Free Construction Project Plan Templates

By Diana Ramos | August 29, 2022

We’ve collected the best free, downloadable construction project plan templates for general, residential, and commercial construction projects. Each template includes a brief description to help you decide which is right for you.

On this page, you’ll find a construction project plan with timeline template, a home construction project plan template, a construction management project plan template, and a commercial construction project plan template.

Construction Project Plan with Timeline Template

Construction Project Plan Excel Template

Download a Construction Project Plan Template for 
Excel | Microsoft Word

Use this simple construction project plan template to track the progress of your project. The timeline feature provides a clear view of how each task fits within the overall project plan. Stay on top of each phase of your project to avoid costly delays and to ensure that dependent tasks are completed on schedule. With this printable template, you can enter all tasks necessary for successful completion of your construction project. You can also track progress, start and completion dates, and the duration of each phase. Task names are completely customizable to meet your precise needs. 

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Home Construction Project Plan Template

Home Residential Construction Project Plan Excel Template

Download the Home Construction Project Plan Template for Microsoft Excel

Track and manage your residential building project with this robust template. Designed specifically for home construction, this template allows you to individually manage each task in your project, including start and end dates, completion percentages, and necessary resources. Use the integrated Gantt chart to quickly view the progress of every phase of your home building project, thereby eliminating inefficiencies and scheduling issues. 

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Construction Management Project Plan Template

Construction Management Project Plan Excel Template

Download the Construction Management Project Plan Template for Microsoft Excel  

Use this template to manage every phase of your construction project. Customize task names and organize the content to meet your specific needs. This template includes space to track each phase and task needed to complete all construction work on time and within budget. Track by completion status, supervisor, start and end date, and task duration. The template also includes space to record any notes you would like to add along the way. 

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Commercial Construction Management Project Plan Template

Commercial Construction Management Project Plan Excel Template

Download the Commercial Construction Management Project Plan Template for Microsoft Excel  

Use this customizable template to plan, organize, and track your commercial construction project from start to finish. Enter details about your project’s business plan, including notes about the return on investment (ROI) and project description. By doing so, you can ensure that you clearly articulate all of your goals. Enter every phase and task associated with your project, assign each task to the appropriate supervisor or subcontractor, and track overall progress and completion status. The timeline also provides a quick overview of the progress for each phase of your build. Add notes to any task to clearly articulate details and emphasize certain elements of the project. This robust template keeps your project on time and within budget.

What Is a Construction Project Plan Template?

A construction project plan template is a form that captures vital information about your construction project. Project managers and supervisors use these templates to track each phase and task of a construction project. 

Construction project plan templates are especially helpful for tracking dependent tasks and scheduling deliverables. They also allow you to confidently communicate with clients and subcontractors, as well as help you organize complex task information. 

Individual templates might vary, but they generally include the following elements:

  • Project Title: Enter the project name or title.
  • Project Manager: Enter the name of the person responsible for the project.
  • Phase: Organize individual project tasks under headings that represent each phase of the project.
  • Task Name: Enter individual project tasks.
  • Start Date: Enter the beginning date for each task.
  • Finish Date: Enter the end date for each task.
  • Duration: Enter the total duration of each task or phase.
  • Notes: Include any other pertinent details for thorough and accurate recordkeeping.

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