In this article, you’ll find the largest collection of helpful and truly different free sales pipeline templates for business owners and sales professionals.

Included on this page, you’ll find a sales pipeline funnel template, a sales pipeline management template, and a simple sales pipeline template. Plus, get helpful tips on using a sales pipeline template.

Sales Pipeline Template

Sales Pipeline Template

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Use this sales pipeline template to track your leads, finances, and actions as they relate to your company’s quarterly sales. In the columns under the Finance section, enter the size of the deal, its probability of closing, and its weighted forecast. Use the Action section to track the status of deals and their closing dates. Share this information with your sales team members, so they can prioritize leads based on probability percentages.

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Sales Pipeline Funnel Template

Sales Pipeline Funnel Template

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This sales pipeline funnel template provides a list of pre-filled action items, from analysis to proposed commitment. In order to calculate the overall probability of closing a deal, fill in the probability percentage for each action item. To determine your total sales forecast, enter the sales forecast for each action item. The funnel offers the ideal visual representation of your selling process. Use the PowerPoint version of this template to share metrics with your team.


Sales Pipeline Report Template

Sales Pipeline Report Template Sample

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Track your company’s product revenue with this orderly sales pipeline report template. Enter the name of each of your products, the cost per unit, and the total number of units sold. The template auto-calculates your total revenue per product. Once you enter your shipping charges and costs, your total income per product appears. Use this information to measure profit, so you can adjust your costs and markup percentages accordingly. 

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Sales Dashboard Template for Excel 

Sales Dashboard Template

Download the Sales Dashboard Template for Excel

Use this sales dashboard template for a real-time visual representation of your sales metrics. As you enter the source of each lead (e.g., social media, email marketing, or referral), the template creates a graph that displays such information. This template also includes a section for documenting each deal’s current level of progress. This template helps you determine the best strategy for pursuing leads and identify the leads that are most profitable.

Sales Pipeline Management Template

Sales Pipeline Management Template

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Use this sales pipeline management template to track the stages of your sales process. Enter the name of the deal, the stage of the deal, its size, and the probability of a win. This template helps you gauge revenue and minimize loss. Share and review this information with your team members, so they have a snapshot of the company’s financial health.


Simple Sales Pipeline Template

Simple Sales Pipeline Template

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Manage your sales team with this simple sales pipeline template. Each sales representative can use this template to keep a detailed log of the prospects, the value of each deal, and the outcome of each deal. With this template, you can make sure that your team stays organized and up to date. Share this template in PowerPoint to keep your team well informed about wins and losses.


Sales Pipeline Analysis Template

Sales Pipeline Analysis Template

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Excel | Microsoft Word

This sales pipeline analysis template offers an easy way to organize your sales process by quarter. Enter the following data to keep a comprehensive account of sales trends on a quarterly basis: the name of the deal, the contact person, the stage of the deal, the amount of the deal, the win probability, the weighted forecast, the expected close date, and more. This tool is ideal for new business owners looking to optimize their time and resources.



Sales Leads Pipeline Template

Sales Leads Pipeline Template

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Excel | Smartsheet 

If you are new to sales and just beginning to manage prospective customers, use this template to track your sales leads and their contact information. This sales leads pipeline template also documents your communication process, so you can easily manage the status of each lead and see which action to take next. Keep your leads organized by listing each contact’s name, job title, and organization.


What Is a Sales Pipeline Template?

A sales pipeline template provides a visual representation of all stages in your sales process, from prospective customers to closing dates. The template allows you to optimize your time with clients, minimize loss, and maximize revenue.

If you are a business owner or salesperson, you must track your sales process, so you can evaluate your conversion ratios and determine the best opportunities for growth. A dashboard can offer real-time insight into your financial health by breaking down your customer’s purchasing path into distinct phases.  

A sales pipeline template typically includes the following terms: 

  • Prospect/Lead: This is a person or company that can potentially use your services.
  • Lead: This is a person who has shown interest in your services. 
  • Deal: This is the agreement between you and your client. 
  • Customer/Client: This is the person who is invested in your services. You have an established relationship with them and are working on a deal or already closed one. 
  • Probability Percentage: This number represents the likelihood that you will close a deal. 
  • Close Date: This term represents the date on which you win a deal or determine it is no longer beneficial to continue negotiations. 
  • Win: This term represents the closing of a deal that results in a profit for your business.

According to Mark Sellers, author, keynote speaker, and Founder and CEO of Breakthrough Sales Performance®LLC, the success of your sales team is in the details, specifically the fine points of sales pipeline management: “It [sales pipeline management] is about the task in total: finding, qualifying, and winning not just one sale, but doing the right things throughout the year to help salespeople do what they are expected to do — achieve their sales quota.”

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