Free Content and Editorial Calendars for Google Sheets

By Joe Weller | July 22, 2022

We’ve compiled the most helpful content and editorial calendar templates for Google Sheets. This page includes free, customizable templates for marketers, bloggers, content coordinators, and social media managers.

Included on this page, you’ll find a fillable editorial calendar template, a downloadable content calendar template, and a printable monthly content calendar template. For more specific types of content and editorial calendars, download this blogging editorial calendar or this social media content calendar.

Editorial Calendar Template for Google Sheets

Editorial Calendar Template

Download Editorial Calendar Template for Google Sheets 

This comprehensive editorial calendar template is the perfect tool for brainstorming, scheduling, and archiving editorial content. Use the template’s main Annual Content Calendar sheet to schedule each post and record key information, such as content title, date, subject, author, person or department responsible, status, call to action, category, and measurements of success. Use the Content Brainstorming sheet to add working titles, potential authors, target release dates, and more. List details from previous posts in the Content Archive sheet. 

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Simple Content Calendar Template for Google Sheets

Simple Content Calendar Template

Download Simple Content Calendar Template for Google Sheets

Use this customizable content calendar template to ensure that you and your team are aware of all deadlines, events, content tasks, and content owners. Enter important information into the calendar, and easily view your month-by-month content schedule at a glance. The template has a separate sheet for each month that includes major holidays, so you and your team can stay on top of important dates. 

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Blogging Editorial Calendar Template for Google Sheets

Blog Editorial Calendar Template

Download Blogging Editorial Calendar Template for Google Sheets 

This detailed editorial calendar is perfect for bloggers and content marketers who need to plan, schedule, and archive blog posts. The template includes a Blog Post Brainstorming sheet where you can record notes and ideas for potential posts. Use the template to set target release dates and archive content from your blog. This template is also the perfect tool for scheduling posts, setting content-development schedules, and effectively reaching your target demographic. 

For more tips and resources, see this all-inclusive guide to creating effective blog content calendars.

Monthly Content Calendar Template for Google Sheets

Monthly Content Calendar Template

Download Monthly Content Calendar Template for Google Sheets 

Gain month-by-month and annual perspectives on your content with this unique, versatile monthly content calendar template. Regardless of the type of content you publish, this template enables you to schedule individual tasks, assign authors, set due dates, list responsible parties, track progress, record metadata, and specify your success metrics.

Social Media Editorial Content Calendar Template for Google Sheets

Social Media Editorial Content Calendar Template

Download Social Media Editorial Content Calendar Template for Google Sheets

This fully customizable social media editorial content calendar template is the perfect fit for marketing teams that need to plan and execute successful social media campaigns. The template includes columns for each major social media platform, the publishing date and time, and the type of content. Record this information to ensure that all team members and stakeholders know the purpose and status of each post. 

See this detailed list of the most useful social media editorial calendar templates for more resources and information.

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