15 Free Weekly Calendar Templates

Smartsheet Contributor Kate Eby

December 28, 2017

A calendar is a basic yet invaluable tool for scheduling appointments, planning events, and organizing tasks. Whether you prefer a traditional wall calendar, a detailed planner, or an online tool, calendars can help you balance work and personal schedules, prioritize responsibilities, and reach short- or long-term goals.

To help you save time in planning your week, you can download our free and reusable weekly calendars below. Template options provided include Microsoft Excel and Word, PDF, and Google Docs. Each template is professionally designed and can easily be customized to suit your specific needs. Create a weekly calendar printout if you want a hard copy, or save the template file to your desktop or mobile device and share it with a work team or family members.

Time Management Tips

A calendar may alleviate stress by getting your to-do list out of your head and organized onto a page, but it can also be overwhelming if you simply cram every minute of your schedule with tasks. As you plan your weekly calendar, consider these tips for creating a sustainable and balanced schedule:

  • Prioritize Tasks: Scheduling tasks based on priority applies to work, family, and personal endeavors. If you have a busy schedule, identifying high-priority items can provide structure to your daily and weekly planning. Prioritizing the activities and meetings in your week is key to achieving goals and ensuring you don’t overlook important items.
  • Schedule Downtime: Certain tasks have to get done, which is why it is wise to schedule higher-priority items first. But a strong case can be made for the importance of setting aside personal time for refueling. Scheduling time in your calendar for a short coffee break, a weekly massage, evening time with your family, or an annual vacation can help ensure you get the downtime you need.
  • Practice Flexibility: Even the most detailed plan can get derailed by issues at work or getting the flu. As you plan your calendar, keep contingencies in mind so that you are more prepared to deal with unexpected events if they arise. This may mean scheduling extra time for a project to deal with potential delays or simply adapting your schedule as work moves along. Breaking down weekly and monthly plans can help keep long-term goals in mind while allowing you to assess your short-term plan each week.

Weekly Calendar Templates for Home and Office Planning

Work Week Calendar - Excel


Work Week Calendar Template

This simple work schedule shows a five-day week with typical work hours running from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. You can create a comprehensive daily and weekly calendar showing meetings, appointments, project tasks, and deadlines. To help ensure that you have adequate time for projects, block sections of time on the calendar dedicated to completing work duties.

 Download Work Week Calendar - Excel

Weekly Planner Template - Excel


Weekly Planner Template

If you need a weekly planner that you can use for home or office planning, this template provides a clean slate for organizing each day of the week. Use the separate columns to identify important tasks and reminders. The layout of this planner makes it easy to see a weekly overview along with specific details for each day.

Download Weekly Planner Template - Excel 


Weekly Task Schedule Template - Excel


Weekly Task List

Create a custom schedule that is organized by weekday and task. Use this template to track the status of each task along with due dates. You can choose the weekly starting date and include notes for each item. Individuals as well as business teams that want to share task updates will find this template useful.

Download Weekly Task Schedule Template

Excel | Smartsheet

Weekly Appointment Calendar


Weekly Schedule Template Monday through Sunday Template

Track appointment dates, times, contact info, and notes with this weekly printable calendar. Easily modify the template to keep track of meetings, events, seminars, or other engagements. If you are a professional services provider using the calendar to keep track of client appointments, you can customize the template by adding a business logo.

Download Weekly Appointment Calendar

Excel | Word | PDF


Blank Weekly Calendar, Landscape


Blank Weekly Calendar Landscape Template

This blank weekly calendar offers a horizontal layout that will fit on standard paper sizes. One-week calendars make it easy to create a comprehensive schedule, with each day broken down into hourly segments. The template also provides an alternating color scheme to help distinguish each row in the calendar.

Download Blank Weekly Calendar, Landscape

Word | PDF

Blank Weekly Calendar, Portrait


Blank Weekly Calendar Portrait Template

This template offers the same features as the blank weekly calendar shown above but with a vertical layout. You can print multiple weeks and add the pages to a binder to create a paper calendar, or save the template on your desktop for electronic use.

Download Blank Weekly Calendar, Portrait

Word | PDF

Weekly Summary Template


Weekly Summary Template

Get a weekly overview of your to-do list, including prioritized tasks, errands to run, and appointments with this printable PDF calendar. Use this template for personal or professional planning and track your weekly to-do’s. A weekly summary can be especially useful for planning steps in a project, setting short-term goals, and ensuring that you accomplish high-priority tasks.

Download Weekly Summary Template

Excel | PDF


Multi-Week Calendar Templates

Blank Weekly Calendar Template - Excel


Blank Weekly Calendar Template

This blank calendar prioritizes a weekly view while also showing a monthly and yearly overview. Each month is divided into five weeks, and the template lacks pre-populated dates so that you can use the calendar for any year. This template is ideal  for project planning, marking important events, or for many other purposes.

Download Blank Weekly Calendar Template - Excel


6-week Calendar Template - Excel


6 week Calendar Template

Plan ahead with a blank six-week calendar template showing each week divided into morning, afternoon, and evening sections. The template includes three spreadsheets with two weeks per sheet, which you can extend by copying and pasting blank weeks onto additional sheets. You can choose the starting date for each week, making this calendar easy to use during any month or year.

Download 6-week Calendar Template - Excel


Blank Monthly Calendar Template for 2022 - Google Docs

2022 Blank Monthly Calendar Template

View an entire month with a traditional calendar layout. This template allows you to plan multiple weeks or months in advance, and includes a separate section for notes. You can ping or save the blank calendar template for Google Docs to your Google Drive account.

Open 2022 Blank Monthly Calendar Template - Google Docs


2022 Weekly Calendar - Excel

2022 Weekly Calendar with Notes Template

This annual calendar provides a broad overview of weeks, months, and the entire year. Days of the week appear at the top of the template for quick weekly planning. This calendar also shows important dates, including holidays, and each month is in a different color.

Download 2022 Weekly Calendar

Excel | Google Docs


Weekly Schedule Templates

Weekly Schedule with Notes - Excel


Work Schedule 5 Day with Notes Template

Create a schedule for Monday through Friday, starting and ending with whatever hours you choose. This Excel template provides a simple spreadsheet for planning your weekly work schedule or a five-day event, such as a conference, workshop, or training seminar.

Download Weekly Schedule with Notes - Excel


Weekly Schedule Template, Mon-Sun - Excel


Weekly Schedule Template Monday through Sunday Template

This template shows the seven days of the week, starting with Monday, witch sections for morning, afternoon, and evening. Personal uses could include meal planning, tracking fitness or spending habits, and organizing your daily and weekly schedule. Business uses may include planning employee schedules, arranging meetings, and tracking specific tasks.

Download Weekly Schedule Template, Mon-Sun

Excel | Smartsheet


Weekly Schedule, Sun-Sat with 30-Minute Intervals - Excel


Weekly Schedule Sun Sat with 30 minute intervals template

Whether you need to create a chore chart for your family or plan your work day, this template provides 30-minute time intervals for conquering incremental tasks. Increase your sense of organization by breaking down long projects into shorter steps. This template is useful if you want to block off longer periods of time or schedule brief responsibilities such as making a phone call.

Download Weekly Schedule, Sun-Sat with 30-minute Intervals - Excel


Weekly Assignment Schedule Template for 2022 - Excel

2022 Weekly Assignment Schedule Template

Team members can use this template to plan for weekly assignments, track daily progress, and schedule due dates. This template can also be used to track work assignments and tasks, while freelancers with multiple clients may use it to monitor the progress of assignments. The template offers a simple layout with a varied color scheme.

Download 2022 Weekly Assignment Schedule Template


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