Free Training Matrix Templates

By Becky Simon | October 24, 2022

We’ve collected the top training matrix templates in a variety of formats, all of which are free to download and customize. Each template includes a brief description to help you decide which one is right for you.

Included on this page, you’ll find a training matrix template, a cross-training matrix template, a construction training template, and a health and safety training template.

Employee Training Matrix Template with Sample Data

Training Matrix Template Sample

Download a Blank Training Matrix Template for
Excel | Microsoft Word | Google Docs | Google Sheets

Download a Training Matrix Template with Sample Data for
Excel | Microsoft Word | Google Docs | Google Sheets

Use this simple training matrix template to track the qualifications and training status of each member of your team. Customize the column names to match your organization’s specific skill or training needs, and then enter training levels, completion status, and any notes that will help you and your team members remain organized. 

A training matrix is a table that provides a simple overview of required professional development and training activities. Team leaders use the tool to remain organized and accountable for required education and training within your team and larger organization. A customizable training matrix template allows you to track items by job role or personnel, so you can see who needs updated training and when. 

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Cross-Training Matrix Template

Cross Training Matrix Template

Download a Cross-Training Matrix Template for 
Excel | Google Sheets 

Teams use cross-training programs to train employees to perform jobs and tasks outside of their common role. Use this cross-training matrix template to track specific skills and training courses needed to create a nimble and flexible workforce. Enter team member names, department roles, and level of training on each individual skill or job role. This cross-training matrix allows you to quickly sort and identify training needs across your organization. 

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Construction Training Matrix Template

Construction Training Matrix Template

Download a Construction Training Matrix Template for 
Excel | Google Sheets 

Use this customizable construction training matrix template to track competencies and training courses throughout your workforce. This template makes it easy to visualize who needs updated training and who is qualified to carry out different jobs in the office or on the jobsite. Enter and track training completion by name, job title, department, or any custom field you need. 

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Health and Safety Training Matrix Template

Health and Safety Training Matrix Template

Download a Health and Safety Training Matrix Template for 
Excel | Google Sheets 

Many industries require employees to complete regular health and safety training, and are accountable to oversight organizations. Use this health and safety training matrix to track and review all required training courses in your business or organization. This training matrix is designed to provide a full overview of your health and safety training program, and it allows you to filter your results by trainee, department, job role, completion status, and more criteria. 

A health and safety training matrix is a necessary foundation for reporting and accountability. Plus, a template keeps all your training program data in one place for quick and accurate report development and presentation. 

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