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By Kate Eby | August 23, 2019

Find all the project tracking templates you need to monitor a project from start to finish. We’ve compiled a list of the top tracking templates, all of which are free, easy-to-use, and fully customizable.

In this article, you’ll find multiple project tracking templates, a variety of PM-focused templates formatted specifically for Excel, like a project management dashboard template, and templates to track project management issues and construction projects.

Multiple Project Tracking Templates

In an active organization, you will likely manage multiple projects (at different stages of completion) simultaneously. Download any of the following free, customizable templates, available in Excel, Google Sheets, and Smartsheet formats, to track the details of more than one project at a time.

Multiple Project Tracking Template

Multiple Project Tracking Template

Quickly gain an overview of task status across multiple projects. This template highlights status, priority, and task deadlines, and whether or not items are at risk. You can also track the percentage of tasks completed, fixed costs, and estimated and actual hours spent. If you want, you can also add a column for billed hours. 

Download Multiple Project Tracking Template

Excel | Google Sheets | Smartsheet

Multiple Project Budget Tracking Template

Multiple Project Budgeting Template

Manage the budget of multiple projects with this template. Leverage the color-coding to see task status at a glance. Track labor and materials costs, travel and office expenses, and compare your planned budget vs. your actual spend. The template automatically indicates if you are under or over budget. 

Download Multiple Project Budget Tracking Template

Excel | Google Sheets | Smartsheet

Multiple Project Task Tracking Template

In order to manage a project effectively, you and your team need to track the status of tasks that contribute to the project deliverables. Use this project tracking template to record the task status and priority, deadline, task owner, task description, percentage complete, and task cost. Customize the template to track as many projects as you need. 

Download Project Task Tracking Template - Excel

Project Management Issue Tracking Templates

During project execution, problems and changes can occur. It’s important to record and track these issues to ensure that the team resolves them, and also to record the solution in anticipation of future problems. Implementing a consistent issue recording process and using an issue tracking document is essential.

Project Management Issue Tracking Template


A dashboard provides a visual overview of a project. Use the dashboard in this project issue tracking template to quickly see the status of outstanding issues. The template combines a task list with space for the assignee, the due dates, and item status. Pie charts populate automatically to display the percentage of items completed by status and the percentage of items in progress by priority. You can customize the template to monitor the information you want.

Download Project Management Issue Tracker Template - Excel

Simple Issue Tracking Template

For compliance and regulatory reasons, you may be required to record the type of issue, the date, the reporter, and the resolution of any issues that arise during a project. This simple issue tracking template includes all the columns you need to get started. You can also add customized columns to provide more details.

Download Simple Issue Tracking Template

Excel | Google Sheets | Smartsheet

Color-Coded To-do List Template

Color-Coded To Do List

If you have a small team or are responsible for resolving issues as part of a larger project, a to-do list or task list may be the right form for tracking work. This to-do list template provides space for the item name, the status and priority, the assignee, the due date, and the deliverable. Color-coding can help you differentiate high priority items and item status at a glance.

Download Color-Coded To-Do List Template

Excel | Google Sheets | Smartsheet

Excel Project Management Tracking Templates

Part of project management includes tracking the progress of tasks towards final deliverables. However, you may also need to monitor other aspects of project performance, such as project risks, KPIs, and overviews of work and budgets.

Project Management Dashboard Template

Project Management Dashboard Template Updated

Dashboards offer a convenient summary of activities and status not only for you, but also for your team and stakeholders. This dashboard template is ready to use out of the box: List project tasks, the assignees, the task priority, and the task status. The built-in Gantt chart updates as you change the status of each task, and graphs automatically track overall status, budget, and pending items.

Download Project Management Dashboard Template - Excel

Simple Gantt with WBS Project Tracking Template

This project tracking template follows tasks by work breakdown structure (WBS) ID. The task list notes the task owner, the start and due dates, and the percentage complete. These details appear automatically on the accompanying Gantt chart. Read “Getting Started with Work Breakdown Structure” to learn more about the process.

Download Gantt with WBS Project Tracking Template 

Excel | Smartsheet

Agile Sprint Tracking Template

Agile Sprint Tracking Template

Agile project management methods depend on well-planned sprints. The Agile project manager must determine what features and tasks the team should complete for each sprint. This sprint tracking template captures project administration information, along with the tasks related to the critical features in each sprint, the assignees, the start and end dates, the duration, and item status. The built-in Gantt chart will then automatically display updates, and each sprint is defined with color coding. Learn more about Agile project management by downloading our free e-book, Agile Project Management 101: A Beginner’s Guide

Download Agile Sprint Tracking Template

Excel | Smartsheet

Critical Path Tracking Template

Critical Path Tracking Template

Understanding the critical path in a project schedule is useful for isolating the key tasks in a project. This Gantt template with dependencies displays tasks, start and end dates, task assignees, and duration. In the Smartsheet format provided, select the red flag in the At Risk column to highlight overdue tasks, and click the critical path button to highlight important tasks in the timeline. Read “The Ultimate Guide to the Critical Path Method” to learn more about this project management technique. 

Download Critical Path Tracking Template

Excel | Smartsheet

KPI Tracking Template

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are vital measurements to a project’s success. The KPIs you choose to measure will differ among projects, but they always impact your organization’s profit and outcome. This dashboard template rolls up several KPI graphs into one visual display that you can easily share with your team and other stakeholders. Use this template to track planned and actual budgets and expenses, or customize it to track other KPIs.

Download KPI Tracking Template

Excel | PDF

Risk Tracking Template

Risk Tracking Template

Risk describes the potential issues and events that could lower an organization’s profits or prevent it from effectively meeting other targets. When starting a project, the project manager determines potential risks and records them in a risk register. This project risk register template identifies and describes each risk, the risk owner, the risk rating, and risk status. 

Download Risk Tracking Template

Excel | Word | PDF | Smartsheet

Project Cost Tracking Templates

Costs form one of the triple constraints in project management. Use the following project budget tracking templates available in Excel, Google Sheets, and Smartsheet to stay on budget and to help anticipate any risks of exceeding the budget.

Google Sheets Project Expense Tracking Template


Project Expense Tracking Template

Tracking project expenses is essential to maintaining a budget and avoiding surprise shortfalls that could eat into potential revenue or bonuses. The Google Sheets template offers a convenient online and offline format that anyone with the right permissions can access. The other formats of the template highlight planned and actual budget, and track expenses by task, noting hourly labor rates, material unit costs, and fixed rates.

Download Project Expense Tracking Template

Excel | Google Sheets | Smartsheet

Business Budget Tracking Template

Business Budget Tracking Template

Use this customizable business budget template to track income and expenses throughout the calendar year. List all of your income sources and amounts, and detail expenses for facilities, payroll, and operations.

Download Business Budget Tracking Template

Excel | Google Sheets | Smartsheet

Construction Project Tracking Templates

The goal of all projects, including construction projects, is to produce a usable deliverable on time and budget. Robust project tracking templates are essential to monitoring the many resources and variables involved in construction.

Construction Project Documentation Tracker Template

Construction Documentation Tracker Template

Construction projects generate a considerable number of documents. Use these free Excel and Smartsheet templates as a reminder of the project documentation required and a way to track each document. There is space for administrative details, such as project and contract numbers and the names of the main contractor, the architect, and the project manager. The template is organized by project phases, from preparation for the preconstruction meeting to project closeout, inspection, and approval. Use the columns to track who requested documents, the number of copies, when documents are required, when they are received, and more.

Download Construction Project Documentation Tracking Template

Excel | PDF | Smartsheet

Residential Construction Timeline with Gantt Template

Residential Construction Time Tracking Template

Whether you’re a contractor or a customer commissioning a building project, this residential construction timeline template can help you track critical details. Customize the task list and add your task start and end dates and duration. The Gantt chart on the following tab immediately displays the tasks and timelines.

Download Residential Construction Time Tracking Template - Excel

Project Time Tracking Template

Project Time Tracking Template

Project timelines summarize and visualize the structure of a project. This customizable project time tracking template lists tasks and subtasks, start and end dates, task duration, and status. As you enter and update these details, changes are automatically reflected in the built-in Gantt chart.

Download Project Time Tracking Template

Excel | Google Sheets | Smartsheet

Improve Tracking Project Performance with Smartsheet for Project Management

From simple task management and project planning to complex resource and portfolio management, Smartsheet helps you improve collaboration and increase work velocity -- empowering you to get more done. 

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