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20 Free Calendar Templates for Work & Personal Planning

by Kate Eby on Aug 10, 2016

Use the free templates below to create your own professional-looking calendar for business use or daily planner for managing appointments. We’ve also included an academic calendar for school planning, employee calendars for shift scheduling, and calendars for 2018 or any year. You’ll find templates for both Microsoft Word and Excel, so you can choose from spreadsheet or document formats. In either case, you have the option of saving the template file as a PDF and printing a paper version - just be sure to check the layout before printing since some of the calendars are in landscape format while others are in portrait.

We’ve also listed several blank calendar options to give you even more flexibility when managing your schedule. These blank templates range from monthly calendars without holidays or other information to completely blank grids with no dates listed. Use the list below to find the calendars that work for you, or select a blank calendar template to create your own.


Calendar Templates for Excel

Daily Planner Template

Use this daily planner as a work calendar or personal organizer. The template allows you to create a detailed daily schedule, with each hour divided into 15-minute intervals. You can also customize the template so that the calendar works well for your daily routines.

Daily Planner Template

Download Daily Planner Template

Excel | Smartsheet

2018 Bi-weekly Work Calendar Template

This blank calendar template shows two weeks per page, and days are divided into morning, afternoon and evening so that you can create a comprehensive work schedule. Additional weeks are on separate worksheets, so you can plan multiple weeks at once.

Bi-Weekly Work Schedule Template

Download Bi-weekly Work Calendar Template

Excel | Smartsheet

Annual Calendar Template

With this 2019 calendar you get the format and functionality of an Excel spreadsheet with a traditional calendar layout. Plan your monthly calendar for the entire year.

Download 2019 Annual Calendar Template

Weekly Calendar with U.S. Holidays

This calendar offers a different layout, with months listed in a left-hand column so that the emphasis is on viewing the weeks of the year back to back. U.S. holidays are included, and the template colors make it easy to quickly view separate months and weeks.

2020 Weekly Calendar with US Holidays

Download 2019 Weekly Calendar with U.S. Holidays

Download 2020 Weekly Calendar with U.S. Holidays

Blank Monthly Calendar Template (landscape)

With this monthly calendar you get a simple calendar view for each month of the year. 2018 dates are included, but the calendar is otherwise blank. Each month gets its own worksheet, and colors can be modified to suit your taste.

2020 Printable Monthly Calendar Landscape


Download 2019 Blank Monthly Calendar Template (landscape)

Excel | PDF

Download 2020 Blank Monthly Calendar Template (landscape)

Excel | PDF

Blank Monthly Calendar Template (portrait)

Use this blank monthly calendar when you need a template in portrait format. As with the template above, this is a 2018 calendar with separate worksheets for each month.

2020 Printable Monthly Calendar Portrait

Download 2019 Blank Monthly Calendar Template (portrait)

Excel | PDF

Download 2020 Blank Monthly Calendar Template (portrait)

Excel | PDF

Yearly Calendar with Notes

This 2019 and 2020 calendar template provides a yearly view with extra space for notes. The layout of this calendar works well for getting a quick snapshot of the year while also being able to create detailed weekly or monthly plans.

Download 2019 Yearly Calendar with Notes

‌Download 2020 Yearly Calendar with Notes

Any Year 12-month Calendar Template

Adjust the dates on this calendar template to use it for any year. You get a traditional calendar view for all months of the year with a section for notes at the bottom of each month.

12 Month Calendar Template 2020

Download 12-month 2019 Calendar Template

‌ Download 12-month 2020 Calendar Template

Blank Weekly Calendar Template

Create a weekly schedule using this blank calendar template. You can select the starting time for each day as well as the date. This is a full week calendar running from Sunday to Saturday. This could be used as a work schedule or for any weekly planning needs.

Blank Weekly Calendar Template

Download Blank Weekly Calendar Template

Weekly Planner Template

Whether you need to track appointments, create a to-do list, or organize your workday, this template is designed for planning an entire week in detail. There are additional sections for recording tasks and notes, so you can add important reminders to your schedule.

2020 Weekly Planner Template

Download 2019 Weekly Planner Template

Download 2020 Weekly Planner Template

Employee Calendar Template

Use this calendar to create a weekly employee schedule while tracking work hours and personnel costs. Choose the starting date for the week, list employee names, hours per day, and pay rates, and the template will calculate weekly totals for each employee as well as total costs.

2020 Employee Calendar Template

Download 2019 Employee Calendar Template

Download 2020 Employee Calendar Template

2019 and 2020 Shift Work Calendar Template

This template lets you plan and view work shifts for an entire year. Shifts are color-coded, and you can set the starting month and weekday, as well as a rotation pattern. This template is useful as a planning tool as well as a reference for employees.

Monthly Shift Work Calendar 2020

Download 2019 Shift Work Calendar Template

‌ Download 2020 Shift Work Calendar Template

2019-2021 Academic Calendar Template

Students and teachers can plan their academic calendar, including class schedules, homework assignments, extracurricular activities and holidays. The calendar also includes weekends for comprehensive planning.

2020 Monthly School Calendar Template Google

Download 2019-2020 Academic Calendar Template

‌ Download 2020-2021 Academic Calendar Template

Blank One-Month Calendar Template

This monthly calendar template contains no dates so you can customize it for your use, whether you want to add dates or create a generic schedule for any month. 2018 Blank Monthly Calendar Template

Download 2018 Blank One-Month Calendar Template

Calendar Templates for Word

Yearly Calendar Template with Holidays

This Word template shows the entire calendar year for 2019 and 2020 including holidays. Print and hang the calendar for a quick yearly reference. Use this calendar on your desktop or print as a PDF.

2018 Yearly Calendar Template with Holidays

‌Download 2019 Yearly Calendar Template with Holidays

Excel | PDF


Download 2020 Yearly Calendar Template with Holidays - Excel

Two Month Per Page Calendar

View two months per page with this simple 2018 calendar template. This makes it easy to schedule each month in detail while planning ahead to the following month. Use this calendar on your desktop or print as a PDF.

2018 Calendar Two Months per Page

‌Download 2018 Calendar - Two Months per Page

Word   |   PDF

2018 Printable Weekly Calendar Template (landscape)

This printable weekly calendar can be used for any week - simply set the starting date to adjust the template. Use this calendar to plan your daily and weekly schedule. The template prints in landscape format.

Printable weekly calendar template landscape

‌Download 2018 Printable Weekly CalendarTempate (landscape)

Word   |   PDF

2018 Printable Weekly Calendar Template (portrait)

This is an exact match to the previous template but in portrait format. Download the Word document and fill out the template before printing, or leave it blank for filling out by hand.

Printable weekly calendar template portrait

‌Download 2018 Printable Weekly Calendar Template (portrait)

Word   |   PDF

Blank Calendar Grid Template

If you need a completely blank calendar, this template offers a grid only with no month name, weekdays or dates included. It’s an easily printable calendar template that can be modified for your particular needs.

2018 blank calendar grid template

‌Download Blank Calendar Grid Template

Word   |   PDF

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