#FruitfulWork: 12 video creators to follow for productivity inspiration

by The Smartsheet Team

All of us want our work time to be productive and meaningful. Most of us have days where it seems like we can do anything — and days where we can’t seem to get started. I know I’ve stared at a blank screen more than once, waiting for inspiration to strike.

It may seem like hyper-productive folks have some kind of innate ability, some genetic trait that makes them ultra-organized and impervious to distraction. Thankfully, it’s not true. Organization, efficiency, productivity, and even mindfulness are all skills you can learn. Once you start flexing those mental muscles, they’ll get stronger over time.

To help you get started, our team is highlighting some of the people who are putting out practical, useful, entertaining content that can inspire you to achieve more fruitful work. We think their stuff is great, and we hope you do, too.

Follow these 12 video creators for more #FruitfulWork.


Tool & App Reviews

There are as many different tools for productivity as there are ways to procrastinate. Some are well worth your time and money — some, not so much. The people who review and recommend tools can really help you get at the best options and steer clear of the duds.


Carl Pullein has a great series called “Working with Apps.” He talks about the tools he uses every day, why he likes them, and how to make the best use of them. Along with the tool-specific videos, you will find optimization, organization, and productivity advice. We like Carl’s straightforward, amiable delivery, too — he doesn’t waste your time but he isn’t one of those hustle-obsessed fast talkers.

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Francesco D’Alessio is the face of Keep Productive, a hub for app reviews and related productivity and organization tips. He has hours of video on the Keep Productive YouTube channel. Our favorite: Interviews with other productive folks to find out what tools they use and get their hacks, tips, and tricks. Getting those other points of view in the mix really increases the value of what he’s putting out.

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Tom Frank started making videos as a college student. Some of his education-based videos are absolutely relevant to the business world: Tips for finding motivation, staying focused, and retaining what you read. And you’ll also find reviews of productivity apps, recommendations of his favorites, and more.

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Entrepreneur Advice

Have you ever met a disorganized or unproductive entrepreneur? If so, they likely didn’t stay self-employed for long. It’s a lifestyle that requires focus, efficiency, and drive. So it’s no surprise there are a number of entrepreneurs sharing their own productivity tips based on their real-world experience. Here are a few to follow.


Brandy Morgan is the self-styled “Freelance Queen.” Finding success as a freelancer takes a lot of hustle, good communication skills, impeccable organization skills, and the ability to self-motivate. Brandy’s videos will help you with all of the above, whether you’re freelance, an entrepreneur, or just looking to improve your work ethic.

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Roberto Blake is a professional YouTuber with deep insight on how to find success on that platform. He’s appeared in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and Entrepreneur magazine. While not every video is for everyone — you likely aren’t looking to build an affiliate marketing empire, for example — there’s plenty of content on productivity, creativity, and more.

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Josh Elledge is an entrepreneur who built his business on interviewing other entrepreneurs. His YouTube channel features six years’ worth of interviews with a host of self-made businesspeople from all walks of life. Also, check out the Thoughtful Entrepreneur podcast for content you can listen to on your morning commute.

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Julia McCoy started as a freelance writer, built a dedicated customer base, brought on more freelancers, and created ExpressWriters. Her success story is inspiring for would-be entrepreneurs, and she’s generous about sharing what she’s learned, including mistakes made along the way.

On Julia’s YouTube channel, you’ll find everything from tips on developing a productive mindset to guides on owning and selling your own small business.

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Adriana Girdler specializes in project management — the very art and science of getting things done efficiently. One particularly useful series: She made a string of videos during the pandemic about managing teams virtually, running productive virtual meetings, and in general being productive outside of the office setting.

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Productivity With a Side of Self-Care

It’s harder to be productive if you’re stressed out, tired, dehydrated, or sick. These folks can help with productivity and organization, of course. But they also have plenty of content on taking care of your mind and body so you can be your best.


Jules Acree is known as the “Mindful Entrepreneur,” and her videos cover productivity and self-care in equal proportion. Titles like “How I get out of a creative slump,” “Getting things done,” and “Decluttering and cleaning my house” are a good indication of how personal and practical her videos are.

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Natalie Elizabeth Ellis is the CEO of Bossbabe and has a channel chock-full of content about building your own business, meditation and mindfulness routines, and even tips on managing money. If you like your productivity advice with a little edgy humor, Natalie’s got you covered.

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Jessica Holsman began her career with a focus on education, much like Tom Frank did. She has since branched out to talk about wellness, mindfulness, and productivity. We really love the variety of content Jessica puts out — from quick two-minute tips videos to a very thoughtful five-part series on mental health for the social media age.

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Ali Abdaal is a junior doctor in the UK who makes videos about medicine, tech, and productivity in his spare time. The phrases “junior doctor” and “spare time” rarely go together, which just shows how ruthlessly efficient Ali can be. The sheer volume, depth, and breadth of content he puts out is almost intimidating and certainly inspiring. If the playlists look a little overwhelming, start with the #Shorts - quick tips and hacks in under 60 seconds.

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More Advice for #FruitfulWork

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