daily Work Schedule Template


Daily Work Schedule Template

This daily work schedule template allows you to plan a single day by the hour, view a week at a glance, and add important notes. Keep your work day organized and plan ahead for important meetings, events and deadlines. Use the note section to keep track of priority tasks and important reminders. You can also share this template with employees or colleagues so that they know your schedule and are able to work around it.

Download Daily Work Schedule Template

Excel | Smartsheet

Daily Log Template


Daily Work Log Template

Keep track of important appointments, meetings and events with this daily log template. It has a simple format that’s easy to read, and tasks can be scheduled by the half-hour. This log template is useful for planning ahead or creating a record of the day’s events.

Download Daily Log Schedule Template

Excel | Smartsheet

Daily Schedule Template


Daily Schedule Template

This simple, blank schedule template allows you to plan each day to the half-hour as well as plan ahead for the week. You set the starting time and then organize your daily schedule with whatever activities you choose to include. This daily schedule template is appropriate for work, school, family activities or personal goals.

Download Daily Schedule Template

Excel | Smartsheet

Daily To-Do List Template


Daily To Do List Template

This daily to-do list template lets you assign a priority to each task. It also allows you to track progress for ongoing projects and assign due dates. The template is simple to use, straightforward, and offers flexibility. This is a to-do list with enough functionality to actually keep you organized, while still being easy to use.

Download Daily To-Do List Template

Excel | Smartsheet

Daily Planner Template

Daily Planner Template

With sections for prioritized tasks, appointments, important events and notes, this daily planner template can help you stay organized throughout a busy day. And if you schedule free time for yourself, you will be sure to actually get a break during your day. This free, printable template allows you to create your own planner and customize it to match your needs.

Download Daily Planner Template

Excel | Smartsheet

Daily Task List Template

Daily Task List Template

Plan your daily and weekly tasks with this free Excel template. Create a list of pending tasks and mark off those that have been completed. A visual calendar facilitates planning at a glance, and the template can easily be printed for reference.

Download Daily Task List Template

Excel | Smartsheet

Employee Schedule Template


Daily Employee Schedule Template

Create a detailed schedule for your employees while tracking work hours and labor costs. This employee schedule template shows each day of the week, so you can see an employee’s daily shifts while also reviewing the weekly schedule. Include vacation time and holidays for a comprehensive schedule. Both employees and business owners can benefit from this template.

Download Employee Schedule Template

Excel | Smartsheet

Chores Schedule Template

Household Chores Task List

This chore schedule template lets you list daily chores and assign them to household members. See who is responsible for a chore on any given day, and get an overview of the entire week. The template also has a column for keeping track of whether or not tasks have been completed. 

Download Chores Schedule Template

Excel | Smartsheet

Shift Schedule Template

Shift Schedule Template

If your business involves daily employee rotation between different workstations, this shift schedule template can help keep everyone organized. Enter the tasks or work area to be assigned and then match the associated code with an employee. Each day is broken down hourly to make it clear when work assignments change mid-day. The template also tracks the number of hours worked for each employee and allows you to plan shifts for an entire week.

Download Shift Schedule Template

Excel | Smartsheet

Daily Sales Report Template


Daily Sales Report Template

This free template is suitable for retail, restaurants, and other businesses that need to keep track of daily sales. This sales report template allows you to track inventory, view the total daily sales, and look up individual items that were sold. With this data on hand you can identify trends and monitor daily sales goals. 

Download Daily Sales Report Template

Project Schedule Template


Project Schedule Template

Keep track of each phase of a project, mark milestones, and get a visual overview to share with others. This project schedule template would work well for a presentation and is suitable for any project timeline, whether for business or school. Project managers can use it to keep their team on task and create progress reports. This is a simple schedule template with the benefit of eye-catching design.

Download Project Schedule Template

Daily Agenda Template for Word


Daily Meeting Agenda Template

Plan your daily meetings with this simple template in Word format. The template includes room to list members in attendance, outline a meeting agenda, take meeting notes, and track ongoing action items. An agenda template is a simple yet powerful tool for meeting planning and facilitation as well as communicating with attendees. 

Download Daily Agenda Schedule Template

Daily Inspection Report Template for Word


Daily Inspection Report Template

This daily inspection report template is intended for construction contractors. The template offers a straightforward layout and includes numerous important details, including weather conditions, the number and type of workers on site, delays, safety concerns, material shortages and more. If you need to inspect other factors than those listed, you can edit the template to meet your needs. There is also space for daily progress notes and a signature to verify the inspection.

Download Daily Inspection Report Template

Daily Checklist Template


Daily Checklist Template

Stay on top of your daily and weekly tasks with this checklist template. You get the ease of simple organization and the satisfaction of marking off items from the list as they are completed. Planning your to-dos for the week can help ensure you don’t take on too many tasks in one day, keeping your agenda manageable.

Download Daily Checklist Template

Class Schedule Template


Class Schedule Template

Students can keep track of their class schedule and other school activities with this free template. The class schedule works as a time-management tool when time for studying or working on projects is added. If you’re a new college student, you’ll feel less overwhelmed knowing exactly when and where your classes are occurring on each day of the week.

Download Class Schedule Template

Homework Schedule Template


Organize your homework assignments and study time for each class with this homework schedule template. Enter the starting date, add your class names, and assign blocks of time for each homework-related activity. You can manage your daily homework while planning for the week and keeping track of deadlines.

Download Homework Schedule Template

House Cleaning Schedule Template


Daily House Cleaning Template

Create a schedule to manage your housecleaning with this free template. Once you’ve assigned cleaning tasks to each day, print out and hang the schedule for reference. Some tasks may happen daily while others only need to be done once a month. This template can help you stay on schedule with housecleaning without trying to do too much in a single day.

Download House Cleaning Schedule Template

Improve Daily Scheduling Efforts with Real-Time Task Management in Smartsheet

The ability to view and access schedules and task lists from anywhere, on any device, is key to balance workloads and ensure no task is missed. That’s why it’s essential to find a tool that makes it easy to view, track, and manage the details of your schedules, to-do lists, and agendas no matter if you’re in the office or on the go.

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The familiar Smartsheet interface that is designed for how people actually work leads to rapid and broad adoption across your organization. Use Smartsheet to gain real-time visibility into task lists and schedules, and then access and manage them from anywhere, at any time. Share schedules with internal and external team members, to improve collaboration and ensure that deadlines are met.

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